Friday, April 24, 2009

Charles River Run Training

As I begin to train for the Boston Charles River Run (7.5 Miles), I thought I would share my training schedule:

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On "Stretch and Strengthen" and "Strength" days, I will follow a program written for me by my C.P.T. friend Julie.

Group 1 (do 3 times)
Side lunge – curtsy squat (x12 each side)
Step up with Knee raise (x12 each leg)
Overhead squat (x12)

Group 2 (do 3 times on each leg)
Lying on side, bent knee raises ( x25), bent knee raise and kick (x15)

Group 3 (do 3 times)
Physio Ball Adductor Squeeze (x25 sec), then raise (x 15)
Physio Ball Bridge (x15)
Physio Ball Roll Out (x 15)

Group 4 (do 3 times)
Jump Squat (x12)
Side plank with top leg raise* x 10 (each side)

*I cannot do these so I skip them. Feel free to do the same.

Good luck to me following through with this program. I fully intend to skip the Sunday Cross Training too (I need at least 2 days off a week), but if you don't need the time off enjoy the workout! Let me know if you like it.

P.S. I will be getting my Nike+Ipod device in the mail soon so my training will be logged and linked off of my blog.

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