Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am currently watching "Yes Man" for a second time this weekend and need to discuss.
This movie is wonderful. It is funny AND has a message for the kids!
I am going to start saying yes to everything (we will see how long this lasts).

So far tonight saying yes has gotten me:
- Ghirardelli chocolate squares
- Hershey chocolate bars
- A potential extension of my Central Europe trip to Spain

OK so granted I would have said yes to the chocolate anyway, and the Spain thing is more of a maybe, but if Jim Carry finds greatness to saying YES than I can too!

Truth? My friends and I all seem to be in kind of a life-funk. Not depressing or anything, but just eh... so maybe I can UNFUNK with the simple 3 letter word YES!

And to leave you with a good kind of funk...
- My Favorite Things Outkast
Buy me diamonds and rubies
I'm crazy 'bout bentleys
Gucci dresses and drop top compresses
Wine me and dine me
Bring those platinum rings
Those are a few of our favourite things

- Single Ladies Beyonce
- Work It Missy Elliot
- Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani
- Tarzan and Jane Aqua
- I Like It Sammie

Sammie? No? Anybody remember?
Official Music Video

And a some awesome oldies you may never have heard of:
Bomba- King Africa
Aseraje- Ketchup

Haha! SPANISH! Sorry you weren't for that were you. Especially King Africa. He is sexy.

If you want to see the performance that I think should have won a Grammy this year:
Best Video and Wardrobe and Dance Moves
Best Anorexic Strippers with Pet Talking Fruit

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Was lost- then found- and now lost again

I have been so mentally busy! The new unexpected roomie made herself at home (I am saying this in a nice way not a b!tch get outta my space way... you never know with typing). We are quite the happy team, even though we did not know each other existed pre-move-in, things have worked out very well. She buys double stuffed oreos and shares (and I owe her a new pack because of my usual weekend binge).

Also my ex-roomie, but still bestie came from the Big Apple to visit my modest homely city... that's right MY city... YOU MOVED... you know who you are :-P
We had a fun visit full of catching up, mainly around food. You know when you read those magazines and they tell you to bond with a run instead of a meal? Never going to happen. Hey friend, it has been awhile, why don't we lace up and chat? I would break my face trying to pay attention to her juicy life stories AND keeping my left foot from tripping my right. Maybe I should take "Ability to multitask" off my resume?

Anyway! So Big Apple (that's your name now) and I socialized at a couple different friends' apartments, but we settled in for an earlyish night of snacks and The Pregnancy Pact, because sometimes 18 pregnant teens is more interesting than beer. We went out for b-fest in the morning and I was lucky enough to spill my plate of ketchup with a side of omelet all over my jeans. I then had the brilliant idea of flicking the ketchup off me.. and onto everyone else. Like I said, I am pretty bright.

After a nice weekend, I expected a pretty smooth week to follow. Nope. I have already gone to pick up a package, that was opened during transit with its contents stolen. I also got to walk to the train yesterday in what felt like a tropical storm, with winds so strong that my umbrella became more work than caring for a newborn baby. And when I finally made it home, I found two GIANT beastly "women" being shown my apartment when I received no notice. Technically 4 people should be living in it, and right now there are only two of us, but these "girls" are division 1 college basketball players. I am 5 ft. 2 in. on a tall day, so I am not joking when I say that they will not fit on my couch or chairs or at the kitchen table.

That was yesterday. Today my outfit is cuter, you may say I am shallow, but I will put positive energy anyway I can into the universe right now! I am off to channel some good thoughts. My diet was pure sugar yesterday, so maybe I will be less irritable today with good thoughts, good clothes, and good food. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No longer alone!

Last Monday after the amazing Celtics game (we lost but it was close.. A for effort guys) I come home to a suitcase... in my living room. Next to the suitcase? A PERSON!

But nobody was moving in anymore right? NOPE wrong! Apparently she was living with her boyfriend of 2.5 years and they broke up, so she needed somewhere to live, fast. She is actually very nice and we have a lot in common, so besides the initial shock, I am very happy :-)

Anyway, I had a nice relaxing weekend and even saw Obama yesterday! He came into Boston to support the Democratic party running for the MA seat in Senate. I tend to be Republican, but Obama is a celebrity so I stood outside and froze to death to catch a glimpse of the man. I have to figure out what why I am voting on Tuesday because apparently "every vote counts" this time... except don't they tell us that every time? The news did sounds pretty convincing last night, so it is time to do a little political research!

