Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing Tragedy

Julianne is GONE and Melissa is injured and Ty is still dancing?!?!?
As if one of these items arn't bad enough, they had to hit us with all three?

Julianne and Chuck officially survived DWTS and are still the cutest (and most attractive) couple I have ever seen... maybe they will dance soon enough together again at their wedding...
Melissa has a cracked rib but remains optimistic... we will see if she can continue the competiton soon enough.
TY!?! really America? He is a BULL RIDER... he rides bulls. He is also so clearly falling for his dancing partner (anybody wonder why wifey J stays so close in practice and main event...) Anybody else catch the move where he lays on the ground and his dance partner walks over him with her legs spread while he gazes up her tiny gold dress?

So needless to say I am not very happy about last night's episode. Also the coffee machine is broken at work and the water bubbler tastes like salt. Good Morning Bloggers! :-P

P.S. To add to my wonderful morning, I have just discovered that Ugly Betty is kicking beautiful Samantha Who out of her Thursday time slot. If all this moving around end up killing Samantha's ratings and ends with a show cancellation I will sue ABC.

Just got my iced coffee with a free turbo shot from Dunkins, so this angry post will end here... :-)

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  1. I was really, really, really sad to see Julianne go... AND I absolutely loovvee Samantha Who? I would be VERY upset if they cancelled it!


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