Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why I am moving south!

Today is my final day as an employee of public service... I would like to thank my future former employer, The City of Boston, for this lovely reminder:

"The Boston Public Health Commission advises the following precautions to stay warm and avoid the dangerous effects of extremely cold weather:

- Wear layers of comfortable clothing and warm boots or footwear that protect your feet.
- Cover exposed skin — especially ears, hands, and other extremities — as skin is vulnerable to frost bite at such low temperatures.
- Keep moving if working or playing outside.
- Avoid getting wet, and avoid walking on frozen ponds or lakes as ice may not be fully frozen.
- Drink warm, non-caffeinated fluids.
- Keep Pets Indoors."

Unfortunately it was -6 degrees yesterday with so much wind that I swear my train was almost pushed off the tracks (or maybe not but you get the picture, so these kindergarten-like reminders of how to stay warm were not enough! I must move to at least Washington D.C. to get minimum 10 degrees back in my life to unfreeze the blood in my veins.

Today I am being taken out to a (hopefully) lovely goodbye lunch, finishing my work (or letting my mind wander to figure out what to wear tomorrow!), and heading home. New, fancy, corporate job starts Monday! Hurrah!

P.S. I mentioned in yesterday's post I needed ideas on how to spend $100... No worries Micheal Kors and I figured out a way to spend much much more than that silly hundred :-P

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Under my tree I found:
- Tall black suede boots
- Blush pumps
- Work clothes
- Jewelry
- Samantha Who? (the second and final season)
- A cookbook with "simple" recipes... we shall see about that

I picked everything out myself so it all fit and was missing any element of surprise, but oh well! I guess that is what happens as you get older...

Also, I have $100 credit to spend anywhere I please. Did anyone get anything amazing/ wish they got something that I could spend it on? Ideas please :-)

I have been spending some quality girl time catching up with old high school friends, but somehow every conversation ends back with boys. Really are we 12? The reason these girls cannot get boys/men off their minds is because of good old holiday break ups. Two of my closest friends were both left by their boys just before Christmas. They talked A LOT about themselves (which they deserve to do.. after a break up you need a friend to listen to you blab non stop about what a jerk he was and how you can do so much better and how he was getting fat anyway...)

After they had explored every woulda/shoulda/coulda... I was suddenly attacked.
"You have been dating Mr. A for 6 years... that is an eternity"
"You know some people get engaged after 6 months?"
"When are you planning on getting married?"

I do not think about the future... I think about today. Today I am happy. Isn't that enough? Today I am not ready to think about marriage. Today I just want to do dinner and a movie in my new heels.

I explained my "one day at a time" theory and they were shocked.
"But your parents got married at 23... if you arn't getting married what is the point?"

SERIOUSLY? Girls. We need to relax. This is EXACTLY why relationships fail. It is not just your boyfriend doing something stupid, but the father of your future children. If you fight, you are not just risking the date you were going on tomorrow, but also the Cape house where you two would eventually retire! Do relationships really need this added pressure? I think not.

Now, I think it should be said I am not against marriage at all. I think when you find that person it will feel right, and it will happen. What I do not believe in is forcing relationships to get there, just to be married.

*For the record, my parents got married after 9 years of dating! and Khloe Kardashian got married after 4 weeks! There are no rules :-P

"Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera, sera!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lessons Learned

Several bad things happened yesterday... let's count down.

#5: I drank coffee. It only made me feel a little sick, but the worst part was that I lost my month long coffee virginity to a luke warm cup of burnt hazelnut. Not the dreamy creamy steamy hazelnut the Green Mountain Coffee description promised. I settled like Britney with KFed. Coffee Whore.

#4: I took the wrong meds... WHOOPS! This was a biggie. I am supposed to take... are you reeady?
- 1 pill every morning for my stomach
- 1 antibiotic pill for my lack of wisdom teeth every 4 hours
- 2 pain pills every I mean 4-6 hours so my face doesn't hurt me as much as it's killing all those poor soals in my office that have to look at it
- 1 controller of birth at night... because labor sounds painful (except I always fail at remembering this one so who knows? :-P haha... not/really not funny)
So how did I mess this up? Instead of my antibiotics I was taking some random pill prescribed to me in 2004! For I have no idea what! After my second pill of the day I got bored and read the label... was very eye opening. Instantly felt naucious, but because I refuse to throw up ever, I sat with a fist over my mouth as pale as Anne Hathaway until my body gave up and relaxed. Luckily I looked it up and nothing dangerous would happen if I combined it with all the other pills mentioned above. FEUF!

#3: I listed to a song called "LOL :-)" (LOL Smiley Face... yes that is the same of the song not just me smiling at you) It is a fabulous tune that my younger sister with terrible taste in music put on my iPod. I am now in love with it, and I should not be. It is stuck in my head... A little excerpt so you do not youTube it and never get it out of your head like myself:
"Go to my page and follow, if you got a body like a Coke bottle.
Shorty sending twit pics sayin come and get this
LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face"

#2: I got in this horrible habit of not being able to go to sleep until I have had 2 bowls of ice cream, and 8-10 cookies. Last night I did coconut ice cream, coconut macaroons, and chocolate chip cookies. I have gained 5 lbs in 1 week exactly. That is unhealthy America. Do not imitate.

#1: By far the worst thing I did yesterday was watch a Dateline special on that girl "Jaycee" that was kidnapped by a couple on her way to the bus, and kept in the backyard in tents for 18 years!? Raped, tortured, and brainwashed. Gave birth to 2 girls and raised them in the backyard. That awful story combined with these strong pain meds gave me the weirdest dreams. I kept imagining the two little daughters were knocking at my window crying for help or that the kidnapper was on my ceiling spiderman style watching me sleep. Really freaky stuff. Dateline and pain killers DO NOT MIX.

Well everyone says mistakes are good if you learn from them right? So I woke up today much smarter and have already done some good things :-)

1) Some J@CK@$$ getting onto the train today yelled at me for rushing to catch the T that was about to leave... umm hello? Don't be jealous if your slow suburban ass can't rush to the train like my quick city slick behind!

He yells: HEY LADY! We are all trying to make the train! (In a husky def. smoker voice... bet that lack of lung capacity doesn't help you move faster MISTER)

I respond by saying nothing and getting my ass on the train, but once I realize I have made it I was so proud and I turned with a huge smile and said: Would you like me to hold it for you? :-) :-) And I stood in the doorway so it wouldn't close and leave the last string of stragglers behind. HA!

2) I got French Vanilla coffee today and it is delectable!

Tonight I am off to Newport, Rhode Island. Home of the mansions. All the girls from high school get together every year and we do a little swap nothing expensive because it is ALL the girls, not just the really close group I had in high school of maybe 4... but more like 20 girls. One of the girls now lives in some fancy place in Newport and offered to hoast this year, should be fun :-)

If I do not write again, becuase this is a long post which may take several days to read :-P ...Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chubby Cheeked

I got my wisdom teeth out! I am starting to feel rather jolly and catch onto the Christmas spirit since my face is as chubby as Mr. Claus!

Besides having chipmunk cheeks... (and a double chin why does getting teeth pulled make your neck fat?) I have also officially determined that for the month of July I will be in Central Europe! Main locations will be Prague, Budapest, and Vienna! I am very excited!

Now that both of my procedures are done, I have to go back to work on Monday, so it looks like Sunday is my main day for Christmas shopping! Hopefully the malls wont be crazy, but who am I kidding? They will be.

Things I want:
- A cookbook so I don't get lazy and live off of canned soup for dinner
(should include lunches to-go so that I am not buying lunch everyday at work)
- A pair of nude/blush pumps
- A new pair of tall black boots (mine are all worn out... all 3 pairs)

Not all that exciting, but necessary :-)
Presents I still have to buy:
- Mr. A
- Mr. A's Mom (funny how I only get his mom a gift, not his dad)
- My lovely mother
- My moody sister (I do not understand high school kids these days)
- My suddenly health concious father (after 50 my parents really started changing it up with working out and eating better)

Any gift ideas for either myself or others? I will be checking the sales online all day since I had to drag my puffy faced self into work. AND as a reward for coming into work on the most popular week to take off ever... I am about to take my first sip of coffee since my ulcer. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Medical Marval: The Chocolate Theory

Endoscopy was a success! I have been diagnoised with gasteritis, which means I have to listen to my body because it will tell me when I am eating something it doesn't like, and then I need to stop eating it.

Common trigers include:
... but vary with each person

So I got home from the hospital and decided to test the chocolate theory because I LOVE chocolate and cannot live without it. Result? I CAN eat chocolate :-) HURRAY!

How I tested the chocolate theory:
- A sleeve of oreos (1/3 of a box... approx 18 cookies)
- 3 double chocolate brownies
- 5 chocolate chip cookies
- 3 white chocolate covered dark chocolate truffles (amazzzing)
- Oreo ice cream
- Vanilla ice cream with crushed real oreos

Yes I am obsessed with oreos. I finished off the oreo ice cream, which caused the switch to vanilla ice cream with real oreos (no these oreos do not count in the 1/3 of a box calculation... so I guess I ate closer to 25 cookies... my bad)

*As a disclaimer I should be fair and confess that even though I normally eat a ton of cr@p, I am eating extra extra crappy these days because my gastro-whatever has caused some weight loss. I MISS MY BOOTY! So I am gaining it back... apparently in oreos.