This week is the Jersey Shore season finale! This is a show I tried SO HARD not to watch! But it is like a train wreck and you cannot turn it off! At least it is over after this week and I do not need to see "The Situation" cause more problems and all that gel... come on guys lay off the hair products :-P

I also am very excited for The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime. It is the movie based on the 18 high school girls that got pregnant on purpose! Very sad, but I am intrigued into WHY they thought that was a good idea!

I have realized that grocery shopping before a long weekend is a really bad idea, because all I do is sit around and eat all my new food until there is none left! Off to watch All About Aniston on Lifetime and finish what is left in my cabinets... Maybe if all the crap is gone, I can actually try to eat well tomorrow!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plans change, roll with it!

Courtesy of my new employer, I am going to the Celtics game tomorrow :-)
Free food and drink will be provided!
I am very excited to mingle with my new co-workers, enjoy the game, and of course the food!

I know I mentioned that today was move in day for my new roommates, but life is always changing! The roommates I was going to have got jobs elsewhere and no longer need Boston housing. For now, I will be living alone! We shall see how this goes... I could end up loving it, or being very sad and lonely :-P

The biggest problem so far is I have nobody here to make me feel guilty about having a mess and sitting around eating up a storm! Maybe I will get sick of it on my own...

I have spent all Sat. and Sun. sitting around, pigging out, and watching TV. It has been very relaxing and quite enjoyable. I started watching Platinum Weddings on We thinking I would hate it, but then I ended up watching it for hours! $50,000 for a photographer? $27,000 for a dress? $115,000 for a ring? It is amazing how much some people spend! One couple's budget was $400,000 for their wedding, another couple admitted they did not even bother making a budget! Hahaha O being filthy rich... One day, right?

Monday, January 4, 2010

I blame the typos on my sugar rush...


I know this is silly to say, but if I am going to spend 40 hours a week there why not appreciate the fung-shuai! The walls and carpet are a light tan/yellow color, the cubicles are a light tan with the top quarter GLASS! You do not feel like you are in a cage... you feel like you are in a sugar cookie surrounded by Boston's skyline... it is fab. All the furniture is super modern and clean-lined AND the floors are connected with floating light wood stairs to make the company feel more connected (there is always the elevators too though)!

There are 2 mini "cafes" with free treats for us hard workers, and 1 main cafeteria type with caterers! They make fresh coffee so we do not have to battle over who's turn it is to fill the pot!

Speaking of coffee... we get brewed Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, 25-30 flavors of Flavia single serving packets, and an espresso/cappuchino machine!!! FREE

Vending machine with sodas, water, selzer... FREE
Fresh fruit... FREE
Cereal... FREE
Milk... FREE

Vending machine with other snacks... 50 cents (I blame the economy but still pretty cheap!)

But wait! There's more!
We have a "wellness room" which is a mini hotel type room in the office for NAPS!
There is a CLEAN shower, in case SOMEONE forgets deoderant and would like to freshen up.
AND there is a "Mother's room" for women who would like a comfortable room with a lounge chair and a personal refigerator for pumping and storing breast milk.

The best part? I got nervous and took my fav First Response test today and it said? NO BABY! So I will not be needing that mother's room... yet!

Final holiday weight count: 8 POUNDS!
I did need to gain some weight since stress and being busy made me a little bit too skinny, but now I need to make sure 8 pounds does not become 18 pounds :-P
I will not worry about it yet, and just keep doin' my thang, but if this trend continues, somebody please pull the ice cream, cookies, brownies, and peanut butter away from my death grip :-)

I am currently living alone, but new roommates move in next week. I miss my best friends very much... our apartment is so sad with our decorations and pictures everywhere :-/ I am going to look on the bright side because now I get to visit my loves at their new amazing apartments in new exciting cities! Cheers to old friends and amazing memories! and cheers to new friends and even more memories to come in 2010!