Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ballet Booty was a great toning class, but not a very good class for cardio. Targeted areas are your obliques, legs, "booty", arms, and shoulders. The only equipment used was a pair of 2 lb. balls to hold in your hands when using your arms for the moves. The music was upbeat and the moves were fun. Any rythemically challenged person could join this class and enjoy it!

Victoria's Secret arrived yesterday! I was very very very pleased with my polo dress and my white and yellow bathing suit, my poka dot top was OK, but the striped top I bought was see through (HELLO some things are meant to be a SECRET) and the pants were ehh... so I am sending back the last top and the pants for a great pair of pants. They are lose and drawstring, but suitable for the beach or to wear as actual pants. Lets hope I do the return/exchange process right...

FYI: I am having a very lame summer in terms of TV (only the Bachlorette). Does anybody have any shows that are great and I am missing out on?

Sorry I am so tired these days. Something may be wrong with me. I am exhausted all day every day and my appetite is through the roof. What gives?


  1. So You Think You Can Dance is F.A.B., Burn Notice on USA, True Blood on HBO. LOL I am t.v. junkie.

  2. Hey I know you are in Boston so you may want to check out this Stuart Weitzman event tonight.


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