This plan could backfire Kelly Clarkson style

Friday, December 11, 2009

Decaf Please

Since I last visited blog land, I have been dealing with the repercussions of my ulcer. Medication and doctors appointments... I have an endoscopy on Tuesday to find out what is wrong with me. They are putting me to sleep from 2:30PM-5:30PM while they stick a tube with a camera down my throat and look inside my stomach and pull biopsies to test my stomach wall.

The worst part about the endoscopy? It was a rushed appointment, so they had to "hard block" the time AKA making room for me when there wasn't any... which puts me at 2:30 which means I cannot eat ALL DAY until I get out at 5:30 all drugged up. The worst part about my ulcer? I have not had coffee since it happened! Yup, almost two weeks ago I had my final cup (not forever, just for now). Thankfully, the withdrawal headaches have stopped, and I have started slowing back into it by drinking caffinated tea, but I miss my warm black cup of heavenly coffee in all the assortment of flavors that Green Mountain, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts have to offer!

I did manage to sneak into Crate & Barrel to get some Christmas shopping started. That store is so festive :-) I also heard Ann Taylor calling my name with 40% any full priced item in store today! I got a $48 super soft cardigan for $28! WIN.

All I really want for Christmas... is a cup of coffee AND to be drinking it next to/ in a fireplace. Boston is 25 degrees today! That is Fahrenheit NOT Celsius!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I thought I was in labor...

... I was actually having my very first ulcer!

How exciting! Apparently my body did not like the truckload of garbage I fed it over Thanksgiving, because Monday night my lovely roommates accompanied me to the emergency room AKA the ER... except George Clooney-less.

I got a doctor pretty close to Clooney (as close as a non god species can get) his name is John lie. How reassuring is a name like that? With a smile like his... I knew everything would be alright :-)

Tests I endured include (but are not limited to):
- Blood samples
- Urine sample
- Blood Pressue
- Tempurature checks
- Two exams in the nether regins that I will not name
- Chest X-Ray
- Ultrasound of every organ between my heart and my hips: rather interesting actually! I never took anatomy so it was nice knowing where my pancreas and gall bladder are (not that I remember)
- An IV WITH pain meds :-)... John was so considerate

It all started with dinner. A delicous dinner I was enjoying sitting on the couch, relaxing after work. I started feeling weird pains coming from my stomach, but I thought maybe it was all those chocolate squares and peanut butter cookies. So I ignored it and finished my dinner. Stomach pains got really sharp. I started getting a little weirded out, so I googled. Never google a pain. Google will tell you, you are dying. Every. Time.

I layed in bed for a little, but I was curled in a ball because the pain was getting worse and worse. I called my doctor who asked a bunch of questions including, could you be pregnant? I instantly reached under my bed and took my handy dandy emergency preggers test. Negative. Called back and she said I need to go to the ER because of all the organs in a stomach it could be nothing or it could be serious.

8 hours later I leave the hospital feeling better, tired, got a prescription for stomach meds, AND an appointment with a Gasternologist (or however you spell stomach doctor).

Too bad John Jesus will no longer be taking care of me...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Spirit!

I am very excited to have Thursday and Friday off, and even though this is my favorite time of the year, it is not the least busy.

I am responsible for a dessert and appitizer/side dish for Thanksgiving Dinner

I also have to make something to bring to Mr. A's house if/when I visit to be polite (dumb politics) Mr. A's mom likes me, but says that he would never be able to support my lavish lifestyle (AKA shoes... clothes... eating out because I cannot cook...) I like to rpove to her during the holiday times that I am capable of "slumming it" in the kitchen; I just CHOSE not. and FOR THE RECORD I am not concerned about any man supporting me 21st centery mamn! AND designer brands and high quality goods do not count money-wise when they are bought at outlets and at TJ MAXX they only count style-wise :-)

I MUST shop all day on Black Friday. (Because as metioned above I like a good deal)
12:00 AM- Outlets open
4:00 AM- Mall opens
6:00 AM- Non-Mall stores open
Shop all day and then Thanksgiving Dinner Part II at the Ecstacy Household because we go to friend's homes on Thursday and we must cook our own meal Friday for all the yummy leftovers!

The "break" continues as I get more deals on Sat (some places extend/postpone to avoid mayhem) and I bake on Sun/Mon because as mentioned in a previous post I accidentally voluteered to donate homebaked goods to a bake sale at work... Silly me.

My thoughts on food this week:
ENJOY IT! I see all these ways of how to diet on Thanksgiving... It's one day! (or in my case two) I am going to fully enjoy every bite! I will try to get a workout in on Thursday though... just read the average American gains 8 pounds during the holiday season... so let's update that enjoy eating to enjoy eating but get your food loving a$$ on the elliptical!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My love affair- with food

I hope everyone had a great weekend (I know I did!)

Friday at 12:03 AM my roommates and I went and saw Twilight! I am on Team Edward in the books, but that Jacob in the movie is hard to pass up ;-)

After getting home at 3AM I had to wake up at 7AM and start my day! By the time I got home from work and ate dinner I was sleepy, so I met up with my friends at the hockey game and went back to my apartment after.. Lame sorry

Fully rested, I spent Sat. shopping all day with my Mom who came into the city to visit her favorite daughter :-) We ate "Linner" (Lunch/Dinner) at Bouchee on Newbury Street. The outside patio had heated lamps and it was pretty nice out anyway, so we enjoyed a long delicious french meal with many many amazzing courses including Chicken Hushwee and Crêpes Mascarpone. The Chicken Hushwee was the most moist and flavorful meat ever served on a bed of rice pilaf with pinenuts and almonds and a side of yogurt... confused? The yogurt thing threw me off too until I tasted it and realized it was greek yogurt and came in such a small dish because you dip the chicken in it and then dip the chicken/yogurt into the rice so it all sticks together and equals this crazy mix of YUM! The place was so authentic that the coke came in mini glass coke bottles, the whip creme on the crepes was real creme actually whipped, and with our dessert we were brought rich dark coffee straight from France... the waitress even had a thick accent!

Later Sat night I forgot all my European class from "Linner" and devoured an entire container of Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and ate the crust of Mr. A's pizza... O well :-) was also delicious!

For Sunday Brunch, Mr. A and I went to Thornton's where I got eggs Florentine with the most amazing pesto Parmesan sauce on a warm buttery English muffin with the yummiest hash browns on the side (according to Mr. A they had paprika which gave it the extra yummy kick). Brunch was so good that Mr. A told me today he is still in the best mood from yesterday :-)

All the great food and company this weekend has put me in the best mood to float through this short week! I highly recommend checking out both restaurants if you are ever in the area. Hopefully all the yumminess was just a warm up for good old Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recipes and Rings

Because I accidentally volunteered to bake for the work bake sale (and yes it HAS to be home made not even from a box and heated or anything!) I have decided to share with all my fellow non-bakers some easy recipes I found, just in case you accidentally offered to bring something to Thanksgiving :-)

Fudge Pie is crust-less so all you have to do is mix a couple ingredients, pour into a pan, and let the oven do the rest!

Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies mix my 2 favorite things: coffee and chocolate... PLUS the recipe is from so feel free to indulge!

Chocolate-Peanut Bars have a quick shopping list!

(sorry these are all chocolate, but anything fruity requires meringue or a crust of some sort and as I have mentioned before... I am not very talented in the kitchen)

And because once we all gain 3-6 pounds on Thanksgiving, Christmas is just around the corner so Christmas shopping gets to double as our cardio workout (unless we do it online... on the couch... while eating) :-)

My roommate sent me the link to James Avery and I have been on the site all afternoon:
For Mom
For a sister - also comes in a ring I love
For a best friend
For ME :-)

I guess all I want right now is chocolate and jewlery...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Excuse me!

I need to know how people politely get away from a conversation to use the bathroom. This may be TMI, but at work I have these hour long meeting and I drink water and coffee all day. I make sure to pee before the meeting, but by the end its time to go again! And then someone decides to strike up a conversation with you while you exit the meeting. This should be excellent; I am always down to talk about life and waste time at work, except when I am literally DANCING in the hall because I have to pee SO BAD! How do you not catch on? I am swinging side to side... swinging my legs around... slowly backing away... TAKE A HINT!

I need suggestions or else pretty soon I am going to yell: EXCUSE ME I AM ABOUT TO PEE MY PANTS! (or dress or skirt or w/e)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Exercising... my credit card

Last night, I innocently went online to check my e-mail. My BFF Victorias Secret had sent me a message... You know just catching up. Things like: my beautiful soft sweaters now come with a free lip gloss kit, that leather jacket you have been wanting is valid for the 20% off any clothing item discount, and my favorite: the more you spend the more you save! $15 off $100, $30 off $150, $75 off $250!

