Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lounging around: because I can!

The eyebrow thing: Not that bad! It was only have buzzed off not even fully shaven. Covering it up would be weird so he's just gonna deal :-P

Oreo ice cream is my stongest addiction right now. I cannot stop eating it... and I do not want to! It is so delicious! If you get the extra fatty stuff the ice cream tastes like the cream filling! It's as close as you can get to heaven.

Also, I would recommend going to New York & Company if you like the look of jean leggins. These are as soft and comfortable as regular jeggins, not see through at all, and they have the look of jean! They come in black or blue and for only $16.95!

I am so excited for Fall because I have been seeing boots and tunics and sweaters! I have been going to the mall so much that it is ruining my only chances to tan. I guess I can thank the stores for saving me from skin cancer!

Time to throw on leggings and a sweater... eat oreo ice cream and drink coffee... and bundle up in the air conditioning to watch HGTV. Sounds pretty thrilling :-)


  1. that made me so happy. yay for sweaters, coffee, ice cream and boston in fall with my faves<3

  2. I would love to join you in some lounging. I'll bring the Skor ice cream and introduce you to another yummy flavour! Oreo sure is yummy, though. And aww at the eyebrow debacle, I'm glad it's not too bad! Have a great rest of the week, hun :)


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