Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I should be asleep right now...

A few of your asked about my classes so I thought I would share.

I am in a work/learn program at and for six months I work full time for a company, and then for six more months I take classes. This cycle continues for three consecutive years. My first and last year are like a regular college student. This program takes longer than a more traditional one, but I love that I get to test out jobs with a known deadline instead of graduating now, being unsure, taking whatever job offer I can find, and hating it forever.

I am working towards my business degree with a double concentration in Management Information System and Finance. My life dilemma is that I love fashion to the point that it should probably be a part of my future career. When I was little I would make my own magazines by cutting out my favorite clips from multiple magazines and glue then into notebooks, like I was Editor-In-Chief. I am sure this will all come together over time.

Side note: Can we please appreciate that I literally have nowhere to be until 3:20 PM and it is 7:00 AM and I cannot fall back asleep!! Oh the weird mix of college life and real life...

Shopping note: VS took $81 from me again! I bought three bathing suit tops but one is back ordered so actually I only am getting charged for two now and one later :-)
I also bought an aborable J.Crew dress that is kind of long, but I can make it work!

Working out note: I got into the exclusive Lean Legs class at Life In Synergy FINALLY. I knew I wouldn't be able to participate much the day after my run, but I had to go and see what all the fuss is about! To give you an idea of how sought after this class is... the next available one if you wanted to sign up today is September 28th. Not Kidding. So to summarize the class, I would say "Lift and Lower". Lift and lower your legs to the front, back, side while standing, kneeling, sitting, laying down...

Ok I am off to clean my apartment because it is now 7:30 AM and I still have nothing to do!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Last post about the run. Promise.

Chip #348 (me)
Time: 1:05:53
Overall Place: 473/1085
Division Place: 98/314

Pretty exciting. I always think I can do better, but it was my first run and I survived. :-)

Also, I am not working but I am taking classes. I just had my first one and my professor looks like Benjamin Button (not sexy Brad but old man Brad). Very entertaining lil man. Hopefully he finds a way to keep us awake for the 3 and a half hour class!

Skype message from my sister in Greece:

[6/28/2009 10:39:58 PM] HI this is your sister
[6/28/2009 10:40:26 PM] at 5:30am incapable of sleeping not only from the time difference but alsoo cuz dad snores like a horse. like he sounds like a horse!
[6/28/2009 10:43:09 PM] and
[6/28/2009 10:43:10 PM] now
[6/28/2009 10:43:11 PM] i
[6/28/2009 10:43:12 PM] have
[6/28/2009 10:43:13 PM] to
[6/28/2009 10:43:14 PM] make
[6/28/2009 10:43:15 PM] it
[6/28/2009 10:43:16 PM] so
[6/28/2009 10:43:17 PM] he
[6/28/2009 10:43:21 PM] doesn't
[6/28/2009 10:43:22 PM] see
[6/28/2009 10:43:23 PM] that
[6/28/2009 10:43:23 PM] and
[6/28/2009 10:43:26 PM] gets
[6/28/2009 10:43:27 PM] insulted
[6/28/2009 10:43:37 PM] HEY IT'S YOUR SISTER I LOVE YOU
[6/28/2009 10:43:41 PM] AND MISS YOU
[6/28/2009 10:43:54 PM] AND CANT WAIT TO MOVE TO GREECE
[6/28/2009 10:44:01 PM] CUZ I LOVE YOU
[6/28/2009 10:44:11 PM] AND I'TS AMAZING HERE
[6/28/2009 10:44:14 PM] :D
[6/28/2009 10:44:15 PM] night

I guess I am moving. Anyone want to join us? :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Run!

Thanks everyone who commented on my freaking out post trying to make me feel better :-)

My family finally made it to Greece nice and safe. They flew into London on Sat, had a 9 hour layover, and then flew to Athens on Sunday (today). It has been a very stressful weekend, but I got to let out some anxiety with my very first official run!

At 9 AM today, I ran 7.5 Miles in the New Charles River Run. It was SO MUCH FUN! I had been training so I wasn't out of breath or in pain which made it so enjoyable!

The weather was 60s and overcast which ended up being perfect running weather! I did drink a little vodka and cranberry jucie last night and didn't drink water (Fail) so I got calf cramp while running but it would go in and out and I ignored it. I felt so good during the run I am kind of excited to see my time whenever they post it. I am so it wasn't very fast at all, but my goal was to finish and I did! :-)

The next thing I want to try: Rowing! Well see how this goes.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I hate flying. I get so nervous when anyone I care about gets on a plane. Because of this, last night/this morning I didn't fall asleep until 4 something AM! And I have been up since 6 am because that is when my family left for the airport and I wanted to say bye.... but then obviously couldn't fall back asleep.