So, for old times sake... I bought a light pink sweater on sale for $59 and my leather jacket discounted at $110.

(In infomercial man voice) BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!
I saved $30, which ended up counting as free shipping and an additional $10 off my jacket! AND they threw in my free lip gloss kit (valued at $21)-SWEET (not like I don't already own every lip gloss on the planet, including 2 of every VS color)

The best part? My sweater was backordered :-)
This sounds like a bummer right? But NO! Now I get to watch my bank account drop for the jacket now and the sweater later! One big purchase will be masked by 2 smaller ones.

Now all I have to do is spend $75+ at Express and get my $30 off! So exciting! It's like my own mini Christmas pre-Thanksgiving... and that I pay for it myself :-/

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor's Update

So many things happened at the doctors!

1) I convinced her to give me anti-anxiety pills for when I fly! Normally I shake the whole flight... I even am sore the next day as if I had been working out. PATHETIC! Now I get to pop a lil pill which will bring instant ZEN to my body for 4-6 hours :-) I also was advised to take one on a day I have literally nothing to do so I can see how my body reacts. How fun! A day of zen for no reason whatsoever!

2) The following conversation:
DOC: Are you still with the same guy?
ME: Yes
DOC: Do you wear a seatbelt?
ME: Not always... (Wondering why the doctor is speaking in child code)
DOC: **Shakes head**
ME: Well see it has really only been the one guy for six whole years so...
DOC: **Smiles/Laughs** OH! haha Sorry! I changed subjects and I didn't tell you.
ME: O! Real seatbelts? Yes. It is the first thing I put on when I get in a car! **Face SO red**
(Now really? What did you think she meant?)

3) They took my blood. Apparently, they are not convinced I am getting enough nutrients. Seems like I am either eating pure CRAP all day, or there's something wrong with me and my body isn't absorbing anything. This is not the best news... BUT they took my blood :-) So with every problem, comes a solution! I will find out next week the latest what my lazy body has done to itself AND I have officially been prescribed 1-2 TUMS a day as a calcium supplement. Strong bones.. here I come!

4) The nurse who took my blood decided to go on a fishing expedition after already sticking me with the needle! Not the funest experience. It took her literally 3 minutes (I timed her) to decide which vein to poke... after all that debating she picked one that was too skinny so she had to have the needle JUST RIGHT (Goldylocks style) to get it to work. This apparently requires her to spin the needle around my arm hoping to run into a blood supply. Thanks nurse. When she finished she says, "Wow I really made my paycheck on that one!" Hmm... Exactly what are you egtting paid? Because if that was quality why do I have a bruise the size of my fingernail where you inserted a teeeny tiny needle?

5) To end on a good note... I have 20/20 vision :-) All these years of staring at a computer screen hasn't gotten to me yet! Woohoo! (Except ever since Halloween I have been secretly wishing I needed glasses, but I guess that will come with time anyway).

Good things that have happened today:

1) I have discovered a new guilty pleasure... Fur vests (Check out Express! So soft! I would get it in brown.
2) I got a free T-shirt at work! Free T-shirts stop me from buying real workout clothes... so I may look homeless at the gym, but I will look fab. everywhere else I go!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Factual Information

I have done this once before, and I will probably do it again. I am stringing together my miscellaneous thoughts in fact form.

Fact: A 45 year old man in the cubicle next to me has been playing with his ring tones for the past 25 minutes. If he makes it to a half hour, I will pour my coffee on his keyboard.

Fact: My two best friends and best roommates ever are leaving me. Come January, one will be living in New York City working for AOL, and one will be in New Jersey working for Johnson & Johnson. I know these are GREAT opportunities for them, but I am going to miss them like CRAZY. Upside? I will visit them and have excellent NYC stories :-)

Fact: I saw a pair of black sequined booties on for something like $180. I know it is crazy to pay that for a crazy pair of shoes I shouldn't even like, but I think I am in love. Classic case of falling for that which you can't have.
Do you have any guilty pleasure fad that you can't bring yourself to purchase?

Fact: As of Sunday, Mr. A and I have been dating for 6 years!
Fact: This scares the crap out of me.
Fact: I had the best anniversery ever and have not stopped smiling since :-)
Fact: I feel like some lovey dovey idiot for admitting that.
Funny how I describe myself as someone who hates commitment...

Fact: I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I need to make a list of everythign I want to discuss. Sound like OCD? It's really just that I get to the doctors and all my aches and pains and concerns I have had leading up to the visit, magically disappear. I need my list to remind me or else that part when they ask how you have been? I say great! and they ask if I have any complaints/problems/concerns... I say None :-)

I hope everyone has a great day off tomorrow!!! (If you do in fact get tomorrow off) Wish me luck at the doc! Hopefully all is well... I will provide more insight to my appointment after the fact, but for now let's just all keep our fingers crossed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is how long it took me to recover from last weekend...

I have been delaying this post because I have pictures to go with it, BUT once I get into next week I will feel weird writing about this week so I will just update the post with pics when I get a chance!

Night #1
Last Friday I was an artsy nerd, and it was great! I put paint on my face, hair, and shirt. Then I had my suspenders with shorts, high socks, and red heels. The best part was my glasses :-) I know I will regreat saying this one day, but I really wish I needed glasses.
If you want to think about chaos, picture this night. My friends and I were all dressed up in our costumes and it started to rain, so we didn't want to walk over to the party and ruin our awesome getups. Bummed that we were staying in a group of us started taking shots, which led to more shots, and more. I then discovered that my chaser was actually a MIXED DRINK. Fabulous. So by the time the rain stopped, I was feeling pretty good and we walked over to a party. O! But I forgot to mention my friend has vistors: 2 guy friends and 1 girl were up from home. So at the party, the girl visting LEAVES with a RANDOM guy in a city she DOES NOT KNOW! Best part? Her phone DIES! So we all wake up the next morning and pull a Hangover moment... Where's Lisa? She doesn't know our numbers... FAIL. Somehow afternoon rolls around, and she shows up in our apartment lobby! She had to wake up, realize she was in some guy's bed (covered in blue paint from his costume), wake him up, get him to DRIVE her back INTO BOSTON. Yup. He lived outside the city. Talk about terrible safety skills.

On Sat. I was preggers Giselle and Mr. A was up so he was Tom Brady. I quite enjoyed being fake pregnant because a fake baby bump is very convient for the following things:
-Cup holder
-Crowd clearer
-Getting horror looks when you take a sip out of your drink
-Making your hips look smaller
-Letting you get beer bloated and not caring!
I would highly recommed stuffing a stuffed animal under a stretchy tight black dress and wearing some great heels next time you are out. Great fun.

I thought I would get some extra sleep because of daylight savings, but NOPE! The fire alarm goes off in our apartment at 5 AM (I got in bed at 4/4:30ish). Mr. A is not use to my fire alarm and though it was the TV... so as I was bundling up and putting on shoes he was turning on and off the TV and getting very annoyed... until I explained we had to evacuate the building. Once we were all outside, the fire department and police came... 40 min later they decide it will take a long time to clean up, so we are escorted to the lobby of another building... everyone passes out on chairs, benches, the floor. Around 7:30 we are finally let back into the building... so much for getting an extra hour of sleep!

This weekend is my roommates birthday! Hopefully it is lots of fun, and slightly less crazy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis the season!

I am nearing the end of another crazy week!

The good news:
I am done interviewing :-)

I have 2 job offers to decide between, both with start dates in January :-) :-)

I bought my Halloween costume!
- For those of you who live in the city, it is near impossible to find an inexpensive costume store. DO NOT FRET. iParty graciously rented space on Boylston Street for the season! I bought black suspenders, artsy/dork glasses with clear lenses a black frame and jewels on the winged out ends of the frame, and a black bowtie! I am channeling Laney Boggs from She's All That- The Freddie Prince Jr. and Paul Walker old school movie :-) I am going to be an artsy-nerd by wearing my fab. glasses, my hair in a messy up do with pencils sticking out (paint brushes cost too much sry), a white t-shirt with paint stains tucked into a pair of my black shorts with the suspenders attached, the black bowtie around my neck, and a pair of black sparkly knee highs with some pair of shoes (undetermined because I want to be cute and have heels on but thats not very dorky... maybe my red heels because they are fun?)... To get my accessories all I spent was $15! In downtown Boston! Wonderful.

The bad news:
I consumed a billion calories in peanut butter, crasins, and chocolate chips last night. Once I started, I could not stop. I also consumed 1/3 of an Apple Tart my roommate made, along with a regular day of eating (which is alot for me anyway) AND I am totally skipping working out today. Too sluggish from all my eating last night :-P

I have two exams in my classes and I have been so distracted by real life I have not prepared properly (or at all).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Going out tonight: No excuses

So I am sure some of you think the oven ate me since I have not posted after my cooking attempt. Luckily, I am still some form of alive, but thank you for the concern :-)

I have been working and taking classes and getting interviews for potential new jobs in January.... Busy times call for wild weekends.

