Monday, July 27, 2009

***Bachlorette Spolier Alert***

Dear Jillian,

You have amazing clothes. That dress you wore today on The Bachlorette Finale was unbelievable. You had to say goodbye to TWO (thanks to a suprise visit) excellent men. To be honest, I hated you for a couple minutes there when you made sweet washboard abs Kiptyn cry. I did get over it though as you kept pacing debating over Reid and the skirt of your dress moved in ways that only perfect rich design can achieve. When Ed came out of the limo you were so confident and now you are (happily?) engaged! I hope all is well and even though I find the chances of finding true love on TV slim to none... I wish you and your new man the best!

Cheers to the happy couple!

TV Addict

P.S. I am ashamed to say I watched Dating in the Dark after your finale. It should never be watched again! There was a girl and boy from BOSTON (woot woot!) but no thanks... nothing worse than being liked with the lights off and rejected after they turn on!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

When good girls go bad...

I just got back from breakfast with some old friends from home. I got an AMAZING bagel with cream cheese at Au Bon Pain. The cream cheese was honey pecan or something and it was sooooo goood! As you can guess, I am failing at caring about losing weight... I am over it. I kinda like those five pounds so what...ever!

One of my friends from home has dropped a ton of weight. She used to be tall and gorgeous and had an amazing body, but she always read the articles in magazines of actresses that are too thin and thought they looked great. For breakfast she got a cup of fruit. She talks about vegetables like they are brownies... I almost saw her drool when she was talking about califlower. Not. Kidding.

Since seeing her, I decided that weight is overrated. She looks terrible. When she exercised and ate real food I used to be so jealous of her body, but now I just feel bad for her. Food is yummy and your body NEEDS it!

I do not understand why people freak out so much over calories. You only live once. Everything in moderation right? She only eats fruits and veggies, she over exercises, and she now has to go to the doctor to get her nutrition content checked. Fruit for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, salad for dinner. 4 hours min. of exercise daily.

Sorry for the semi serious post. It just hurts to see such a good friend literally disappear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


5 pounds! They have got to go. Now I am not normally the type to step on a scale... BUT I did and then I did again... and the number kept going up.

See my problem is I like/LOVE food. I can't stop eating. Even as I am typing this I am eating. Luckily I have a fast metabolism, but it can't work miracles! For now I have decided to stop eating after 9 PM on weekdays. Hopefully this is all it takes. I don't even pretend I will be following any limits on weekends.

Here's to eating all day long... until 9!

P.S. Thanks to those who gave advice. I will not be contacting Mrs. Officer with any life tips, but I do want to be prepared for when she calls asking what to do. I have seen good and bad divorces. Hopefully this is some lame attention attempt from a lonely bitter neighbor, but if not, I hope they think about the kids... (wow me caring about kids!)

... I guess I am not the Tin Man :-) (is that the one that wanted a heart?)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

True Story

A woman I know... let's call her Mrs. Officer... recieved a letter in the mail a week ago that said "You should stop talking about other people's families. Maybe your life isn't perfect either". Mrs. Officer came over crying saying how cruel the world was.

Apparently these people are still in high school because instead of letting it go (my advice) she calls the mother of her daughter's enemy and says "It's not my fault your 14 year old is having sex. Maybe you should control your family and worry less about mine." To which Mrs. Enemy says "You need help. I worry about you."

Two days later, Mrs. Officer recieves another letter "If you don't know what I mean maybe you should ask your husband's mistress." Gues who gets the mail and reads the letter? Mrs. Officer's 14 year old daughter. Now the daughter hates her dad, there is no proof it is/isn't true. Mr. Officer's response was "Ignore it". How does one react to that? Is it a grown up high school game? Or is it true...

Theory one: My father thinks it is the daughter's enemy writing the letters.
Theory two: My mother thinks it is the mistres writing the letters.
Theory three: Mr. Officer thinks it is Mrs. Enemy writing the letters.

I (for once) have no opinion. Help me. What advice do I give? What do you think is going on? I need your theories!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Locked Up

I went home for the weekend to see my cousin who is visiting from South America.

The first night we hosted a Margarita night/ jewlery party (and earned $400 in jewlery credit!)