I hope they have a safe, enjoyable flight and a very exciting trip.

This is my first official day of unemployment and I am still getting no sleep. coool.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Income...

Today is my last day at work. I have recycled all papers that were on my desk, cleaned the surface, and now I just need to finish out the day. Lunch yesterday went very well. Everyone was in a good mood and my boss gave a nice little goodbye toast.
I got bowtie pasta and cheese in a white wine sauce (the whole dish was called something fancy and Italian that I forget). It was delicious and easy to eat because it was not long spaghetti and there was no red sauce!

I go by the motto "You only live once", but this theory is making me eat like a 500 lb. man so I am changing it to "You are only young once" so that I know I need to fix my eating habits before my metabolism slows down and everything catches up!

I am saying final goodbyes to my family tonight and staying when they go to the airport tomorrow to use the pool. Let's feel sorry for them one last time.
10 Day Weather report for Greece:

Tear. They will be so miserable. NOT!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The secret is out

VS Why do you do this to me?
Free Shipping of $50+ (only until Sunday)
I guess I HAVE to spend more money.
Doesn't seem like much of a choice? Right?

How badly do I regret that half pint of Half Baked ice cream....

Movie Madness

The Proposal: Very cute movie. I probably wouldn't buy it on DVD, but it is definetly a movie to see at least once. Ryan is adorable and him and Sandra work really well together. The ending is perfect. We enjoyed some ice cream before the movie and three of us split a yummy popcorn with butter (because you only live once)
Fav. Quote: "Marry me because I'd like to date you."

Since the rain is keeping me inside watching TV and movies instead of outside reading and sunbathing, I have put together a list of movies I neeed to remember to see...
1) My Sister's Keeper
2) Transformers (1 and 2)
3) New Moon
4) The Ugly Truth
5) I Love You Beth Cooper

Hmm except all of those are going to be in theaters (except the 1st Transformers) so I will have to save up!!! When did the movies get sooo expensive! Seeing those 5 movies costs over $50!

Getting taken out to lunch by my coworkers and my boss and my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss (follow that?). Hopefully I dont spill spaghetti sauce all over myself or inhale my meal like I usually do. Time to use those table manners! Wish me luck! Any foods you avoid on a business lunch?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshalls Image

I got sleep! 9 hours of sleep on Monday and 7 hours of sleep yesterday! AMAZING. I never ever sleep and I feel like a million bucks! I would also like to thank Bikram Yoga for this because yesterday I sweat out some toxins and stress and opened up my lungs and whatever the other benefits are. slept. like. a baby.

So instead of my 2 black coffees before 10 AM, I am sipping on ONE delicious Hot Cinnamon Spice tea (still caffinated please don't judge). To celebrate one of my girl's birthdays we are going to see The Proposal and get ice cream tonight (again no judging its a work night and that movie looks so cute!)

I did eat some pre cut apples yesterday that left some neon yellow substance on my desk at work. I am pretty sure I ate cancer. I really hope whatever it was got out of me at yoga.

My family leaves for Greece/France this weekend without me. I hope they have a fun safe trip and buy me lots of "I am sorry you are a real person with responsibilities and cannot take a week off to come on this trip" presents!

ANYWAY the point of this post is that I am wearing one of my new favorite pieces today. A sheer white vest with ruffles around the front. I got it at Marshalls. My fabulous coworker said he loooved my look today and my vest thing is amazing and how great it looks over my black dress with my red heels and my fantasic necklace.
I say, "Thanks I got it at Marshalls!"
I must have said some sort of fashion slur because his eyes got all drooopy and suddenly unimpressed with my outfit!
Why does buying something at Marshalls make it non-fabulous? Does it really deduct style points? If the vest is great, why does the price tag or label matter?

UGH last time I brag about a deal!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Keepsake Pictures

Thank you again to Allison for being so sweet and tagging me in the Keepsake Award. I have decided to put together a group of pictures that realy show who I am and where I am from.

My parents are from Venezuela. They got married young and moved to the US because my father was awarded a full ride to get his Masters and PHD here. Below is the common "coro" which is like a red flamingo!

Then they had me!

and my sister...

My high school friends will always be a part of my life.

But now I have my favs from college too!

I love my friends and family so much! I am a HUGE goof. It took alot of effort to not put up my ridiculous pictures. I am sure those will come later.

Windy City Kelley's
Always Running
Politics and Pearls

Enjoy girls! I am off to finish my "Phish Food" Ice Cream and watch Jillian get her heart broken and put back together!

Does smiling encourage some sun?

Allison has given me the Keepsake Award!! I am so sorry that I have not had a chance to post my keepsake picture, but I will get to that tonight. Promise.