So as I sit at my desk, I muster the strength to think about... which heels will go best with my outfit tonight? Makes me sound like a ditz. Fact. However, I am just so mentally exhausted, that the extent of my thoughts can only be... about tonight. Any intelligent conversation will have to be postponed for another day. Maybe that's what a "dumb blonde" is... an overwork underappriciated 20 something student/employee who has nothing left to give.

Since tonight is my guy friend's birthday celebration (a group of them celebrated on his actual birthday, Tuesday night, but unfortunately some of us are not available to bar hop in the middle of the week) I want to make sure I have the energy to stay out late enough that people are not passing me on the street heading TO parties while I walk home FROM one.

Being fabulous when you feel unfabulous:

#1 Three coffees. Sounds crazy, but is true. So far I had one at 7:00 AM, one at 11:00 AM, and I will grab my third around 4:00 PM. By the time the coffee is wearing off, the party juice is kicking in and you cruise right through the night. NOTE: These coffees must all be different flavors for added variety and minor excitement (yes I love coffee that much that I get excited about trying a new flavor or rediscovering an oldie but goodie)

#2 Get dressed up. Even if you aren't going anywhere special, being primped and dressed up will help you fight the... I am going home and curling up in bed... vibe. I plan to wear a grey high waisted, thick black banded, mini with black non opaque tights and black ankle boots. The top being tucked into this skirt is debatable... probably black with some flashy necklace :-)

#3 Get ready with the girls. Music and all! and TAKE YOUR TIME. Getting to the party early before everyone has gotten started will kill all prior efforts to feel like being out.

Now you know where I will be... Ending this loong day (3.5 hours left until work is over)...finding my girls, turning on music, attempting beauty and staying caffinated.

Wow. A lot of effort, but totally worth it. I refuse to whimp out tonight. Have a good weekend everyone :-D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Cooking Attempt #1

Roasted Butternut Squash and Shallot Soup

I am typing as I attempt this. So far I have peeled and de-seeded and cup the squash. It actually smells like pumpkin and is seeded the same too. I do not know if I used "4 cups" of it, but I only bought one butternut squash so I hope that is enough. Side note: butternut sqush is HARD. Cutting is difficult.

After I got the squash ready, I put it on a pan, drizzled it with olive oil, sprinkled (way too much) powdered ginger, pepper, and salt. Then I cut up half an onion(shallots were expensive) and placed the pieces on the pan too. With the oven preheated at 375 degrees, it was finally time to put the pan in the oven to heat up and soften the squash.

Now my eyes are burning from the onion and my clothes are orange with squash juice, so I need to change before my meting at 3:15. I will be sturring the mix on the pan occasionally, and taking it off in 50 min. Just in time for me to leave for my meeting. So far my only mistake was putting the ginger and pepper on the pan... apparently that was supposed to happen later, but oh well I am not afraid on flavor!

(Two Hours Later...)

Ok so I got back from my meeting. During my meeting the squash was cooling down (only needs 10 minutes) but it was easier for me to just let it sit while I was out. When I got back I took one can of chicken broth and blended it with half the squash mixture... poured it into a pot, and then repeat. Onece everything was blended and in the pot all thats left to do is heat it up on the stove!! So exciting!

My very first oven meal just might be a success! Cooking makes me hungry so I have been eating chicken salad, almonds, and craisins all day. I will have to wait and try it after cycling so I'm not stuffed :-)

(Update) I tried it! It is delicous!! Maybe a little too much onion (actually definetly) At least I didn't burn down the apartment!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Flavors

In an attempt to avoid work, I am planning out some recipes I want to try out. Because I am one of the worst cooks in the whole world... I will post about my experience making each of these so you can al get a good laugh out of my failure :-P

Roasted Butternut Squash and Shallot Soup
5 stars

Brown Sugar-Glazed Sweet Potato Wedges
4 stars

Caramelized Black Bean "Butter"
3 stars

Cranberry Walnut Tabouleh
5 stars

Spiced Apple-Pecan Oatmeal
Not Rated

YUMMY! Right? Oh... I love Fall. Just writing this post made me so hungry! I got up to go look around my apartment for a snack and had my coffee in my hand. I sat back down at my computer and ate my snack before I realized my coffee was missing. I searched all over my apartment... the tables, the floor, the microwave. Where did I find it? Sitting on the shelf inside my food pantry. Poor cup of Pumpkin Spice Coffee was lost for so long I had to reheat it! I am too young to be acting so old and spacey :-/

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Thank you Kelly for reminding me to tell everyone!

My interview went great. I GOT THE JOB! The only problem is... the job is taking forever to finalize paperwork so I can get to work!(Update: I filled out the paperwork and start in 2 weeks! Woot woot!)

Until then, I have tons of school work so I will be plenty busy. I have been at the library forever and am bored to death. I am supposed to be updating my resume with my new job and reading about investment strategies.. but I can't focus any longer!

Grey's Anatomy has officially began... but for a season finale that ALMOST brought me to tears (and I never cry)... the premiere didn't make me quite so emotional. I guess it's been gone for too long, but all I could think when Izzie was crying over George was that the actress was crying because stupid ABC wont let her out of her contract! Awful. I know. Sorry.

Fall is officially here.... the best part? Pumpkin Spice Coffee! Yay!

Upcoming events in my life:
Hair Appointment (My hairdresser has been gone foreverrr so miserable!)
Minor oral surgery :-(
Many of my friends' birthdays!
Use my spa gift certificate one of my favorite people ever gave me for my birthday!
6 year anniversary of me and Mr. A
Start working?
Spend first paycheck!
Interviews for future jobs
Must get good grades in courses
Decide Christmas getaway location
Potential friend from home and Mr. A relocating to Boston!(still very up in the air)

FeuF! So glad I just vented. OK Back to work!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Bash

White Trash was an awesome theme for a great night! I wore a ripped up wife beater and styled it with the extra fabric and pins. I wore an animal print bra with straps showing, jean shorts and red heels too! My roommate drew a fake tramp stamp on me and everyone else got fake heart tattoos with my name in them and an arrow going through the heart :-) To top it off I wore a shell choker and I didn't own any long belly button rings (because I find them trashy) so in honor of the theme I put a long earring in my piercing instead (sounds gross... looked normal, well trashy normal).

Mr. A made me Shepard's Pie which was VERY good and not too hard to make. He was the Exective Chef and I was his assistant (AKA all I did was open the cans of peas and corn and STILL managed to do that wrong because I cut myself). This was actualy my first Shepard's Pie so for all those who were in the dark like I was all you need is:
Beef, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn topped with spices (Paparika is ideal but all we had was pepper). Pop in the oven at 325 degrees for 20 min and DONE! For the kitchen handicapped like myself use instant mashed potatoes 5 minutes in the microwave and they look and taste like the real deal!

Between my lovely roommates who suprised me downtown with a table at a very adorable restaurant by the Boston Common, my parents who came into the city to take me to The Hard Rock Cafe, and Mr. A's Pie I am now obese. This is not an issue since it loks like New England has officially said goodbye to warmth after today. Hurray for hibernation!

For all Bostonians: Boston Commons is the hotspot for the Adam Sandler flick "ZooKeeper" and the Ben Affleck/Blake Lively film "The Town". Casualy walk/jog by and celeb stalk :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another addiction

Dear Oats & Chocolate Fiber One Bars,

Please leave me alone.

Your chocolatey goodness is delicious and nutrious... but only when used sparingly. Everytime I buy a box, you are gone in a couple days. I can't stop myself.

Your new ads along the T are tourture. After seeing them everywhere, I have to go home and have one! Please stop stalking me!

Your label should say...
Beware: Too delicious to try.


Your Biggest (figuratively and soon to be literally) Fan

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the good times roll...

I burnt my mouth on boiling tea today! I was so impacient and took a huge gulp and killed my mouth. My lips got swollen and the roof of my mouth started blistering. Gross!

Now that my lips have unswelled from this morning, the insides are still all wrinkley from shrinking.... still gross.

Besides all the tea drama today has been prety good! My first professor apologized for giving us "word salad" meaning a bunch of terms all at once. The phrase was unexpected and very funny in the moment.

My second class had a very energetic and young professor who looks like he will be a good time. I love when classes teach in a non-boring way. At least if I accidentally forget coffee one morning, my chances of falling asleep in class are slightly less (but hopefully I wont have to test that theory out).

I also signed up for fitness classes again. These stop me from my boring, unproductive gym sessions where I just walk around confused. :-)

Yet another great thing that happened today.. I got an interview for Monday! I am sure I wont get the job, but an interview is proof that my luck is turning around!! YAY!

FINALLY... ITS FRIDAY. So its time to take my cycling class, shower, get beautiful, and head out! Have a great weekend everyone :-D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Foliage

Oh Fall. The beginning of classes... the never ending job hunt... the awesome professors that make me love life... the crazy ones that make me hate it...

Wish me luck :-)
I hope everyone's having a good week! I will post more once I am back in a semi regular schedule. My days are filled with, shameless resume spamming, and some classes scattered in between.