The second night we had a family night and played monopoly (I won) and I went to the basement to go to bed (my cousin got my old room) and I saw a grey/black thing fly/run past the stairs. I screamed and closed the door. My cousin opened the door trying to act macho oo yea I got this. Opens the door, screams, and closes the door. A bat was flying at him! Yup. We had a bat in our basement!!!

I had to sleep on the couch on the middle floor. In the morning, my dad googled how to catch a bat, got a box, saw the bat hanging upside down on our curtain (EW!) and trapped it in the box and released it outside.

I go back to Boston the next day, and my family woke up early Sunday to go to Worcester State for a Field Hockey tournament. My cousin stayed home to sleep. He was sleeping in the basement because it was cooler down there. I get a phone call from my mom around 6:30 PM. She accidentally locked my cousin in the basement ALL DAY LONG! No food no bathroom! Terrible.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honesty Scrap

So sorry I have been such an F- type of blogger, but I am trying to be an A+ student.

So as I mentioned in my last post I was given an award by Allison and I am to list 7 things about me!

1) I am addicted to trashy TV, home and people makeovers, and law shows! During the day you can find me surfing Lifetime, Soap Net, TNT, E!, TLC, HGTV.

2) I spend way too much money on nothing. Do I really need to buy my coffees everyday? How many shirts/pants/dresses/SHOES does one person need? When my fridge is stocked why is my urge to eat out that much greater?

3) I eat way too much. Snacks, ice cream, chocolate, cereal, trail mix, and bars are my falling. I expect to get full... I don't/I ignore it.

4) I have life ADD. About once a month I have a mid life crisis and make big plans to change things. Yes I do realize this conviently happens once a month as do other mood altering things. Can't help it that I have a new career idea and city to move to and exercise fab and fashion addiction every 28 days.

5) I am an extreme person. I am either VERY healthy or VERY unhealthy. My room is either immaculate or looks like a tornado hit it (usually the latter). I either shop every day, or save every penny (usually the first). You get the picture. These switches usually occur during fact #4 (my far too frequent mid life crisis).

6) I am a contradiction. Everything I do makes no sense. I know this, sorry friends... Commitment freaks me out, but I have been dating Mr. Argumentative for almost 6 years. I am very opinionated, but I am also extremely indecisive. I know this is confusing/complex, but oddly my drivers are very simple (this might a connection to fact #6).

7) I do not trust. Anyone. I can honeslty say the only people I trust 110% are my mother and father. I used to trust them the least... when I was younger I thought my parents were idiots. Now I see they are the wisest people I know. And as a child my mom taught me to trust nobody. Hence, I do not trust. Maybe it has been embedded in my subconcious by my mother, but life has proved that almost nobody is trust worthy. Friends can betray you, husbands/boyfriends cheat, wives/girlfriends cheat, everyone lies, secrets are spilled, mistakes are made. Humans are imperfect. Fact.

There are my honesty scrap facts. Please don't hate me. I am flawed, but it makes for a real life with real problems and (hopefully), one day, a happy ending (what that is for me... I am still deciding).

I am now tagging...
New England Girl
Small Town Girl- Heather

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Got Lost

In my first attempt to find the boathouse for my veyr first rowing lesson, I got lost. Apparently all you need to do is "follow the river". But because I was way overconfident with my knowledge of the city, I took a "shortcut". Let's just say... I did not make it to class.

See the number 9? That's right. I walked/ran/jogged over 9 miles trying to find the place. I was nowhere near. See the water at the top of the map? That's where I should have started following the river. Good thing I had my "shortcut".

I made it there via car today though. Rowing is interesting... It was alot of learning terminology and now my head hurts..

Also the infamous Victoria's Secret orders have started rolling in. Somehow a back ordered item made it before the rest of the in-stock items?

My bloggy friend Allison has tagged me in an award!!! Stay tuned to see more about it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Drunk Online Shopping

I have a problem. It is serious. I need help. I have ADOSD. Addictive Drunk Online Shopping Disorder. This is not a laughing matter. I am unemployeed.

I wake up to order shipment memos in my inbox and cannot recall placing the order in the first place! Sometimes I do not even know until I go to check my mail and I have a package!

This morning I work up to not 1... not 2... not 3... but 4!!! shipment emails! All of them from Victora's Secret! I guess I couldn't make up my mind because I had to place 4 seperate orders! Rediculous. Anybody know of a rehab I can go to?