Monday, June 8, 2009

Blue Eyes

I have brown eyes. Poop brown. Yes I just said poop.

The Boy's family has the bluest blue eyes. The kids have piercing blue eyes that you can't ever say no to. Because of these genetic freaks, I have no terrible stories from this weekend and being with kids. Instead I have wonderful stories.

I went in the jacuzzi with the kids (what is the difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub?). They loved me and swam up to me and asked me to play with them (it is a biiig jacuzzi/hot tub that waterfalls over the heated pool). A little 2 year old boy with those light blue eyes looked up at me when I got out and had a full conversation with me asking me to get back in because it was cold outside but hot in the water. Did anybody else know 2 year olds could hold a conversation? I was a mute until 2 because my parents would speak Spanish and the school was speaking English and I got confused between the 2 languages and finally said my 1st word at 2. So all these talking beautiful genetic freak-like children kept asking me to stay, so I did. I even tranfered wisdom to a little girl with curly blonde hair and those blue blue blue eyes I envy so much. I taught her "on" and "off" with a keyboard. After missing 4 trains, The Boy's brother finally agreed to drive us back to the city as The Boy had a few drinks and I refuse to drive his sports car because I will drive it right into a tree.

Sat. I went to the Red Sox game because the weather was gorgeous, but first The Boy and I walked down teh Charles River and I managed to take some pictures so maybe I will get around to posting some Boston shots later. Red sox games are quite the workout by the way. Walking up and down those stares because the beer makes you have to pee every inning, and then everyone around you is drinking too so you have to stand everytime they have to go to the bathroom too so they can walk by you. I am sure that burned off all the booze calories and chinese food calories and cinnamon bun calories and all misc. calories consumed this weekend :-P

Lesson Learned: Kids are smart. They are people too, just miniature. I am sure you are all aware of this, but I just found that out this weekend so I am amazed. The Boy and I were invited back to The Cape House this summer so I will be seeing those beautiful lil ones soon enough! (who ammm I... I sound like the Anti-me...Must buy some very tall heels before I become one of those practical people who buy things because they "need" them not because they "want" them)


  1. I have interesting conversations with my 2.5 year old all the time. We could probably talk for 15 minutes!

    And, the "olive"...that's extra gross.

  2. Oooh I don't know about Maxim. She's posing in it? If so, then yea, that is really weird.

  3. I also have poop brown eyes. The hubs has piercing blue ones and so does our bambino. Lucky jerks. Kids can hold the most interesting convos. Case in point...The hubs calls his sister. Her 3 year old answers the phone. Hubs asks for his sis, 3 yr old says she's outside and hangs up. Hubs calls back. 3 year old answers with "stop making the phone ring uncle." Hubs asks boy to get his mom, to which he replies..."No, I'll have to put my boots on," and hangs up again.

  4. My husband has the prettiest blue eyes, and me...well he tells people that they are so brown because I am "full of poop"! lol! I hope that our baby has eyes like me...just so I can prove to him that brown is better!

    I am thinking about buying the hub tickets this year to a game...but after driving into Boston, Parking, spending money on food etc...and then driving home...I am too pooped to even plan it! LOL!

  5. Cubs games are the same way. I feel like I spend at least half the game waiting for the bathroom!


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