Thursday, April 30, 2009

Workout News!

So I am sure you know by now that the Swine Flu Pandemic is official. People say that exercise will lower our chances of getting it (new motivation for me to stick with my program).

Program Update:

Monday- I only did half my workout... Overslept

Tuesday- I planned my run to be to the pharmacy, pick up my prescription, and back home (2 miles) I get to the pharmacy and guess what! The credit card I brought was expired. I had to run back home, back to the pharmacy, and back home... DOUBLED my workout (4 miles)

Wednesday- I did my entire Lean Legz program and added a couple abs and arms moves :-)

Thursday- Today I am scheduled for another 2 miler so I am running to the Boston Commons and walking back up Newbury to shop (and ignore all those looks because I didn't dress up to go in their stores)

Friday- Tomorrow I will ( I will I will I will) wake up early to do my "Rundown Routine". I probably would have put my alarm on snooze 70 times and had a repeat of Monday, but I outsmarted myself and have officially promised in writing that I WILL wake up early!

Weekend... Not making any promises, but I will try to get in another 2 miles...


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing Tragedy

Julianne is GONE and Melissa is injured and Ty is still dancing?!?!?
As if one of these items arn't bad enough, they had to hit us with all three?

Julianne and Chuck officially survived DWTS and are still the cutest (and most attractive) couple I have ever seen... maybe they will dance soon enough together again at their wedding...
Melissa has a cracked rib but remains optimistic... we will see if she can continue the competiton soon enough.
TY!?! really America? He is a BULL RIDER... he rides bulls. He is also so clearly falling for his dancing partner (anybody wonder why wifey J stays so close in practice and main event...) Anybody else catch the move where he lays on the ground and his dance partner walks over him with her legs spread while he gazes up her tiny gold dress?

So needless to say I am not very happy about last night's episode. Also the coffee machine is broken at work and the water bubbler tastes like salt. Good Morning Bloggers! :-P

P.S. To add to my wonderful morning, I have just discovered that Ugly Betty is kicking beautiful Samantha Who out of her Thursday time slot. If all this moving around end up killing Samantha's ratings and ends with a show cancellation I will sue ABC.

Just got my iced coffee with a free turbo shot from Dunkins, so this angry post will end here... :-)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dancing in Heels

I keep reading various blogs and magazines that say that the DWTS partcipants loose all this weight and get in such great shape by dancing in heels.

So here is my question to anyone out there...

How does dancing in heels give such amazing results in a couple weeks, when I have been walking in heels my whole life and am not satisfied with my legs?

And if it really is this dancing in heels that creates award worthy figured... where can I sign up!?!?

P.S. New DWTS episode on tonight!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Charles River Run Training

As I begin to train for the Boston Charles River Run (7.5 Miles), I thought I would share my training schedule:

Courtesy of:

On "Stretch and Strengthen" and "Strength" days, I will follow a program written for me by my C.P.T. friend Julie.

Group 1 (do 3 times)
Side lunge – curtsy squat (x12 each side)
Step up with Knee raise (x12 each leg)
Overhead squat (x12)

Group 2 (do 3 times on each leg)
Lying on side, bent knee raises ( x25), bent knee raise and kick (x15)

Group 3 (do 3 times)
Physio Ball Adductor Squeeze (x25 sec), then raise (x 15)
Physio Ball Bridge (x15)
Physio Ball Roll Out (x 15)

Group 4 (do 3 times)
Jump Squat (x12)
Side plank with top leg raise* x 10 (each side)

*I cannot do these so I skip them. Feel free to do the same.

Good luck to me following through with this program. I fully intend to skip the Sunday Cross Training too (I need at least 2 days off a week), but if you don't need the time off enjoy the workout! Let me know if you like it.

P.S. I will be getting my Nike+Ipod device in the mail soon so my training will be logged and linked off of my blog.