P.S. Next weekend is my birthday! We have decided on a "White Trash" Theme. So many costume opportunities! Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timing is Everything

The end of my vacation is almost here. I need to organize life before its too late! One of the things I have NOT been doing is working out. I love to eat and when you are eating 24/7 you worry about getting cramps when exercising so it never happens. I. Feel. Gross.

So I decided to try out running again yesterday. Hopefully everything would go well so that I can feel less guilty about my vacation from life. Well... I picked the WORST day to run.

The Jahova's Witness were out recruiting so I watched them walk house to house during my entire run. I think one was about to stop me! When I got home all the shades were down and the house was locked beause everyone was hiding from the unwanted vistors. I tried knocking, but they thought I was a Jahova's Witness coming to preach and I had to sit outside for a looong time to finally be let in my own house!

Another reason why it was a bad day for a run, trash day. No matter what street I took I seemed to constantly be behind a garbage truck. Smelt wonderful. My lungs are now full of everyone's unwated waste fumes. Lovely.

The final reason I should not have gone for a run is that all the people in my small hometown that saw me started a nice little rumor. By the end of the day I was informed that the town thought I was no longer employeed (which I am not) and not going back to school to take classes (which I am!). My classes start September 9th... I will be back in Boston on Friday! Crazy small towns.

I did get 6 miles in! I also ate my entire house after and then some, but O WELL! Still felt good.

P.S. I went to the Coach outlet too. I saw a GORGEOUS tan leather bag. Original price: $700. Outlet Price: $600. Sale price: $300. With coupon: $240!
This lovely bag is now mine. I will try to post a picture if I ever find my camera charger!

I will be relocating back into my Boston apartment this weekend so if I do not get a chance to post or comment I hope everyone has a GREAT loong weekend :-) (enjoy the labor day sales too!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lounging around: because I can!

The eyebrow thing: Not that bad! It was only have buzzed off not even fully shaven. Covering it up would be weird so he's just gonna deal :-P

Oreo ice cream is my stongest addiction right now. I cannot stop eating it... and I do not want to! It is so delicious! If you get the extra fatty stuff the ice cream tastes like the cream filling! It's as close as you can get to heaven.

Also, I would recommend going to New York & Company if you like the look of jean leggins. These are as soft and comfortable as regular jeggins, not see through at all, and they have the look of jean! They come in black or blue and for only $16.95!

I am so excited for Fall because I have been seeing boots and tunics and sweaters! I have been going to the mall so much that it is ruining my only chances to tan. I guess I can thank the stores for saving me from skin cancer!

Time to throw on leggings and a sweater... eat oreo ice cream and drink coffee... and bundle up in the air conditioning to watch HGTV. Sounds pretty thrilling :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Best Friend's Eyebrow

Above is an image from the movie "My Best Friend's Girl". The hairdresser accidentally shaves off one of his eyebrows.

This week Mr. A has been in Vermont for a guy's trip. They drink and play sports and cards and do whatever else... (I would rather not know :-P) Anyway, I guess they decided pranks would be fun so each night they had a new victim. Sometimes hair was cut or food was smeared, but Mr. A wasn't so lucky to get a haircut or some free food. He got his eyebrow shaven off. I have not seen it yet. He is very upset because he doesn't know how he can go to work with one eyebrow or basically go out in public!

Girlfriend to the rescue! I am off to the beauty stores around to go eyebrow shopping! Something I never thought I would do...

I honestly find this rather hysterical :-P and he will too I bet once I welcome him back tonight with a replacement! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


YAY I officially begin my two week vacation today! I don't know what to do first!

Well actually I have a dentist appointment today and tomorrow and jury duty next week starting Monday... So there goes 1.5 weeks? Excellent.

It is 90 degrees out and sunny, but I will be spending it on a train and in a dentist chair. Tear.

I have also begun my vacation by eating everything in sight. That is what a vacation consists of right?

Now I have a question for all experienced with a young teenager. How do you know if a 14 year old girl is behaving properly after hours? What is the sure sign that something is off? Sex, drugs, alcohol? And how do you approach them with your concern?

Monday, August 17, 2009

CreeperFest '09

Merry Monday y'all! I had so much fun at Country Fest EXCEPT for the CREEPS!
Why do they yell at girls? What is their success rate with that?

"Girll I love you"

"O YEA COWGIRL. You got it goin on!"
"Aww thanks! Here's my number!"... NOT

I could go on forever. Any male there between ages of 15 and 55 was a major creeper. I have now renamed the concert "Creeper Fest '09"

Now for wardrobe. With the move everything was stil in boxes... so I opted out of finding something adorable and went with something functional (something I never do). I had to borrow clothes from my sister (I have no idea how I got in them) but it worked out kind of well...

I think next year I wil do a dress. I like to look different. It bothered me that all my friends were in shorts too, except then they stripped into bathing suits. I was def. the most covered up person there. One of my friend's cousins had a bandana on as a shirt! Talented.

An interesting fact: there were over 150 arrests at the concert!
Some of the criminals (or just underage drinkers):

Sugarland and Kenny were unbelievable. I was the driver so I actually remember the performances :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cowboy Boots

As I count down the days to my wonderful Country Fest I am debating what outfit I should wear... I own these cowboy boots:

and I love them, but I need a vote.

Should I wear them with:
A) Jean shorts
B) A summer dress
C) A skirt

Weather for Sat. August 15th is expected to be 83 degrees and sunny!

Vote NOW :-) Thanks loves!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing In Action

WOW I have been MIA.

Mr. Argumentative came to visit me on Sat night and brought me these:

Besides getting creative with flower vases (wine jug and cup!) I have been watching alot of TV.

Extreme Wife on WE taught me about Free Love and Mail Order Brides. There are towns that only live by free love. They think monogamy is unnatural and that it is nature's plan for us to love all humans equally. Because of all this love flowing through the towns, they have sex houses with rooms dedicated to "love" and huts for the same purpose. You have to leave your shoes outside the hut or else people might disturb! The issue with this plan is that jealousy tears most of these towns apart because best friends have sex with each others husbands and random newcomers and well you get it.. everyone.
When it comes to mail order brides, you pay $5,000 to go abroad and have a week of socializing with forgien women. The man then picks a woman he likes and after 3 months apart sends an invitation to her to come to the US and marry him. Apparently the problem here is that the women are gold diggers...SHOCKER.

On Discovery Health, a show called "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" is about.. well I am sure you guessed it... people who didn't know they were pregnant! A college freshman gained 10 pounds, thought it was freshman weight, went to the bathroom one day and POOF gave birth to a 7 lb. baby boy! She only had to lose the 3 measly lbs. of fat and was back to normal and is now in love with her little suprise. Amazing when you hear about those painful, moody, long, terrible pregnancies and days of labor!

Shark Week was on Discovery Channel last week and people who got their legs eaten by sharks and go shark diving once they have recovered! It is amazing how brave some people are. I would never go shark diving even with both of my legs! One woman said, "I figure... what are the chances of geting attacted by a shark twice? I have better odds of getting struck by lightening." Very impressive stuff.

On a non TV note: I am going to Country Fest this weekend! Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland and Miranda Lambert are only a few of the many artists that wil be there! (sorry for any mispellings)
Also, I move this Friday to a new apartment in Boston! It will be for four people instead of the 2/3 people apartment I am in now! So I hope you all understand that with TV, concert excitement, and packing I have had little time for blog posts :-P

I will leave you all with a beautiful picture of my lovely city! (click to enlarge)

Monday, July 27, 2009

***Bachlorette Spolier Alert***

Dear Jillian,

You have amazing clothes. That dress you wore today on The Bachlorette Finale was unbelievable. You had to say goodbye to TWO (thanks to a suprise visit) excellent men. To be honest, I hated you for a couple minutes there when you made sweet washboard abs Kiptyn cry. I did get over it though as you kept pacing debating over Reid and the skirt of your dress moved in ways that only perfect rich design can achieve. When Ed came out of the limo you were so confident and now you are (happily?) engaged! I hope all is well and even though I find the chances of finding true love on TV slim to none... I wish you and your new man the best!

Cheers to the happy couple!

TV Addict

P.S. I am ashamed to say I watched Dating in the Dark after your finale. It should never be watched again! There was a girl and boy from BOSTON (woot woot!) but no thanks... nothing worse than being liked with the lights off and rejected after they turn on!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

When good girls go bad...

I just got back from breakfast with some old friends from home. I got an AMAZING bagel with cream cheese at Au Bon Pain. The cream cheese was honey pecan or something and it was sooooo goood! As you can guess, I am failing at caring about losing weight... I am over it. I kinda like those five pounds so what...ever!

One of my friends from home has dropped a ton of weight. She used to be tall and gorgeous and had an amazing body, but she always read the articles in magazines of actresses that are too thin and thought they looked great. For breakfast she got a cup of fruit. She talks about vegetables like they are brownies... I almost saw her drool when she was talking about califlower. Not. Kidding.

