Thursday, June 18, 2009

When all else fails, put on a chick flick.

I went for my nice, slow 5 miler yesterday. I intended for it to be relaxing. It was not.

1. Another Red Sox game... why do I still not check their schedule before running past Fenway and being suprised by the MOBs of people (P.S. Did Red Sox fans just get cuter? Like insanely attractive? All tan in their red Tshirts mmm)

2. A limo door HIT ME. Yup. I was jogging past Fenway (checking out the new cuties in town) and BAM a$$hole goes to get out of his stupid limo and opens the door... taking out my legs... thanks man. I don't need those to run or anything.

3. There are no public bathrooms in Boston. This paired with the fact that I have to pee the second I start running is a BIG problem. There is a Dunkin Donuts ever 5 feet in Boston. Don't they have bathrooms? NO. I literally ran 3.5 miles before finding one.

4. The Arthur Franklin Bridge (or w/e its called). Its orange and twisty and connects the Charles River and the Hatch Shell to the Boston Common. For out-of-towners lets just say its a very busy foot bridge. The tall walls and a mix of bikers, walkers, runners, baby strollers, skateboarders, rollerbladers... its amazing people don't break their face daily when they turn the corner. I stress out on it. Before I get to the corner I now snap my fingers. yes I look stupid, but I don't splat into people anymore so you take what you can get people.

5. Doctors in Boston do not look like McDreamy or McSteamy. They look like Ronald McDonald if "Mc"anything. So don't expect to run by the millions of hospitals and find your dream guy. Better luck at Fenway tho!

After all that I somehow lost .5 miles. O well, worse things could happen. I ended my run on Newbury and shopped the rest of my way home. Everything was looking up until the VS girl went to measure me and asked "Do you wear some of our smaller sizes?" You just measured me what do you think? I am not gifted up top. Sports bras don't help. Dummy lady. How can you ask an A if she wears small sizes? I should have said "No I think I wear C's and D's. Why what size am I?" Argh.

Then a nice phone call with my mom added some unwanted guilt into my life because I wasn't sure if I would make it home for Father's Day. He likes to golf all day so how was I supposed to know that rain meant I had to come home because he can't golf???

He's Just Not That Into You cheered me up nicely though. I literally laugh out loud when I watch that movie. Ben and Jenn? Great!!

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  1. Ronald Mc Donald doctors... haha so hilarious! My fav chick flick is Bridget Jones Diary.


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