This weekend was pretty good. No sleep, but that's a good sign right? Too many fun things going on to sleep! I went to bed at 4:30 AM on sat morning, but was woken up at 7:30 AM by one of my guy friends because apparently they never went to sleep and wanted to keep drinking. I am not on their level so I went home and ran 8 miles... still drunk? Excellent. To recover, we had a low key drink and watch tv/movies in our apartment night on Sat. Sunday I went home for Father's day and ate alot of eclairs, boston creme pie, ice cream bars, and a coconut/sugar/sweetened condensed milk/cinnamon concoction (sounds gross, tasted delicous. It feels so good to just eat and discuss life with old friends and family. My mom and I stayed up until 2:30 AM watching The Women and HGTV (House Hunters International- St. Johns) Amazing.

Somehow I made the 7:00 AM train to commute into work this morning in the same outfit I had on yesterday because I was planning on going back to Boston last night, but don't worry I showered. I am a clean person!

On coffee #2 before 10:00 AM and it's raining and I have no umbrella.... again. Wish me luck. Sounds like the beginning of a tough day!

:-)Still smiling though...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey, it's OK.

You know how on a sunny day your umbrella is just sitting there, so obvious. Then on a rainy day, it goes missing? That's me today. New hair cut with blow dry, wet very wet. Can't even look cute on my 2nd to last friday here... EVER :-)

So excited to stop working and go back to taking classes. I wonder where my next job will be and what career I will end up sticking to, but for now I am just getting through today, then tomorrow, and so on....

I took a personality test bored at work one day. It was pretty accurate so feel free to check out my results or take the test yourself. Please comment with your results :-)

Finally, I did something yesterday so ridiculous that I almost feel accomplished. I managed to snack on 1,050 calories in nuts and berries last night thanks to Planters and their 8 servings per container. It's ok. I saved the 8th serving for today and continued to eat misc. snacks when I got home. Gross? Awesome? I am not sure :-P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When all else fails, put on a chick flick.

I went for my nice, slow 5 miler yesterday. I intended for it to be relaxing. It was not.

1. Another Red Sox game... why do I still not check their schedule before running past Fenway and being suprised by the MOBs of people (P.S. Did Red Sox fans just get cuter? Like insanely attractive? All tan in their red Tshirts mmm)

2. A limo door HIT ME. Yup. I was jogging past Fenway (checking out the new cuties in town) and BAM a$$hole goes to get out of his stupid limo and opens the door... taking out my legs... thanks man. I don't need those to run or anything.

3. There are no public bathrooms in Boston. This paired with the fact that I have to pee the second I start running is a BIG problem. There is a Dunkin Donuts ever 5 feet in Boston. Don't they have bathrooms? NO. I literally ran 3.5 miles before finding one.

4. The Arthur Franklin Bridge (or w/e its called). Its orange and twisty and connects the Charles River and the Hatch Shell to the Boston Common. For out-of-towners lets just say its a very busy foot bridge. The tall walls and a mix of bikers, walkers, runners, baby strollers, skateboarders, rollerbladers... its amazing people don't break their face daily when they turn the corner. I stress out on it. Before I get to the corner I now snap my fingers. yes I look stupid, but I don't splat into people anymore so you take what you can get people.

5. Doctors in Boston do not look like McDreamy or McSteamy. They look like Ronald McDonald if "Mc"anything. So don't expect to run by the millions of hospitals and find your dream guy. Better luck at Fenway tho!

After all that I somehow lost .5 miles. O well, worse things could happen. I ended my run on Newbury and shopped the rest of my way home. Everything was looking up until the VS girl went to measure me and asked "Do you wear some of our smaller sizes?" You just measured me what do you think? I am not gifted up top. Sports bras don't help. Dummy lady. How can you ask an A if she wears small sizes? I should have said "No I think I wear C's and D's. Why what size am I?" Argh.

Then a nice phone call with my mom added some unwanted guilt into my life because I wasn't sure if I would make it home for Father's Day. He likes to golf all day so how was I supposed to know that rain meant I had to come home because he can't golf???

He's Just Not That Into You cheered me up nicely though. I literally laugh out loud when I watch that movie. Ben and Jenn? Great!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My new addiction. Puppies. Adorable, clumsy, puppies. If only I lived in a pet friendly apartment! I could adopt all these guys and make the world a better place :-(

I wonder if I snuck one in if anyone would notice...

Just Dance

Welcome to my new blog :-)
Thank you so much for switching over.

I am debating becoming a ZUMBA instructor. Or really any intructor, but Zumba is fun!
"Ditch the workout! Join the party!"