Since seeing her, I decided that weight is overrated. She looks terrible. When she exercised and ate real food I used to be so jealous of her body, but now I just feel bad for her. Food is yummy and your body NEEDS it!

I do not understand why people freak out so much over calories. You only live once. Everything in moderation right? She only eats fruits and veggies, she over exercises, and she now has to go to the doctor to get her nutrition content checked. Fruit for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, salad for dinner. 4 hours min. of exercise daily.

Sorry for the semi serious post. It just hurts to see such a good friend literally disappear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


5 pounds! They have got to go. Now I am not normally the type to step on a scale... BUT I did and then I did again... and the number kept going up.

See my problem is I like/LOVE food. I can't stop eating. Even as I am typing this I am eating. Luckily I have a fast metabolism, but it can't work miracles! For now I have decided to stop eating after 9 PM on weekdays. Hopefully this is all it takes. I don't even pretend I will be following any limits on weekends.

Here's to eating all day long... until 9!

P.S. Thanks to those who gave advice. I will not be contacting Mrs. Officer with any life tips, but I do want to be prepared for when she calls asking what to do. I have seen good and bad divorces. Hopefully this is some lame attention attempt from a lonely bitter neighbor, but if not, I hope they think about the kids... (wow me caring about kids!)

... I guess I am not the Tin Man :-) (is that the one that wanted a heart?)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

True Story

A woman I know... let's call her Mrs. Officer... recieved a letter in the mail a week ago that said "You should stop talking about other people's families. Maybe your life isn't perfect either". Mrs. Officer came over crying saying how cruel the world was.

Apparently these people are still in high school because instead of letting it go (my advice) she calls the mother of her daughter's enemy and says "It's not my fault your 14 year old is having sex. Maybe you should control your family and worry less about mine." To which Mrs. Enemy says "You need help. I worry about you."

Two days later, Mrs. Officer recieves another letter "If you don't know what I mean maybe you should ask your husband's mistress." Gues who gets the mail and reads the letter? Mrs. Officer's 14 year old daughter. Now the daughter hates her dad, there is no proof it is/isn't true. Mr. Officer's response was "Ignore it". How does one react to that? Is it a grown up high school game? Or is it true...

Theory one: My father thinks it is the daughter's enemy writing the letters.
Theory two: My mother thinks it is the mistres writing the letters.
Theory three: Mr. Officer thinks it is Mrs. Enemy writing the letters.

I (for once) have no opinion. Help me. What advice do I give? What do you think is going on? I need your theories!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Locked Up

I went home for the weekend to see my cousin who is visiting from South America.

The first night we hosted a Margarita night/ jewlery party (and earned $400 in jewlery credit!)

The second night we had a family night and played monopoly (I won) and I went to the basement to go to bed (my cousin got my old room) and I saw a grey/black thing fly/run past the stairs. I screamed and closed the door. My cousin opened the door trying to act macho oo yea I got this. Opens the door, screams, and closes the door. A bat was flying at him! Yup. We had a bat in our basement!!!

I had to sleep on the couch on the middle floor. In the morning, my dad googled how to catch a bat, got a box, saw the bat hanging upside down on our curtain (EW!) and trapped it in the box and released it outside.

I go back to Boston the next day, and my family woke up early Sunday to go to Worcester State for a Field Hockey tournament. My cousin stayed home to sleep. He was sleeping in the basement because it was cooler down there. I get a phone call from my mom around 6:30 PM. She accidentally locked my cousin in the basement ALL DAY LONG! No food no bathroom! Terrible.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honesty Scrap

So sorry I have been such an F- type of blogger, but I am trying to be an A+ student.

So as I mentioned in my last post I was given an award by Allison and I am to list 7 things about me!

1) I am addicted to trashy TV, home and people makeovers, and law shows! During the day you can find me surfing Lifetime, Soap Net, TNT, E!, TLC, HGTV.

2) I spend way too much money on nothing. Do I really need to buy my coffees everyday? How many shirts/pants/dresses/SHOES does one person need? When my fridge is stocked why is my urge to eat out that much greater?

3) I eat way too much. Snacks, ice cream, chocolate, cereal, trail mix, and bars are my falling. I expect to get full... I don't/I ignore it.

4) I have life ADD. About once a month I have a mid life crisis and make big plans to change things. Yes I do realize this conviently happens once a month as do other mood altering things. Can't help it that I have a new career idea and city to move to and exercise fab and fashion addiction every 28 days.

5) I am an extreme person. I am either VERY healthy or VERY unhealthy. My room is either immaculate or looks like a tornado hit it (usually the latter). I either shop every day, or save every penny (usually the first). You get the picture. These switches usually occur during fact #4 (my far too frequent mid life crisis).

6) I am a contradiction. Everything I do makes no sense. I know this, sorry friends... Commitment freaks me out, but I have been dating Mr. Argumentative for almost 6 years. I am very opinionated, but I am also extremely indecisive. I know this is confusing/complex, but oddly my drivers are very simple (this might a connection to fact #6).

7) I do not trust. Anyone. I can honeslty say the only people I trust 110% are my mother and father. I used to trust them the least... when I was younger I thought my parents were idiots. Now I see they are the wisest people I know. And as a child my mom taught me to trust nobody. Hence, I do not trust. Maybe it has been embedded in my subconcious by my mother, but life has proved that almost nobody is trust worthy. Friends can betray you, husbands/boyfriends cheat, wives/girlfriends cheat, everyone lies, secrets are spilled, mistakes are made. Humans are imperfect. Fact.

There are my honesty scrap facts. Please don't hate me. I am flawed, but it makes for a real life with real problems and (hopefully), one day, a happy ending (what that is for me... I am still deciding).

I am now tagging...
New England Girl
Small Town Girl- Heather

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Got Lost

In my first attempt to find the boathouse for my veyr first rowing lesson, I got lost. Apparently all you need to do is "follow the river". But because I was way overconfident with my knowledge of the city, I took a "shortcut". Let's just say... I did not make it to class.

See the number 9? That's right. I walked/ran/jogged over 9 miles trying to find the place. I was nowhere near. See the water at the top of the map? That's where I should have started following the river. Good thing I had my "shortcut".

I made it there via car today though. Rowing is interesting... It was alot of learning terminology and now my head hurts..

Also the infamous Victoria's Secret orders have started rolling in. Somehow a back ordered item made it before the rest of the in-stock items?

My bloggy friend Allison has tagged me in an award!!! Stay tuned to see more about it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Drunk Online Shopping

I have a problem. It is serious. I need help. I have ADOSD. Addictive Drunk Online Shopping Disorder. This is not a laughing matter. I am unemployeed.

I wake up to order shipment memos in my inbox and cannot recall placing the order in the first place! Sometimes I do not even know until I go to check my mail and I have a package!

This morning I work up to not 1... not 2... not 3... but 4!!! shipment emails! All of them from Victora's Secret! I guess I couldn't make up my mind because I had to place 4 seperate orders! Rediculous. Anybody know of a rehab I can go to?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I should be asleep right now...

A few of your asked about my classes so I thought I would share.

I am in a work/learn program at and for six months I work full time for a company, and then for six more months I take classes. This cycle continues for three consecutive years. My first and last year are like a regular college student. This program takes longer than a more traditional one, but I love that I get to test out jobs with a known deadline instead of graduating now, being unsure, taking whatever job offer I can find, and hating it forever.

I am working towards my business degree with a double concentration in Management Information System and Finance. My life dilemma is that I love fashion to the point that it should probably be a part of my future career. When I was little I would make my own magazines by cutting out my favorite clips from multiple magazines and glue then into notebooks, like I was Editor-In-Chief. I am sure this will all come together over time.

Side note: Can we please appreciate that I literally have nowhere to be until 3:20 PM and it is 7:00 AM and I cannot fall back asleep!! Oh the weird mix of college life and real life...

Shopping note: VS took $81 from me again! I bought three bathing suit tops but one is back ordered so actually I only am getting charged for two now and one later :-)
I also bought an aborable J.Crew dress that is kind of long, but I can make it work!

Working out note: I got into the exclusive Lean Legs class at Life In Synergy FINALLY. I knew I wouldn't be able to participate much the day after my run, but I had to go and see what all the fuss is about! To give you an idea of how sought after this class is... the next available one if you wanted to sign up today is September 28th. Not Kidding. So to summarize the class, I would say "Lift and Lower". Lift and lower your legs to the front, back, side while standing, kneeling, sitting, laying down...

Ok I am off to clean my apartment because it is now 7:30 AM and I still have nothing to do!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Last post about the run. Promise.

Chip #348 (me)
Time: 1:05:53
Overall Place: 473/1085
Division Place: 98/314

Pretty exciting. I always think I can do better, but it was my first run and I survived. :-)

Also, I am not working but I am taking classes. I just had my first one and my professor looks like Benjamin Button (not sexy Brad but old man Brad). Very entertaining lil man. Hopefully he finds a way to keep us awake for the 3 and a half hour class!

