Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Best Friend's Eyebrow

Above is an image from the movie "My Best Friend's Girl". The hairdresser accidentally shaves off one of his eyebrows.

This week Mr. A has been in Vermont for a guy's trip. They drink and play sports and cards and do whatever else... (I would rather not know :-P) Anyway, I guess they decided pranks would be fun so each night they had a new victim. Sometimes hair was cut or food was smeared, but Mr. A wasn't so lucky to get a haircut or some free food. He got his eyebrow shaven off. I have not seen it yet. He is very upset because he doesn't know how he can go to work with one eyebrow or basically go out in public!

Girlfriend to the rescue! I am off to the beauty stores around to go eyebrow shopping! Something I never thought I would do...

I honestly find this rather hysterical :-P and he will too I bet once I welcome him back tonight with a replacement! Wish me luck!

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  1. hahaha.... oh my gosh! That poor guy!! Although, I too would find it hard not to laugh if this happened to Mr. J. Oh, the humiliation... hope you find something for him. ;)


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