Sounds pretty awesome. I used Zumba DVDs a couple years ago when they first came out. I fell in love with them. When I lent them out to prove how awesome they were, they got lost or broken by others and I never saw them again. I then dropped more $$$ on a second set, but when I moved out they stayed at home with my mom so that she could get a workout in every once in a while (which she should start doing now that she is officially done working).

Another certification I would like is the a group fitness instructor, but it seems more intense and I tend to get these crazy ideas and not follow through so I need to be sure first. I met a woman that started with her Zumba certification, loved it, and went and got her group fitness one. That sounds like a good plan since the cost of the Zumba certification includes the set of their DVDs!

The problem is that the open training classes for the summer are in Portugal and Japan... worst.
Zumba has grown to this HUGE brand name with clothes, dvds, classes, workshops... ect.

If you havn't tried it, I suggest you do. It is a latin dance workout and it keeps your heart rate up with the theory that you do not need to follow exact steps as long as you are moving to the music!

I am going for my mini shopping trip today. Wish me luck :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


There is this website http://www.hunch.com/. You ask it a question, and then it asks you a couple questions, and then gives you a response to your inital question. That sounded a little confusing, but it isn't I promise. I am also not sure how much I trust this site to make decisions for me, but it can be entertaining when even your bills are blocked on your company computers. So knowing that my gym is closing for 9 days I asked what my ideal workout is:
1. Spinning
2. Step Aerobics
3. Bikram Yoga
Wild Card:Pilates
They all sound great to me! So I am still trying to get a step on ebay or some equivalant. I am going to shop and walk home from work tomorrow, so maybeee I can find one for cheap. My gym has them, but I need a DVD to show me how to use it! I might just splurge while my gym is closed and try out some classes at surrounding studios.

My 7 miles went pretty well yesterday. According to http://www.mapmyrun.com/, I ran 7.46 miles (which could be off by some) and according to just glancing at my phone to check my start/end time I ran it in 69 minutes (again accuracy?). Anyway I am not running for speed, just trying something new out.

Finally, I want to do some spring/summer cleaning and get rid of a bunch of stuff I don't use/need. I was thinking of selling some of it on e-bay, but I got burned pretty bad with my e-bay addiction last summer. I ended up buying 3 counterfeit copies of the Sex In The City Series before quitting and going to Best Buy. If anybody have some e-bay tips I would love to hear them! If not, I think I might just go to The Salvation Army and donate to those in need.

P.S. The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale starts today! H&M is having a sale. Banana Republic is giving 20% off purchases over $175. Gap has added Athleta to their stores which offers yoga clothes, swim attire, and dresses. J. Crew is having a summer sale. You get it right? It's shopping season! :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009


NO, I was not invited to this wedding, but a "friend" of mine on Facebook was and posted some awesome pictures of this couple's everlasting vows. I am now going to post a beautiful picture from a beautiful wedding of this couple that I do not know. Please do not judge.

Pretty right? Colors of the wedding here light blue and white.

"Forever" scares me, but I could throw some other type of party and decorate like that. Birthday? Random Thursday night? I will figure it out :-)

"There's MORE to Maine"

MAINE is a pretty cool place. Skiing and beaches all in one state. My weekend was full of shopping, booze, and stupid decisions. What more could you ask from a vacation?

My roommate Rachel and I arrived about 30 min. earlier than the rest of the crew to Maine. We sniffed out some outlets and went into the J.Crew outlet just looking to pass some time. In 30 min. I was $50 dollars down and Rachel was $75 down (she's a very good shopper too its very dangerous to be around each other with our debit cards). I didn't need anything, but I was on vacation! So I found a pair of jeans I LOVED, but were too loose up top and they didn't have the next size down (booo!). To keep my mind off of the jeans I grabbed a loose super soft navy blue top with a tie scrunch collar and bow, a purple fitted T, and a grey beaded necklace with a ribbon tie. My boy (who is now going to be called Mr. Argumentative because thats what he won in his high school yearbook and the only person who wins arguments with him is ME because I just flash a smile and look up at him *he is 6 ft. I am 5'2"* with my big brown eyes and get my way)... anyway so Mr. Argumentative needed a bathing suit so I called and asked if $20 was ok and he said yes. I go back into the J.Crew outlet to grab him a bathing suit and he says he doesn't want anything from "JC Crew"?? Let's just say this boy only does to the Olympia Sports in a mall. The final straw for the bathing suit was that the only one in his size had lobsters (which apparently he is too cool for) so I put down the bathing suit and picked up the purple T and beaded necklace instead and headed to the cash register (he wore black nike gym shorts to the beach instead).

The group of us (3 boys 3 girls) get to the Maine house and begin drinking... didn't stop until 4 something AM. After noise complaint and losing at least 6 beers from spillage we decide to talk a stroll/stumble to the light house down the street. How we survived walking on the rocks with the tide coming in, I am not sure. The only injury was one of the boys falling on the rocks several times and waking up (still drunk at 8 am planning to go for a run) with some scratches on his face and a chipped tooth.