Skype message from my sister in Greece:

[6/28/2009 10:39:58 PM] HI this is your sister
[6/28/2009 10:40:26 PM] at 5:30am incapable of sleeping not only from the time difference but alsoo cuz dad snores like a horse. like he sounds like a horse!
[6/28/2009 10:43:09 PM] and
[6/28/2009 10:43:10 PM] now
[6/28/2009 10:43:11 PM] i
[6/28/2009 10:43:12 PM] have
[6/28/2009 10:43:13 PM] to
[6/28/2009 10:43:14 PM] make
[6/28/2009 10:43:15 PM] it
[6/28/2009 10:43:16 PM] so
[6/28/2009 10:43:17 PM] he
[6/28/2009 10:43:21 PM] doesn't
[6/28/2009 10:43:22 PM] see
[6/28/2009 10:43:23 PM] that
[6/28/2009 10:43:23 PM] and
[6/28/2009 10:43:26 PM] gets
[6/28/2009 10:43:27 PM] insulted
[6/28/2009 10:43:37 PM] HEY IT'S YOUR SISTER I LOVE YOU
[6/28/2009 10:43:41 PM] AND MISS YOU
[6/28/2009 10:43:54 PM] AND CANT WAIT TO MOVE TO GREECE
[6/28/2009 10:44:01 PM] CUZ I LOVE YOU
[6/28/2009 10:44:11 PM] AND I'TS AMAZING HERE
[6/28/2009 10:44:14 PM] :D
[6/28/2009 10:44:15 PM] night

I guess I am moving. Anyone want to join us? :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Run!

Thanks everyone who commented on my freaking out post trying to make me feel better :-)

My family finally made it to Greece nice and safe. They flew into London on Sat, had a 9 hour layover, and then flew to Athens on Sunday (today). It has been a very stressful weekend, but I got to let out some anxiety with my very first official run!

At 9 AM today, I ran 7.5 Miles in the New Charles River Run. It was SO MUCH FUN! I had been training so I wasn't out of breath or in pain which made it so enjoyable!

The weather was 60s and overcast which ended up being perfect running weather! I did drink a little vodka and cranberry jucie last night and didn't drink water (Fail) so I got calf cramp while running but it would go in and out and I ignored it. I felt so good during the run I am kind of excited to see my time whenever they post it. I am so it wasn't very fast at all, but my goal was to finish and I did! :-)

The next thing I want to try: Rowing! Well see how this goes.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I hate flying. I get so nervous when anyone I care about gets on a plane. Because of this, last night/this morning I didn't fall asleep until 4 something AM! And I have been up since 6 am because that is when my family left for the airport and I wanted to say bye.... but then obviously couldn't fall back asleep.

I hope they have a safe, enjoyable flight and a very exciting trip.

This is my first official day of unemployment and I am still getting no sleep. coool.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Income...

Today is my last day at work. I have recycled all papers that were on my desk, cleaned the surface, and now I just need to finish out the day. Lunch yesterday went very well. Everyone was in a good mood and my boss gave a nice little goodbye toast.
I got bowtie pasta and cheese in a white wine sauce (the whole dish was called something fancy and Italian that I forget). It was delicious and easy to eat because it was not long spaghetti and there was no red sauce!

I go by the motto "You only live once", but this theory is making me eat like a 500 lb. man so I am changing it to "You are only young once" so that I know I need to fix my eating habits before my metabolism slows down and everything catches up!

I am saying final goodbyes to my family tonight and staying when they go to the airport tomorrow to use the pool. Let's feel sorry for them one last time.
10 Day Weather report for Greece:

Tear. They will be so miserable. NOT!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The secret is out

VS Why do you do this to me?
Free Shipping of $50+ (only until Sunday)
I guess I HAVE to spend more money.
Doesn't seem like much of a choice? Right?

How badly do I regret that half pint of Half Baked ice cream....

Movie Madness

The Proposal: Very cute movie. I probably wouldn't buy it on DVD, but it is definetly a movie to see at least once. Ryan is adorable and him and Sandra work really well together. The ending is perfect. We enjoyed some ice cream before the movie and three of us split a yummy popcorn with butter (because you only live once)
Fav. Quote: "Marry me because I'd like to date you."

Since the rain is keeping me inside watching TV and movies instead of outside reading and sunbathing, I have put together a list of movies I neeed to remember to see...
1) My Sister's Keeper
2) Transformers (1 and 2)
3) New Moon
4) The Ugly Truth
5) I Love You Beth Cooper

Hmm except all of those are going to be in theaters (except the 1st Transformers) so I will have to save up!!! When did the movies get sooo expensive! Seeing those 5 movies costs over $50!

Getting taken out to lunch by my coworkers and my boss and my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss (follow that?). Hopefully I dont spill spaghetti sauce all over myself or inhale my meal like I usually do. Time to use those table manners! Wish me luck! Any foods you avoid on a business lunch?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshalls Image

I got sleep! 9 hours of sleep on Monday and 7 hours of sleep yesterday! AMAZING. I never ever sleep and I feel like a million bucks! I would also like to thank Bikram Yoga for this because yesterday I sweat out some toxins and stress and opened up my lungs and whatever the other benefits are. slept. like. a baby.

So instead of my 2 black coffees before 10 AM, I am sipping on ONE delicious Hot Cinnamon Spice tea (still caffinated please don't judge). To celebrate one of my girl's birthdays we are going to see The Proposal and get ice cream tonight (again no judging its a work night and that movie looks so cute!)

I did eat some pre cut apples yesterday that left some neon yellow substance on my desk at work. I am pretty sure I ate cancer. I really hope whatever it was got out of me at yoga.

My family leaves for Greece/France this weekend without me. I hope they have a fun safe trip and buy me lots of "I am sorry you are a real person with responsibilities and cannot take a week off to come on this trip" presents!

ANYWAY the point of this post is that I am wearing one of my new favorite pieces today. A sheer white vest with ruffles around the front. I got it at Marshalls. My fabulous coworker said he loooved my look today and my vest thing is amazing and how great it looks over my black dress with my red heels and my fantasic necklace.
I say, "Thanks I got it at Marshalls!"
I must have said some sort of fashion slur because his eyes got all drooopy and suddenly unimpressed with my outfit!
Why does buying something at Marshalls make it non-fabulous? Does it really deduct style points? If the vest is great, why does the price tag or label matter?

UGH last time I brag about a deal!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Keepsake Pictures

Thank you again to Allison for being so sweet and tagging me in the Keepsake Award. I have decided to put together a group of pictures that realy show who I am and where I am from.

My parents are from Venezuela. They got married young and moved to the US because my father was awarded a full ride to get his Masters and PHD here. Below is the common "coro" which is like a red flamingo!

Then they had me!

and my sister...

My high school friends will always be a part of my life.

But now I have my favs from college too!

I love my friends and family so much! I am a HUGE goof. It took alot of effort to not put up my ridiculous pictures. I am sure those will come later.

Windy City Kelley's
Always Running
Politics and Pearls

Enjoy girls! I am off to finish my "Phish Food" Ice Cream and watch Jillian get her heart broken and put back together!

Does smiling encourage some sun?

Allison has given me the Keepsake Award!! I am so sorry that I have not had a chance to post my keepsake picture, but I will get to that tonight. Promise.

This weekend was pretty good. No sleep, but that's a good sign right? Too many fun things going on to sleep! I went to bed at 4:30 AM on sat morning, but was woken up at 7:30 AM by one of my guy friends because apparently they never went to sleep and wanted to keep drinking. I am not on their level so I went home and ran 8 miles... still drunk? Excellent. To recover, we had a low key drink and watch tv/movies in our apartment night on Sat. Sunday I went home for Father's day and ate alot of eclairs, boston creme pie, ice cream bars, and a coconut/sugar/sweetened condensed milk/cinnamon concoction (sounds gross, tasted delicous. It feels so good to just eat and discuss life with old friends and family. My mom and I stayed up until 2:30 AM watching The Women and HGTV (House Hunters International- St. Johns) Amazing.

Somehow I made the 7:00 AM train to commute into work this morning in the same outfit I had on yesterday because I was planning on going back to Boston last night, but don't worry I showered. I am a clean person!

On coffee #2 before 10:00 AM and it's raining and I have no umbrella.... again. Wish me luck. Sounds like the beginning of a tough day!

:-)Still smiling though...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey, it's OK.

You know how on a sunny day your umbrella is just sitting there, so obvious. Then on a rainy day, it goes missing? That's me today. New hair cut with blow dry, wet very wet. Can't even look cute on my 2nd to last friday here... EVER :-)

So excited to stop working and go back to taking classes. I wonder where my next job will be and what career I will end up sticking to, but for now I am just getting through today, then tomorrow, and so on....

I took a personality test bored at work one day. It was pretty accurate so feel free to check out my results or take the test yourself. Please comment with your results :-)

Finally, I did something yesterday so ridiculous that I almost feel accomplished. I managed to snack on 1,050 calories in nuts and berries last night thanks to Planters and their 8 servings per container. It's ok. I saved the 8th serving for today and continued to eat misc. snacks when I got home. Gross? Awesome? I am not sure :-P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When all else fails, put on a chick flick.

