Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey, it's OK.

You know how on a sunny day your umbrella is just sitting there, so obvious. Then on a rainy day, it goes missing? That's me today. New hair cut with blow dry, wet very wet. Can't even look cute on my 2nd to last friday here... EVER :-)

So excited to stop working and go back to taking classes. I wonder where my next job will be and what career I will end up sticking to, but for now I am just getting through today, then tomorrow, and so on....

I took a personality test bored at work one day. It was pretty accurate so feel free to check out my results or take the test yourself. Please comment with your results :-)

Finally, I did something yesterday so ridiculous that I almost feel accomplished. I managed to snack on 1,050 calories in nuts and berries last night thanks to Planters and their 8 servings per container. It's ok. I saved the 8th serving for today and continued to eat misc. snacks when I got home. Gross? Awesome? I am not sure :-P


  1. Hmmm definitely going to have to check out that personality test. Be sure to visit a Girl's Guide to Shoes today and enter for your chance to win a beautiful scarf!

  2. haha You are too funny! Sorry about the umbrella mishap. We all need huge cute ones like Lauren. :)

  3. Dude, I used to DOMINATE the trail mix when I was preggers. Thousands of calories. It's just so addicting!

  4. I have that umbrella mishap all the time!! I constantly leave it in my car... which is serious fail when I'm ready to leave my apartment, and it's pouring!

    Followed you from 20SB to give some comment happies - I'm originally from Massachusetts and LOVE Boston!! :) My favorite city ever!

  5. Whoa, that's a lot of nuts! ... that sounds wrong haha. Sucks about the umbrella mishap ... I've vowed to buy the tiniest foldable umbrella and always carry it with me ... but then I forget when I switch purses!

    I tried to take the test but all it said was 'Welcome to nginx!', which is too bad!


I read these comments daily. Thank you for sharing :-)