Sat. ended up being a beautiful day. We went to the beach from about 11:30-3:30. I put my feet in the water, but refused to go any further in (despite Mr. Argumentative's best efforts). That was a great food day too. We had cinnamon buns for breakfast, I split a large Italian sub with Mr. A and got some soft served ice cream after with Rachel. After some snacking back at the Maine house, we had a delicious BBQ with pigs in a blanket, cheeseburgers, salad, french fries, and more. Everyone was pretty tired and burnt, so the rest of the night was low key with story telling, re-living memories, card games, and red sox.

Sunday we went out to eat "breakfast" at 12:30 and then Rachel and I got some ice cream for the journey home. The rest of the day was spent in bed eating and sleeping.

My workout issue is that I was supposed to run 7 miles on Sat and do crosstraining on Sun and I did neither. Today should be weights and tomorrow 5 miles, but now it all has to be rearranged because I was lazy and took a vacation! Sue me for wanting FUN!
Anyways I worked out the new schedule and it will look something like this:
Monday- Run 7 miles
Tuesday- Crosstraining and weights
Wednesday- Run 5 miles
Thursday- Run 3 miles and weights
Friday- rest
Sat- Run 8 miles
I am not sure when I will get in my Sat 8 miles because as you can tell my weekends tend to be directed towards fun/no responsibilities so my workout takes a back seat. Only 2 weeks until the race!!! I still missed a crosstraining day with my new schedule, but hey you win some you lose some.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting out of this town

Sooo Pilates Dance was pretty great yesterday. The first 30 min was a faster paced Ballet Booty (without weights) and the second 30 min was some pilates strengthening. The only problem was that I forgot that Wednesday I was messing around with this P90X abs thing my friend has. I couldn't really do any of the moves because it was too hard and only 15 minutes so I wrote it off and forgot that it ever happened. All day my abs felt normal yesterday, then all of a sudden i lay on my mat to do pilates and there is the deepest burning in my stomach muscles. OUCH! I go from never ever doing abs to doing then 2 days in a row. ughh ODI (over do it). A nice short cycling session should loosen up my muscles nicely so that I had relax and enjoy my weekend getaway to MAINE.

6 of us will be relaxing and drinking for probably 48 hours straight. This should be entertaining.

I also had my first Trader Joe's experience yesterday. The prices are very reasonable and I got this bag to carry the heavy groceries, but the look is so vintage and cloth and awesome it can double as a beach bag or something!

I would also like to point out that today is June 12th and visibility on the east coast is max 1 mile. The fog and the grossness and the rain and the clouds need to go away.

Besides the weather only one other thing is bothering me, explosions. I have had 3 today. 1 was before I left for work my neatly packaged lunch including black bean soup exploded all over one of my favorite bags, my gym clothes, my sneakers.. etc. Then I repackaged everything grabbed new clothes and a new bag and left for work. BOOM black bean soup explosion #2. Awesome. At least my gym stuff was in a separate bag this time. Finally I went to make oatmeal in the microwave after cleaning up from explosion #2 and BAAAAM! oatmeal everywhere. There you go. I think that's a record. 3 explosions before 10:15 AM. AT least bad things come in threes, so I should be set for the day *crosses fingers*.

O! I also caught a couple minutes of So You Think You Can Dance (long title of a showw) veryy impressive may have to become a regular of mine.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


OK fine guys. You were not very helpful with my workout video dilemma, so I did more research and found "Step-Boxing". "Blends the intensity of step with the power of kickboxing." Sounds pretty sweet to me. I am currently bidding on an aerobic step on e-bay, but if anybody knows a cheaper way to find one I would love to hear it!

I have non official ADD so every week I have a new interest that I try out. This week I am in a food rut (Note to self: microwaving cans of corn and mizing it with salsa does not count as a meal). I have been looking up recipes that even those who choose the microwave over the oven/stove every time (AKA Me) can manage. Doesn't this one sounds pretty good for ZERO cooking necessary?

