Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lounging around: because I can!

The eyebrow thing: Not that bad! It was only have buzzed off not even fully shaven. Covering it up would be weird so he's just gonna deal :-P

Oreo ice cream is my stongest addiction right now. I cannot stop eating it... and I do not want to! It is so delicious! If you get the extra fatty stuff the ice cream tastes like the cream filling! It's as close as you can get to heaven.

Also, I would recommend going to New York & Company if you like the look of jean leggins. These are as soft and comfortable as regular jeggins, not see through at all, and they have the look of jean! They come in black or blue and for only $16.95!

I am so excited for Fall because I have been seeing boots and tunics and sweaters! I have been going to the mall so much that it is ruining my only chances to tan. I guess I can thank the stores for saving me from skin cancer!

Time to throw on leggings and a sweater... eat oreo ice cream and drink coffee... and bundle up in the air conditioning to watch HGTV. Sounds pretty thrilling :-)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Best Friend's Eyebrow

Above is an image from the movie "My Best Friend's Girl". The hairdresser accidentally shaves off one of his eyebrows.

This week Mr. A has been in Vermont for a guy's trip. They drink and play sports and cards and do whatever else... (I would rather not know :-P) Anyway, I guess they decided pranks would be fun so each night they had a new victim. Sometimes hair was cut or food was smeared, but Mr. A wasn't so lucky to get a haircut or some free food. He got his eyebrow shaven off. I have not seen it yet. He is very upset because he doesn't know how he can go to work with one eyebrow or basically go out in public!

Girlfriend to the rescue! I am off to the beauty stores around to go eyebrow shopping! Something I never thought I would do...

I honestly find this rather hysterical :-P and he will too I bet once I welcome him back tonight with a replacement! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


YAY I officially begin my two week vacation today! I don't know what to do first!

Well actually I have a dentist appointment today and tomorrow and jury duty next week starting Monday... So there goes 1.5 weeks? Excellent.

It is 90 degrees out and sunny, but I will be spending it on a train and in a dentist chair. Tear.

I have also begun my vacation by eating everything in sight. That is what a vacation consists of right?

Now I have a question for all experienced with a young teenager. How do you know if a 14 year old girl is behaving properly after hours? What is the sure sign that something is off? Sex, drugs, alcohol? And how do you approach them with your concern?

Monday, August 17, 2009

CreeperFest '09

Merry Monday y'all! I had so much fun at Country Fest EXCEPT for the CREEPS!
Why do they yell at girls? What is their success rate with that?

"Girll I love you"

"O YEA COWGIRL. You got it goin on!"
"Aww thanks! Here's my number!"... NOT

I could go on forever. Any male there between ages of 15 and 55 was a major creeper. I have now renamed the concert "Creeper Fest '09"

Now for wardrobe. With the move everything was stil in boxes... so I opted out of finding something adorable and went with something functional (something I never do). I had to borrow clothes from my sister (I have no idea how I got in them) but it worked out kind of well...

I think next year I wil do a dress. I like to look different. It bothered me that all my friends were in shorts too, except then they stripped into bathing suits. I was def. the most covered up person there. One of my friend's cousins had a bandana on as a shirt! Talented.

An interesting fact: there were over 150 arrests at the concert!
Some of the criminals (or just underage drinkers):

Sugarland and Kenny were unbelievable. I was the driver so I actually remember the performances :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cowboy Boots

As I count down the days to my wonderful Country Fest I am debating what outfit I should wear... I own these cowboy boots:

and I love them, but I need a vote.

Should I wear them with:
A) Jean shorts
B) A summer dress
C) A skirt

Weather for Sat. August 15th is expected to be 83 degrees and sunny!

Vote NOW :-) Thanks loves!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing In Action

WOW I have been MIA.

Mr. Argumentative came to visit me on Sat night and brought me these:

Besides getting creative with flower vases (wine jug and cup!) I have been watching alot of TV.

Extreme Wife on WE taught me about Free Love and Mail Order Brides. There are towns that only live by free love. They think monogamy is unnatural and that it is nature's plan for us to love all humans equally. Because of all this love flowing through the towns, they have sex houses with rooms dedicated to "love" and huts for the same purpose. You have to leave your shoes outside the hut or else people might disturb! The issue with this plan is that jealousy tears most of these towns apart because best friends have sex with each others husbands and random newcomers and well you get it.. everyone.
When it comes to mail order brides, you pay $5,000 to go abroad and have a week of socializing with forgien women. The man then picks a woman he likes and after 3 months apart sends an invitation to her to come to the US and marry him. Apparently the problem here is that the women are gold diggers...SHOCKER.

On Discovery Health, a show called "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" is about.. well I am sure you guessed it... people who didn't know they were pregnant! A college freshman gained 10 pounds, thought it was freshman weight, went to the bathroom one day and POOF gave birth to a 7 lb. baby boy! She only had to lose the 3 measly lbs. of fat and was back to normal and is now in love with her little suprise. Amazing when you hear about those painful, moody, long, terrible pregnancies and days of labor!

Shark Week was on Discovery Channel last week and people who got their legs eaten by sharks and go shark diving once they have recovered! It is amazing how brave some people are. I would never go shark diving even with both of my legs! One woman said, "I figure... what are the chances of geting attacted by a shark twice? I have better odds of getting struck by lightening." Very impressive stuff.

On a non TV note: I am going to Country Fest this weekend! Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Sugarland and Miranda Lambert are only a few of the many artists that wil be there! (sorry for any mispellings)
Also, I move this Friday to a new apartment in Boston! It will be for four people instead of the 2/3 people apartment I am in now! So I hope you all understand that with TV, concert excitement, and packing I have had little time for blog posts :-P

I will leave you all with a beautiful picture of my lovely city! (click to enlarge)