Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timing is Everything

The end of my vacation is almost here. I need to organize life before its too late! One of the things I have NOT been doing is working out. I love to eat and when you are eating 24/7 you worry about getting cramps when exercising so it never happens. I. Feel. Gross.

So I decided to try out running again yesterday. Hopefully everything would go well so that I can feel less guilty about my vacation from life. Well... I picked the WORST day to run.

The Jahova's Witness were out recruiting so I watched them walk house to house during my entire run. I think one was about to stop me! When I got home all the shades were down and the house was locked beause everyone was hiding from the unwanted vistors. I tried knocking, but they thought I was a Jahova's Witness coming to preach and I had to sit outside for a looong time to finally be let in my own house!

Another reason why it was a bad day for a run, trash day. No matter what street I took I seemed to constantly be behind a garbage truck. Smelt wonderful. My lungs are now full of everyone's unwated waste fumes. Lovely.

The final reason I should not have gone for a run is that all the people in my small hometown that saw me started a nice little rumor. By the end of the day I was informed that the town thought I was no longer employeed (which I am not) and not going back to school to take classes (which I am!). My classes start September 9th... I will be back in Boston on Friday! Crazy small towns.

I did get 6 miles in! I also ate my entire house after and then some, but O WELL! Still felt good.

P.S. I went to the Coach outlet too. I saw a GORGEOUS tan leather bag. Original price: $700. Outlet Price: $600. Sale price: $300. With coupon: $240!
This lovely bag is now mine. I will try to post a picture if I ever find my camera charger!

I will be relocating back into my Boston apartment this weekend so if I do not get a chance to post or comment I hope everyone has a GREAT loong weekend :-) (enjoy the labor day sales too!)


  1. I am SO jealous. I am in such a rut when it comes to my running. I cannot seem to find the motivation to get out and get it started. Ugh. Maybe I'll take your advice and just get out and do it.
    Awesome find for the bag, too! I love outlet shopping more than most things. :)

  2. What a funny running story! Glad you were finally able to get in your house.

    Can't wait to see a picture of the new bag. Sounds tres fab!

  3. I bet it was good to actually get out there and do it though! I'm pathetic about running. My new excuse for not working out is that I'm starting to get a sore throat and cough. I can use this excuse for a few days. OH, don't worry about the silly "rumors". People are just nosey, and we can't be bothered!

  4. That is hilarious that they were hiding out from the door knockers. Have you ever tried The Shred? I'm addicted!


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