1/2 cup each light sour cream and light mayonnaise (not fat free)1 tablespoon each freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey mustard and minced fresh dill1/2 teaspoon salt1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper12 oz medium shell pasta, uncooked (about 5 cups dry)1 lb lump crabmeat (real or imitation), chopped1/2 cup each diced red and green bell peppers1/2 cup chopped green onions

"In a small bowl, combine sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, honey mustard, dill, salt and pepper,. Refrigerate dressing until ready to use.
Cook shells according to package directions. Drain well. Rise with cold water and drain again. Transfer pasta to a large bowl. Add crabmeat, bell peppers, onions and dressing. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve."
252 calories and 4.1 grams of fat per serving
(Recipe thanks to Eat, Shrink & Be Merry and Sweetnicks)

Yesterday I did a little bike, arc trainer, and stair climber for my "cross training". Today it's Pilates Dance: "Blending the classic moves of ballet and jazz with Pilates Mat Work, this class is designed to tone and lengthen your muscles, giving you the long, lean, sexy body of a dancer."
I love how they say "long" when I wont get any taller... I should measure myself before and after these classes. Before :5'2" After: Still 5'2" Heels "lengthen" every time Before: 5'2" After: 5'7". I think the winner is clear here.

Now for some trashy TV (because who gets through life without it). Real Housewives of ____ doesn't really matter which brings a very controversial issue to life. Implants. I am pro choice, but I would suggest sitting on the idea for at least a year and definitely get saline not silicone and it has to go under the muscle to have a chance at looking natural and I would not suggest going any more than 2 cup sizes bigger than your natural size. (No I do not have implants I just happen to be very informed on the topic). I bring this up because Teresa on Real Housewives of New Jersey decides to get some new "bubbies" to go from a minus A to a C.
After: Impossible to get on here. Check out the second pic in her photo gallery. Also, if you wanna laugh check out pic 11 (you really should). (Insider note: Teresa is now expecting her 4th child.)
Movie Note: Go see The Hangover. Now.
Favorite quote from suggested movie: "Sh*t. I keep forgetting about the f*cking tiger."

Twitter Note: Tila Tequila twittered that she is pregnant with Ray J's baby.
The happy couple:

WOW. SO that was alot of random stuff. Tomorrow is Friday! SMILE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pickup Lines and Pole Dancing

I did the elliptical for 23 minutes yesterday. During those 23 minutes, I learned 2 very interesting things that I would like to share today.

Did you know that not only are cheesy pick up lines still being used, but they are working?!?! A group of guys at the gym yesterday were standing behind the ellipticals talking and laughing when one breaks away from the crowd and grabs an open elliptical next to a girl. He turns and looks at her and says, "Hey whats your sign?" Really guy? You think that is going to work? I can't wait until she responds "Get a life". Nope. She says , "Sagittarius. What's yours?" UM. Wow. They then proceeded to have a 5 minute conversation about nothing before he returned to his laughing and howling friends. If we keep letting these lines work, when will they stop using them? Never.

Now for the All-American pass time of pole dancing. I am sorry; "Pole Dance Fitness" as the co founder of the Pole Fitness Association prefers it to be called. This "sport" is being petitioned to be a part of the 2012 Olympics in London. The PFA has 110,000 signatures and counting on the petition so far and they meet the international criteria as "Pole Dance Fitness" is practiced in over 50 countries. The judging would be based on flexibility, strength, height and some other categories similar to figure skating and gymnastics according to PFA. If you would like to try this "Olympic Sport" out check out the Vital Juice FREE Wellness Retreat in New York next weekend for free exercise classes such as:
Strip Bar
Welcome to the happy hour of sexy, hot cardio. This class takes Striptease to the next level with the body bar as your prop. Oh yeah, we’ll make you sweat.

Move over Carmen Electra.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


AHHHH OK so WORK thought it would be beneficial to offer a stress releving and breathing class today. I had a deadline that I had to make so I rushed (added stress) then went to the class and "released" it. Except now I am stressing out even more. Apparently I eat "dirty" not "clean" because I eat man made products not only natural stuff. I also have "stale" air in my lungs because I do not practice deep breathing on a regular basis. AND did you know that you only breathe through one nostril at a time? The nostril you breathe out of indicated the hemisphere of your brain that you are using. I only use the "left hemisphere" AKA logic, analysis, STRESS. "Right hemisphere" channels creativity, arts, relaxation. By telling me this... my stupid "left brained" self over analyzed it and is stressing out... go figure.

According to this "Harvard Mental Health Letter" I recieved at the meeting/class thing, taking two 90 minute yoga classes a week for 3 moths can minimize emotional distress by at least half of the level before yoga. "At the end of the three months, women in the yoga group reported improvements in percieved stress, depression, anxiety, energy, fatigue, and well being. Depression scores improved by 50%, anxiety scores by 30%, and overall well-being scores by 65%." The claimed benefits of controlled breathing are very bold, such as pulling hositalized depression patients into remission after 4 weeks of 30 min. of deep breathing 6 times a week.

I can really only get myself to focus on yoga when I am in a studio. Bikram yoga is great because I love being in a sauna and bikram yoga is in a 90 degree (or hotter) room so I LOVE IT and you get deeper into poses. The only problem is it is expensive and hard to get yourself to go into a crazy hot room for 90 minutes, but if you can get there you will feel good after.

