Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Medical Marval: The Chocolate Theory

Endoscopy was a success! I have been diagnoised with gasteritis, which means I have to listen to my body because it will tell me when I am eating something it doesn't like, and then I need to stop eating it.

Common trigers include:
... but vary with each person

So I got home from the hospital and decided to test the chocolate theory because I LOVE chocolate and cannot live without it. Result? I CAN eat chocolate :-) HURRAY!

How I tested the chocolate theory:
- A sleeve of oreos (1/3 of a box... approx 18 cookies)
- 3 double chocolate brownies
- 5 chocolate chip cookies
- 3 white chocolate covered dark chocolate truffles (amazzzing)
- Oreo ice cream
- Vanilla ice cream with crushed real oreos

Yes I am obsessed with oreos. I finished off the oreo ice cream, which caused the switch to vanilla ice cream with real oreos (no these oreos do not count in the 1/3 of a box calculation... so I guess I ate closer to 25 cookies... my bad)

*As a disclaimer I should be fair and confess that even though I normally eat a ton of cr@p, I am eating extra extra crappy these days because my gastro-whatever has caused some weight loss. I MISS MY BOOTY! So I am gaining it back... apparently in oreos.

This plan could backfire Kelly Clarkson style

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  1. Great experiment!! Glad the chocs are still good for you :-)
    I too am a choc addict (amongst many other things)! I couldnt live without it either!
    Have a great day :-)


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