Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lessons Learned

Several bad things happened yesterday... let's count down.

#5: I drank coffee. It only made me feel a little sick, but the worst part was that I lost my month long coffee virginity to a luke warm cup of burnt hazelnut. Not the dreamy creamy steamy hazelnut the Green Mountain Coffee description promised. I settled like Britney with KFed. Coffee Whore.

#4: I took the wrong meds... WHOOPS! This was a biggie. I am supposed to take... are you reeady?
- 1 pill every morning for my stomach
- 1 antibiotic pill for my lack of wisdom teeth every 4 hours
- 2 pain pills every 2-3..er... I mean 4-6 hours so my face doesn't hurt me as much as it's killing all those poor soals in my office that have to look at it
- 1 controller of birth at night... because labor sounds painful (except I always fail at remembering this one so who knows? :-P haha... not/really not funny)
So how did I mess this up? Instead of my antibiotics I was taking some random pill prescribed to me in 2004! For I have no idea what! After my second pill of the day I got bored and read the label... was very eye opening. Instantly felt naucious, but because I refuse to throw up ever, I sat with a fist over my mouth as pale as Anne Hathaway until my body gave up and relaxed. Luckily I looked it up and nothing dangerous would happen if I combined it with all the other pills mentioned above. FEUF!

#3: I listed to a song called "LOL :-)" (LOL Smiley Face... yes that is the same of the song not just me smiling at you) It is a fabulous tune that my younger sister with terrible taste in music put on my iPod. I am now in love with it, and I should not be. It is stuck in my head... A little excerpt so you do not youTube it and never get it out of your head like myself:
"Go to my page and follow, if you got a body like a Coke bottle.
Shorty sending twit pics sayin come and get this
LOL smiley face, LOL smiley face"

#2: I got in this horrible habit of not being able to go to sleep until I have had 2 bowls of ice cream, and 8-10 cookies. Last night I did coconut ice cream, coconut macaroons, and chocolate chip cookies. I have gained 5 lbs in 1 week exactly. That is unhealthy America. Do not imitate.

#1: By far the worst thing I did yesterday was watch a Dateline special on that girl "Jaycee" that was kidnapped by a couple on her way to the bus, and kept in the backyard in tents for 18 years!? Raped, tortured, and brainwashed. Gave birth to 2 girls and raised them in the backyard. That awful story combined with these strong pain meds gave me the weirdest dreams. I kept imagining the two little daughters were knocking at my window crying for help or that the kidnapper was on my ceiling spiderman style watching me sleep. Really freaky stuff. Dateline and pain killers DO NOT MIX.

Well everyone says mistakes are good if you learn from them right? So I woke up today much smarter and have already done some good things :-)

1) Some J@CK@$$ getting onto the train today yelled at me for rushing to catch the T that was about to leave... umm hello? Don't be jealous if your slow suburban ass can't rush to the train like my quick city slick behind!

He yells: HEY LADY! We are all trying to make the train! (In a husky def. smoker voice... bet that lack of lung capacity doesn't help you move faster MISTER)

I respond by saying nothing and getting my ass on the train, but once I realize I have made it I was so proud and I turned with a huge smile and said: Would you like me to hold it for you? :-) :-) And I stood in the doorway so it wouldn't close and leave the last string of stragglers behind. HA!

2) I got French Vanilla coffee today and it is delectable!

Tonight I am off to Newport, Rhode Island. Home of the mansions. All the girls from high school get together every year and we do a little swap nothing expensive because it is ALL the girls, not just the really close group I had in high school of maybe 4... but more like 20 girls. One of the girls now lives in some fancy place in Newport and offered to hoast this year, should be fun :-)

If I do not write again, becuase this is a long post which may take several days to read :-P ...Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas


  1. Mmm, French Vanilla definitely makes up for the burnt hazelnut! And girl, that is a big combo of pills so I would probably mess that up too! I also take the controller of birth (I love the way you put that) but I take it first thing in the morning.

    And I like your good deed, I would so not do that after someone yelled at me! I hope you have some amazing holidays and Christmas :)

  2. Haha you're hilarious! ANd that LOL smiley face song is soooo dumb but it's catchy and now just after reading your post its stuck in my head. LOL :) haha! Great!

  3. Wish I could have witnessed you giving that dude the what for. What an arse clown!


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