I tend to set all these goals and never follow through with anything which is why this blog is beneficial to me because I can pledge these goals here and feel like a failure if I do not follow through. Now I am trying to find my way in the world of exercise. I love dance so I am debating purchasing the following DVDs. Please let me know if you have tried/heard of anything about them to help me narrow down my choices.

Patricia Moreno's Yoga Dance Fusion
New York City Ballet (Two Workouts)
Balocity: Cardio with a Classic Twist
10 Minute Solution Pilates Perfect Body
AM Yoga for Your Week with Rodney Yee

Ass Kicking:
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
Results: 10 Days to a Better Body
The Firm: The 500 Calorie Workout
10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body! Kit
Kelly Coffey's 30 Min. to Fitness: Bootcamp

So I will find my inner exercise lover by changing up my routines. I need to make sure I do not stick to one type of excercise because this is when I fall into a slump, quit working for a year, hate myself, start back up. Time to take a step back, BREATHE, and figure out a brand new routine for after my race (about 3 weeks away)!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Bikini Bod

Cheryl Burke from ABC's Dancing With The Stars can finally stop being called fat by the press and producers. She looks GREAT!

According to People.com: "I gained a few pounds and everybody was talking about it last year," the two-time Dancing champ says. "But taking it off was simply a matter of doing a bit more cardio to supplement my dancing. I'm also making sure I eat clean foods and healthy snacks."

Not that I thoughted she looked fat before:
But she does look more toned and it sounds like she's being healthy so good for her :-)

Blue Eyes

I have brown eyes. Poop brown. Yes I just said poop.

The Boy's family has the bluest blue eyes. The kids have piercing blue eyes that you can't ever say no to. Because of these genetic freaks, I have no terrible stories from this weekend and being with kids. Instead I have wonderful stories.

I went in the jacuzzi with the kids (what is the difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub?). They loved me and swam up to me and asked me to play with them (it is a biiig jacuzzi/hot tub that waterfalls over the heated pool). A little 2 year old boy with those light blue eyes looked up at me when I got out and had a full conversation with me asking me to get back in because it was cold outside but hot in the water. Did anybody else know 2 year olds could hold a conversation? I was a mute until 2 because my parents would speak Spanish and the school was speaking English and I got confused between the 2 languages and finally said my 1st word at 2. So all these talking beautiful genetic freak-like children kept asking me to stay, so I did. I even tranfered wisdom to a little girl with curly blonde hair and those blue blue blue eyes I envy so much. I taught her "on" and "off" with a keyboard. After missing 4 trains, The Boy's brother finally agreed to drive us back to the city as The Boy had a few drinks and I refuse to drive his sports car because I will drive it right into a tree.

Sat. I went to the Red Sox game because the weather was gorgeous, but first The Boy and I walked down teh Charles River and I managed to take some pictures so maybe I will get around to posting some Boston shots later. Red sox games are quite the workout by the way. Walking up and down those stares because the beer makes you have to pee every inning, and then everyone around you is drinking too so you have to stand everytime they have to go to the bathroom too so they can walk by you. I am sure that burned off all the booze calories and chinese food calories and cinnamon bun calories and all misc. calories consumed this weekend :-P

Lesson Learned: Kids are smart. They are people too, just miniature. I am sure you are all aware of this, but I just found that out this weekend so I am amazed. The Boy and I were invited back to The Cape House this summer so I will be seeing those beautiful lil ones soon enough! (who ammm I... I sound like the Anti-me...Must buy some very tall heels before I become one of those practical people who buy things because they "need" them not because they "want" them)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Online Dating

I have been up since 3 AM for no reason at all. Luckily I had HGTV to keep me company. I have to get through my work day, go home, change into "child approporiate" clothes (which I am pretty sure I do not own) and go to a 5?? year old's birthday party in the 'burbs. She's The Boy's cousin (his aunts and uncles got married later and are all just starting their families). I am not the best with kids (to put it nicely). My mother was never a "mommy"; she never babied my sister and me (which I know appreciate as an "adult"). She was more of a wise friend who pulled me out of class to go shopping because she was bored home alone all day. Anyway, I think that my uncomfortableness around kids is partly because my mom was like that too. And the point of this ramble is that I am making some sacrifices today by going to this party so hopefully everythign will go smoothly (but really when does anything go smoothly? NEVER so I am sure I will return with a bunch of terrible moments and you can laugh in my misery). :-P

There have been several bridal showers in town of people who met online. Online dating is something I used to find weird, but not anymore. I decided its unrealistic to expect you to find your "soul mate" (if you believe in that stuff) grabbing the same carton of milk at the grocery store and your eyes meet and then hearts explode over your head. So why wouldn't matching up the millions of people online with their interests ect. online work? The only issue I still have is that I do not tend to go for guys who like all the same things as me... but I can see how if you find someone like that it may be helpful when figuring out weekend plans. Anybody have an opinion on this online dating trend?

