Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Thank you Kelly for reminding me to tell everyone!

My interview went great. I GOT THE JOB! The only problem is... the job is taking forever to finalize paperwork so I can get to work!(Update: I filled out the paperwork and start in 2 weeks! Woot woot!)

Until then, I have tons of school work so I will be plenty busy. I have been at the library forever and am bored to death. I am supposed to be updating my resume with my new job and reading about investment strategies.. but I can't focus any longer!

Grey's Anatomy has officially began... but for a season finale that ALMOST brought me to tears (and I never cry)... the premiere didn't make me quite so emotional. I guess it's been gone for too long, but all I could think when Izzie was crying over George was that the actress was crying because stupid ABC wont let her out of her contract! Awful. I know. Sorry.

Fall is officially here.... the best part? Pumpkin Spice Coffee! Yay!

Upcoming events in my life:
Hair Appointment (My hairdresser has been gone foreverrr so miserable!)
Minor oral surgery :-(
Many of my friends' birthdays!
Use my spa gift certificate one of my favorite people ever gave me for my birthday!
6 year anniversary of me and Mr. A
Start working?
Spend first paycheck!
Interviews for future jobs
Must get good grades in courses
Decide Christmas getaway location
Potential friend from home and Mr. A relocating to Boston!(still very up in the air)

FeuF! So glad I just vented. OK Back to work!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Bash

White Trash was an awesome theme for a great night! I wore a ripped up wife beater and styled it with the extra fabric and pins. I wore an animal print bra with straps showing, jean shorts and red heels too! My roommate drew a fake tramp stamp on me and everyone else got fake heart tattoos with my name in them and an arrow going through the heart :-) To top it off I wore a shell choker and I didn't own any long belly button rings (because I find them trashy) so in honor of the theme I put a long earring in my piercing instead (sounds gross... looked normal, well trashy normal).

Mr. A made me Shepard's Pie which was VERY good and not too hard to make. He was the Exective Chef and I was his assistant (AKA all I did was open the cans of peas and corn and STILL managed to do that wrong because I cut myself). This was actualy my first Shepard's Pie so for all those who were in the dark like I was all you need is:
Beef, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Corn topped with spices (Paparika is ideal but all we had was pepper). Pop in the oven at 325 degrees for 20 min and DONE! For the kitchen handicapped like myself use instant mashed potatoes 5 minutes in the microwave and they look and taste like the real deal!

Between my lovely roommates who suprised me downtown with a table at a very adorable restaurant by the Boston Common, my parents who came into the city to take me to The Hard Rock Cafe, and Mr. A's Pie I am now obese. This is not an issue since it loks like New England has officially said goodbye to warmth after today. Hurray for hibernation!

For all Bostonians: Boston Commons is the hotspot for the Adam Sandler flick "ZooKeeper" and the Ben Affleck/Blake Lively film "The Town". Casualy walk/jog by and celeb stalk :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another addiction

Dear Oats & Chocolate Fiber One Bars,

Please leave me alone.

Your chocolatey goodness is delicious and nutrious... but only when used sparingly. Everytime I buy a box, you are gone in a couple days. I can't stop myself.

Your new ads along the T are tourture. After seeing them everywhere, I have to go home and have one! Please stop stalking me!

Your label should say...
Beware: Too delicious to try.


Your Biggest (figuratively and soon to be literally) Fan

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the good times roll...

I burnt my mouth on boiling tea today! I was so impacient and took a huge gulp and killed my mouth. My lips got swollen and the roof of my mouth started blistering. Gross!

Now that my lips have unswelled from this morning, the insides are still all wrinkley from shrinking.... still gross.

Besides all the tea drama today has been prety good! My first professor apologized for giving us "word salad" meaning a bunch of terms all at once. The phrase was unexpected and very funny in the moment.

My second class had a very energetic and young professor who looks like he will be a good time. I love when classes teach in a non-boring way. At least if I accidentally forget coffee one morning, my chances of falling asleep in class are slightly less (but hopefully I wont have to test that theory out).

I also signed up for fitness classes again. These stop me from my boring, unproductive gym sessions where I just walk around confused. :-)

Yet another great thing that happened today.. I got an interview for Monday! I am sure I wont get the job, but an interview is proof that my luck is turning around!! YAY!

FINALLY... ITS FRIDAY. So its time to take my cycling class, shower, get beautiful, and head out! Have a great weekend everyone :-D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Foliage

Oh Fall. The beginning of classes... the never ending job hunt... the awesome professors that make me love life... the crazy ones that make me hate it...

Wish me luck :-)
I hope everyone's having a good week! I will post more once I am back in a semi regular schedule. My days are filled with Moster.com, shameless resume spamming, and some classes scattered in between.

P.S. Next weekend is my birthday! We have decided on a "White Trash" Theme. So many costume opportunities! Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timing is Everything

The end of my vacation is almost here. I need to organize life before its too late! One of the things I have NOT been doing is working out. I love to eat and when you are eating 24/7 you worry about getting cramps when exercising so it never happens. I. Feel. Gross.

So I decided to try out running again yesterday. Hopefully everything would go well so that I can feel less guilty about my vacation from life. Well... I picked the WORST day to run.

The Jahova's Witness were out recruiting so I watched them walk house to house during my entire run. I think one was about to stop me! When I got home all the shades were down and the house was locked beause everyone was hiding from the unwanted vistors. I tried knocking, but they thought I was a Jahova's Witness coming to preach and I had to sit outside for a looong time to finally be let in my own house!

Another reason why it was a bad day for a run, trash day. No matter what street I took I seemed to constantly be behind a garbage truck. Smelt wonderful. My lungs are now full of everyone's unwated waste fumes. Lovely.

The final reason I should not have gone for a run is that all the people in my small hometown that saw me started a nice little rumor. By the end of the day I was informed that the town thought I was no longer employeed (which I am not) and not going back to school to take classes (which I am!). My classes start September 9th... I will be back in Boston on Friday! Crazy small towns.

I did get 6 miles in! I also ate my entire house after and then some, but O WELL! Still felt good.

P.S. I went to the Coach outlet too. I saw a GORGEOUS tan leather bag. Original price: $700. Outlet Price: $600. Sale price: $300. With coupon: $240!
This lovely bag is now mine. I will try to post a picture if I ever find my camera charger!

I will be relocating back into my Boston apartment this weekend so if I do not get a chance to post or comment I hope everyone has a GREAT loong weekend :-) (enjoy the labor day sales too!)