Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Was lost- then found- and now lost again

I have been so mentally busy! The new unexpected roomie made herself at home (I am saying this in a nice way not a b!tch get outta my space way... you never know with typing). We are quite the happy team, even though we did not know each other existed pre-move-in, things have worked out very well. She buys double stuffed oreos and shares (and I owe her a new pack because of my usual weekend binge).

Also my ex-roomie, but still bestie came from the Big Apple to visit my modest homely city... that's right MY city... YOU MOVED... you know who you are :-P
We had a fun visit full of catching up, mainly around food. You know when you read those magazines and they tell you to bond with a run instead of a meal? Never going to happen. Hey friend, it has been awhile, why don't we lace up and chat? I would break my face trying to pay attention to her juicy life stories AND keeping my left foot from tripping my right. Maybe I should take "Ability to multitask" off my resume?

Anyway! So Big Apple (that's your name now) and I socialized at a couple different friends' apartments, but we settled in for an earlyish night of snacks and The Pregnancy Pact, because sometimes 18 pregnant teens is more interesting than beer. We went out for b-fest in the morning and I was lucky enough to spill my plate of ketchup with a side of omelet all over my jeans. I then had the brilliant idea of flicking the ketchup off me.. and onto everyone else. Like I said, I am pretty bright.

After a nice weekend, I expected a pretty smooth week to follow. Nope. I have already gone to pick up a package, that was opened during transit with its contents stolen. I also got to walk to the train yesterday in what felt like a tropical storm, with winds so strong that my umbrella became more work than caring for a newborn baby. And when I finally made it home, I found two GIANT beastly "women" being shown my apartment when I received no notice. Technically 4 people should be living in it, and right now there are only two of us, but these "girls" are division 1 college basketball players. I am 5 ft. 2 in. on a tall day, so I am not joking when I say that they will not fit on my couch or chairs or at the kitchen table.

That was yesterday. Today my outfit is cuter, you may say I am shallow, but I will put positive energy anyway I can into the universe right now! I am off to channel some good thoughts. My diet was pure sugar yesterday, so maybe I will be less irritable today with good thoughts, good clothes, and good food. Wish me luck!

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  1. Aww, glad things are going well with your new roomie. Double Stuffed Oreos are amazing! And I could -never- do a run+talk, unless it was indoors, at the gym, on a treadmill haha.

    Don't worry, I'd probably spill omelette and ketchup all over me too!

    Hope you have a great rest of the day and week!


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