Monday, June 15, 2009

"There's MORE to Maine"

MAINE is a pretty cool place. Skiing and beaches all in one state. My weekend was full of shopping, booze, and stupid decisions. What more could you ask from a vacation?

My roommate Rachel and I arrived about 30 min. earlier than the rest of the crew to Maine. We sniffed out some outlets and went into the J.Crew outlet just looking to pass some time. In 30 min. I was $50 dollars down and Rachel was $75 down (she's a very good shopper too its very dangerous to be around each other with our debit cards). I didn't need anything, but I was on vacation! So I found a pair of jeans I LOVED, but were too loose up top and they didn't have the next size down (booo!). To keep my mind off of the jeans I grabbed a loose super soft navy blue top with a tie scrunch collar and bow, a purple fitted T, and a grey beaded necklace with a ribbon tie. My boy (who is now going to be called Mr. Argumentative because thats what he won in his high school yearbook and the only person who wins arguments with him is ME because I just flash a smile and look up at him *he is 6 ft. I am 5'2"* with my big brown eyes and get my way)... anyway so Mr. Argumentative needed a bathing suit so I called and asked if $20 was ok and he said yes. I go back into the J.Crew outlet to grab him a bathing suit and he says he doesn't want anything from "JC Crew"?? Let's just say this boy only does to the Olympia Sports in a mall. The final straw for the bathing suit was that the only one in his size had lobsters (which apparently he is too cool for) so I put down the bathing suit and picked up the purple T and beaded necklace instead and headed to the cash register (he wore black nike gym shorts to the beach instead).

The group of us (3 boys 3 girls) get to the Maine house and begin drinking... didn't stop until 4 something AM. After noise complaint and losing at least 6 beers from spillage we decide to talk a stroll/stumble to the light house down the street. How we survived walking on the rocks with the tide coming in, I am not sure. The only injury was one of the boys falling on the rocks several times and waking up (still drunk at 8 am planning to go for a run) with some scratches on his face and a chipped tooth.

Sat. ended up being a beautiful day. We went to the beach from about 11:30-3:30. I put my feet in the water, but refused to go any further in (despite Mr. Argumentative's best efforts). That was a great food day too. We had cinnamon buns for breakfast, I split a large Italian sub with Mr. A and got some soft served ice cream after with Rachel. After some snacking back at the Maine house, we had a delicious BBQ with pigs in a blanket, cheeseburgers, salad, french fries, and more. Everyone was pretty tired and burnt, so the rest of the night was low key with story telling, re-living memories, card games, and red sox.

Sunday we went out to eat "breakfast" at 12:30 and then Rachel and I got some ice cream for the journey home. The rest of the day was spent in bed eating and sleeping.

My workout issue is that I was supposed to run 7 miles on Sat and do crosstraining on Sun and I did neither. Today should be weights and tomorrow 5 miles, but now it all has to be rearranged because I was lazy and took a vacation! Sue me for wanting FUN!
Anyways I worked out the new schedule and it will look something like this:
Monday- Run 7 miles
Tuesday- Crosstraining and weights
Wednesday- Run 5 miles
Thursday- Run 3 miles and weights
Friday- rest
Sat- Run 8 miles
I am not sure when I will get in my Sat 8 miles because as you can tell my weekends tend to be directed towards fun/no responsibilities so my workout takes a back seat. Only 2 weeks until the race!!! I still missed a crosstraining day with my new schedule, but hey you win some you lose some.


  1. Sounds like a crazy shopping spree! And I don't know any boy that would agree to lobster swimming shorts either haha. But I applaud you for having the willpower to run all those miles, that takes such motivation! I hope you do amazing in that upcoming race! :)

  2. They don't get any less argumentative about their wardrobe as they get older!


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