Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting out of this town

Sooo Pilates Dance was pretty great yesterday. The first 30 min was a faster paced Ballet Booty (without weights) and the second 30 min was some pilates strengthening. The only problem was that I forgot that Wednesday I was messing around with this P90X abs thing my friend has. I couldn't really do any of the moves because it was too hard and only 15 minutes so I wrote it off and forgot that it ever happened. All day my abs felt normal yesterday, then all of a sudden i lay on my mat to do pilates and there is the deepest burning in my stomach muscles. OUCH! I go from never ever doing abs to doing then 2 days in a row. ughh ODI (over do it). A nice short cycling session should loosen up my muscles nicely so that I had relax and enjoy my weekend getaway to MAINE.

6 of us will be relaxing and drinking for probably 48 hours straight. This should be entertaining.

I also had my first Trader Joe's experience yesterday. The prices are very reasonable and I got this bag to carry the heavy groceries, but the look is so vintage and cloth and awesome it can double as a beach bag or something!

I would also like to point out that today is June 12th and visibility on the east coast is max 1 mile. The fog and the grossness and the rain and the clouds need to go away.

Besides the weather only one other thing is bothering me, explosions. I have had 3 today. 1 was before I left for work my neatly packaged lunch including black bean soup exploded all over one of my favorite bags, my gym clothes, my sneakers.. etc. Then I repackaged everything grabbed new clothes and a new bag and left for work. BOOM black bean soup explosion #2. Awesome. At least my gym stuff was in a separate bag this time. Finally I went to make oatmeal in the microwave after cleaning up from explosion #2 and BAAAAM! oatmeal everywhere. There you go. I think that's a record. 3 explosions before 10:15 AM. AT least bad things come in threes, so I should be set for the day *crosses fingers*.

O! I also caught a couple minutes of So You Think You Can Dance (long title of a showw) veryy impressive may have to become a regular of mine.



  1. Yeah- the weather is driving me crazy too!
    Have fun in Maine!

  2. LOVE Trader Joes. Wish we had one around here. And that bag is fab!!

  3. That is a CUTE bag!! We don't have a Trader Joes where I live but I do see and hear a lot of poeple talking about it.

  4. So You Think You Can Dance is the best ever! :)


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