Next Post: Past stories on my terrible child skills

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jumbled Thoughts

Tonight is Movie Night! My friend is coming over to relax and watch He's Just Not That Into You. I should really try to get 3 miles in before that though. This is my final "rest" week before the race so the milage has been nice and short (who would have thought I would EVER look at 3 miles and say- Oh good I can get that quick run in)!!

This weekend is up in the air. My roommates are leaving town for various reasons so my schedule is all up to me. Could be exciting and fun or BORING. We shall see.

In 3 Weeks:
My family leaves for Greece without me
I run my race
I finish work
I start classes
Julie leaves for Chile

Change can be very refreshing so hopefully the weather changes too and then I will be a happy camper (sorry for the annoying phrase).

Sleeping Issues: I have not been sleeping at all. Last night I woke up at 12:30 AM and could not fall back asleep until 3:30 AM. This is an issue because then I am a zombie all day at work. Doses anybody know some remedies for this? I used to have this problem all the time, but with age and exercise I thought I had shed the habit. Now I am more awake at 2 AM than 2 PM.

My outfit for today is being brought to you by Victoria's Secret, Gap, and Kohls.VS Dress (Buttoned up all the way):

Gap Sweater (Unbottoned all the way):

Not exactly my shoes, but close enough!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ballet Booty was a great toning class, but not a very good class for cardio. Targeted areas are your obliques, legs, "booty", arms, and shoulders. The only equipment used was a pair of 2 lb. balls to hold in your hands when using your arms for the moves. The music was upbeat and the moves were fun. Any rythemically challenged person could join this class and enjoy it!

Victoria's Secret arrived yesterday! I was very very very pleased with my polo dress and my white and yellow bathing suit, my poka dot top was OK, but the striped top I bought was see through (HELLO some things are meant to be a SECRET) and the pants were ehh... so I am sending back the last top and the pants for a great pair of pants. They are lose and drawstring, but suitable for the beach or to wear as actual pants. Lets hope I do the return/exchange process right...

FYI: I am having a very lame summer in terms of TV (only the Bachlorette). Does anybody have any shows that are great and I am missing out on?

Sorry I am so tired these days. Something may be wrong with me. I am exhausted all day every day and my appetite is through the roof. What gives?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To Do

June 2nd is finally here everyone. If you have not seen He's Just Not That Into You go rent it NOW! If you have seen it you know how amazing it is and as of today you can BUY IT. So what are you waiting for?!?! I am heading over right after work to grab my copy.

The next excitment for the day is Ballet Booty! I am trying this class out tonight and will let you know how it goes. The description is: "Come to get the ballet booty you've always wanted. This class is designed to give you long, sexy toned muscles. No dance training required just a need for a fun and new and exciting way to workout." I can't wait!
That is all I have for today. Except I guess we can honor my two favorite picks for Jillian on The Bachlorette.

Say hello to Jake:
And Kipton:

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Trade-off

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw my legs. I didn't think big or small; I thought strong. It is not about diameter; it's about stamina. Regardless your shape or size, a healthy, active lifestyle is the right choice. Endorphines=Body Love.

I cycled for 60ish minutes yesterday (slightly less) while reading Allure and Self and had ultimate self love (which never happens in my world of pessimism). I also had the most amazing run on Sat. which made me love love love Boston.

The run was supposed to be 6 miles which I had planned perfectly. I ran passed Fenway, crossed the Charles River and was planning to take the next bridge back over the Charles. Issues started here because the next bridge was closed so I had to run down to the Museum of Science to cross back over the Charles. Got to be intellectual by using the bathroom at MOS before continuing my jog (sloow jog at this point but I didnt mind very relaxing). On the other side of the Charles I ran past some little league baseball fields with kids playing while overlooking sailboats and kayaks (very different from my hometown's little league fields in the woods). All of a sudden the sidewalks were very crowded, I took off my headphones and started walking through a FREE CONCERT at the Hatch Shell. So perfect out I wanted to just sit and listen all day, but I couldn't so eventually I started jogging again and made it home.

It is a good thing I love Boston because my parents annouced last week that they are going to Greece with my sister. I cannot go because of work, and they are still going without me :-(

I am very sad so I will have to go on a "I am not going to Greece but I am still wonderful" shopping trip.

Instead of this:

I will see this:
and this:and this:

There are no such thing as losers... just daughters that can't join family trips to exotic locations because of jobs she doesn't even care for...