I went for my nice, slow 5 miler yesterday. I intended for it to be relaxing. It was not.

1. Another Red Sox game... why do I still not check their schedule before running past Fenway and being suprised by the MOBs of people (P.S. Did Red Sox fans just get cuter? Like insanely attractive? All tan in their red Tshirts mmm)

2. A limo door HIT ME. Yup. I was jogging past Fenway (checking out the new cuties in town) and BAM a$$hole goes to get out of his stupid limo and opens the door... taking out my legs... thanks man. I don't need those to run or anything.

3. There are no public bathrooms in Boston. This paired with the fact that I have to pee the second I start running is a BIG problem. There is a Dunkin Donuts ever 5 feet in Boston. Don't they have bathrooms? NO. I literally ran 3.5 miles before finding one.

4. The Arthur Franklin Bridge (or w/e its called). Its orange and twisty and connects the Charles River and the Hatch Shell to the Boston Common. For out-of-towners lets just say its a very busy foot bridge. The tall walls and a mix of bikers, walkers, runners, baby strollers, skateboarders, rollerbladers... its amazing people don't break their face daily when they turn the corner. I stress out on it. Before I get to the corner I now snap my fingers. yes I look stupid, but I don't splat into people anymore so you take what you can get people.

5. Doctors in Boston do not look like McDreamy or McSteamy. They look like Ronald McDonald if "Mc"anything. So don't expect to run by the millions of hospitals and find your dream guy. Better luck at Fenway tho!

After all that I somehow lost .5 miles. O well, worse things could happen. I ended my run on Newbury and shopped the rest of my way home. Everything was looking up until the VS girl went to measure me and asked "Do you wear some of our smaller sizes?" You just measured me what do you think? I am not gifted up top. Sports bras don't help. Dummy lady. How can you ask an A if she wears small sizes? I should have said "No I think I wear C's and D's. Why what size am I?" Argh.

Then a nice phone call with my mom added some unwanted guilt into my life because I wasn't sure if I would make it home for Father's Day. He likes to golf all day so how was I supposed to know that rain meant I had to come home because he can't golf???

He's Just Not That Into You cheered me up nicely though. I literally laugh out loud when I watch that movie. Ben and Jenn? Great!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My new addiction. Puppies. Adorable, clumsy, puppies. If only I lived in a pet friendly apartment! I could adopt all these guys and make the world a better place :-(

I wonder if I snuck one in if anyone would notice...

Just Dance

Welcome to my new blog :-)
Thank you so much for switching over.

I am debating becoming a ZUMBA instructor. Or really any intructor, but Zumba is fun!
"Ditch the workout! Join the party!"

Sounds pretty awesome. I used Zumba DVDs a couple years ago when they first came out. I fell in love with them. When I lent them out to prove how awesome they were, they got lost or broken by others and I never saw them again. I then dropped more $$$ on a second set, but when I moved out they stayed at home with my mom so that she could get a workout in every once in a while (which she should start doing now that she is officially done working).

Another certification I would like is the a group fitness instructor, but it seems more intense and I tend to get these crazy ideas and not follow through so I need to be sure first. I met a woman that started with her Zumba certification, loved it, and went and got her group fitness one. That sounds like a good plan since the cost of the Zumba certification includes the set of their DVDs!

The problem is that the open training classes for the summer are in Portugal and Japan... worst.
Zumba has grown to this HUGE brand name with clothes, dvds, classes, workshops... ect.

If you havn't tried it, I suggest you do. It is a latin dance workout and it keeps your heart rate up with the theory that you do not need to follow exact steps as long as you are moving to the music!

I am going for my mini shopping trip today. Wish me luck :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There is this website You ask it a question, and then it asks you a couple questions, and then gives you a response to your inital question. That sounded a little confusing, but it isn't I promise. I am also not sure how much I trust this site to make decisions for me, but it can be entertaining when even your bills are blocked on your company computers. So knowing that my gym is closing for 9 days I asked what my ideal workout is:
1. Spinning
2. Step Aerobics
3. Bikram Yoga
Wild Card:Pilates
They all sound great to me! So I am still trying to get a step on ebay or some equivalant. I am going to shop and walk home from work tomorrow, so maybeee I can find one for cheap. My gym has them, but I need a DVD to show me how to use it! I might just splurge while my gym is closed and try out some classes at surrounding studios.

My 7 miles went pretty well yesterday. According to, I ran 7.46 miles (which could be off by some) and according to just glancing at my phone to check my start/end time I ran it in 69 minutes (again accuracy?). Anyway I am not running for speed, just trying something new out.

Finally, I want to do some spring/summer cleaning and get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't use/need. I was thinking of selling some of it on e-bay, but I got burned pretty bad with my e-bay addiction last summer. I ended up buying 3 counterfeit copies of the Sex In The City Series before quitting and going to Best Buy. If anybody have some e-bay tips I would love to hear them! If not, I think I might just go to The Salvation Army and donate to those in need.

P.S. The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale starts today! H&M is having a sale. Banana Republic is giving 20% off purchases over $175. Gap has added Athleta to their stores which offers yoga clothes, swim attire, and dresses. J. Crew is having a summer sale. You get it right? It's shopping season! :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


NO, I was not invited to this wedding, but a "friend" of mine on Facebook was and posted some awesome pictures of this couple's everlasting vows. I am now going to post a beautiful picture from a beautiful wedding of this couple that I do not know. Please do not judge.

Pretty right? Colors of the wedding here light blue and white.

"Forever" scares me, but I could throw some other type of party and decorate like that. Birthday? Random Thursday night? I will figure it out :-)

"There's MORE to Maine"

MAINE is a pretty cool place. Skiing and beaches all in one state. My weekend was full of shopping, booze, and stupid decisions. What more could you ask from a vacation?

My roommate Rachel and I arrived about 30 min. earlier than the rest of the crew to Maine. We sniffed out some outlets and went into the J.Crew outlet just looking to pass some time. In 30 min. I was $50 dollars down and Rachel was $75 down (she's a very good shopper too its very dangerous to be around each other with our debit cards). I didn't need anything, but I was on vacation! So I found a pair of jeans I LOVED, but were too loose up top and they didn't have the next size down (booo!). To keep my mind off of the jeans I grabbed a loose super soft navy blue top with a tie scrunch collar and bow, a purple fitted T, and a grey beaded necklace with a ribbon tie. My boy (who is now going to be called Mr. Argumentative because thats what he won in his high school yearbook and the only person who wins arguments with him is ME because I just flash a smile and look up at him *he is 6 ft. I am 5'2"* with my big brown eyes and get my way)... anyway so Mr. Argumentative needed a bathing suit so I called and asked if $20 was ok and he said yes. I go back into the J.Crew outlet to grab him a bathing suit and he says he doesn't want anything from "JC Crew"?? Let's just say this boy only does to the Olympia Sports in a mall. The final straw for the bathing suit was that the only one in his size had lobsters (which apparently he is too cool for) so I put down the bathing suit and picked up the purple T and beaded necklace instead and headed to the cash register (he wore black nike gym shorts to the beach instead).

The group of us (3 boys 3 girls) get to the Maine house and begin drinking... didn't stop until 4 something AM. After noise complaint and losing at least 6 beers from spillage we decide to talk a stroll/stumble to the light house down the street. How we survived walking on the rocks with the tide coming in, I am not sure. The only injury was one of the boys falling on the rocks several times and waking up (still drunk at 8 am planning to go for a run) with some scratches on his face and a chipped tooth.

Sat. ended up being a beautiful day. We went to the beach from about 11:30-3:30. I put my feet in the water, but refused to go any further in (despite Mr. Argumentative's best efforts). That was a great food day too. We had cinnamon buns for breakfast, I split a large Italian sub with Mr. A and got some soft served ice cream after with Rachel. After some snacking back at the Maine house, we had a delicious BBQ with pigs in a blanket, cheeseburgers, salad, french fries, and more. Everyone was pretty tired and burnt, so the rest of the night was low key with story telling, re-living memories, card games, and red sox.

Sunday we went out to eat "breakfast" at 12:30 and then Rachel and I got some ice cream for the journey home. The rest of the day was spent in bed eating and sleeping.

My workout issue is that I was supposed to run 7 miles on Sat and do crosstraining on Sun and I did neither. Today should be weights and tomorrow 5 miles, but now it all has to be rearranged because I was lazy and took a vacation! Sue me for wanting FUN!
Anyways I worked out the new schedule and it will look something like this:
Monday- Run 7 miles
Tuesday- Crosstraining and weights
Wednesday- Run 5 miles
Thursday- Run 3 miles and weights
Friday- rest
Sat- Run 8 miles
I am not sure when I will get in my Sat 8 miles because as you can tell my weekends tend to be directed towards fun/no responsibilities so my workout takes a back seat. Only 2 weeks until the race!!! I still missed a crosstraining day with my new schedule, but hey you win some you lose some.