Thursday, April 30, 2009

Workout News!

So I am sure you know by now that the Swine Flu Pandemic is official. People say that exercise will lower our chances of getting it (new motivation for me to stick with my program).

Program Update:

Monday- I only did half my workout... Overslept

Tuesday- I planned my run to be to the pharmacy, pick up my prescription, and back home (2 miles) I get to the pharmacy and guess what! The credit card I brought was expired. I had to run back home, back to the pharmacy, and back home... DOUBLED my workout (4 miles)

Wednesday- I did my entire Lean Legz program and added a couple abs and arms moves :-)

Thursday- Today I am scheduled for another 2 miler so I am running to the Boston Commons and walking back up Newbury to shop (and ignore all those looks because I didn't dress up to go in their stores)

Friday- Tomorrow I will ( I will I will I will) wake up early to do my "Rundown Routine". I probably would have put my alarm on snooze 70 times and had a repeat of Monday, but I outsmarted myself and have officially promised in writing that I WILL wake up early!

Weekend... Not making any promises, but I will try to get in another 2 miles...



  1. Good luck with your training! If you overslept you probably needed it! Don't sweat it and just keep on going!!

  2. Hey! I saw you on Mrs.Newlywed's blog! I also am from the Boston area. I went to school in the city, and now live in NH....just over the border! I saw Britney in Boston too...she was amazing!


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