Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy Boston

The fog is not slowing anyone down today in Beantown!

Work is very busy lots to do and meetings to go to. I am getting a new phone today too so I hope it is super cute/functional since Verizon is paying for my FREE UPGRADE! Dave Matthews Band (not my fav. but apparently I am alone in this one) is performing at Fenway Friday and Sat. night so I will be sure to walk/stumble by and hear some tunes for free outside the stadium (suckersss who paid $100 plus!).

Also my boy is coming up to visit me! I have not discussed much about him; that is kinda my style. We have been dating for almost 6 years (gasp!). I don't really do commitement or long term dating... at my core I am a girl that likes to relax have a good time and go with the flow... which normally results in singledom. But my boy (I will think of a good nickname for him soon) has always known this about me and had made my life incredibly easy by being the most thoughtful boyfriend/best friend a girl could want and not stressing me out (most of the time) with future talk and "our kids" (WHAT KIDS?!?). The boy lives an hour away, but he does 99% of the commuting so its not difficult at all for me :-)

ICK of enough relationship stuff. Yesterday I ran my 3 miles on a treadmill which I hate, but I do not think Boston has gotten the "summer" memo... anyway so I ran it in 25 min and 47 sec which is a 8 min 49 sec mile pace?!?! I also felt like cr@p and got a little dizzy after (I have not been drinking my water). I am wokring on builing 2 perfect total body toning routines so that I can do one a week (2 total strength workouts a week). Once I perfect them (without proper trainig so forgive me if my research does not end well) I will share them! Have a GREAT weekend everybody! Hopfully somebody is enjoying sun and warmth because I definetly am not...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heidi and Seal Parenting

Stylish aviators for the mom!
Hugs and kisses...

Playing with hair...

Mom and daughter matching hair dos.

Hop on Pop!

Not many words needed here. They are by far the cutest couple and pull off parenting in a very stylish way! :-)


Workouts of the Week
Sunday- 15 min of Wii Boxing (intense I swear)
Monday- 30 min of CORE Rythem DVD that worked my rib cage more than anything else
Tuesday- Ran 4 miles
Wednesday- 60 min on elliptical (Cardio Preset/ Level 4)
Thursday- Running 3 today and doing some "strength" maybe arms and butt and a lil abs? My legs are sore for some reason...
Friday- R.E.S.T.
Sat- Run 6 miles so far the longest run of my 7.5 miler training but I accidentally did 5.6 miles instead of 5 last Sat so im not scurrred

More Money Spending
Victorias Secret has stolen $105 from me, but in return I got 3 bathing suit tops, 1 bathing suit bottom, a button up polo dress, and some pants that can be worn to work or out! Not too shabby...

Price Worthy Product
This product makes my hair feel/look so healthy. Even after blow drying it almost every day and getting highlights!

Movie and Book Review
Movie: Last night I watched House Bunny. It is quite funny and ends with a good message. You must be sexy but also smart to get boys. I also learned that the sentence "I want to be your girlfriend more than a proton wants an electron" is not cute/funny and probably should not be used again. Grade: B+

Book: I know I am cheating because I have not finished/gotten half way through this book, but Paint It Black by Janet Fitch is VERY good so far. Grabs your attention immediatly. Stay tuned for the final grade. It is tough to read before bed because the theme is rather depressing and I would rather have happy dreams if possible, so this one might take a while to finish.

Finally, I would like to address the gigantic crowd of over caffinated teens outside my office window. Yes, I understand that you are auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? Yes, I know the weather is terrible in May and you are stuck outside hoping for your ticket to Vegas. No, I do not see the need to scream ever 7 minutes SO LOUD that I can hear you very clearly 2 blocks away 20+ floors up!

Sorry for being all over the place today! I hope there was a little something for everyone in there :-P Happy Thirsty Thursday (even though I can't remember the last time I actually celebrated this "holiday")... ugh so lame

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wise Words

"Start hard, finish easy. Cyclists who ramped up the intensity during the first half of their workout and slowed down during the second half torched about 23% more fat than those who moved from low to high intensity, research from the College of New Jersey found (from"

"Crank it up
Vigorous aerobic exercise for 40 minutes makes your body burn calories at a higher rate for nearly a full day afterward, one study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found (from"

"Wolf some protein
A calorie is a calorie, but your body burns about 25 to 30 of them while digesting 100 calories of protein versus only 7 of them while digesting 100 calories of simple carbs, says Barbara Vinciguerra, MS, an adjunct professor in the movement-sciences department at Westfield State College in Westfield, Mass (from".

*** Go to and select the "trouble zones" you want to work, the equipment (or lack of) you have, and the length of time you want to work out for and the site will generate a body toning video for you in seconds***

Work hard :-)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank You

Thanks to my followers for joining my newbie blog...
Thanks to those that leave comments... I love coming back to check them out.
And thanks to my LEGS (note the improvement since my earlier Reflection) for taking me 4.4 miles in in 38 min 06 sec (a 9.05 mile/min pace) !

Finally, thank you to my credit card for buying me this and these (but in gold) and this (but from T.J. Maxx for $150 softest leather ever and it has a lepord interior lining )!!


Bad Habits:

Bitting my nails
Dropping clothes on the floor... and leaving them there
Hating on my "strong" legs (strong is a nice way of saying bigger than I like legs)
Doing everything all or nothing
Not trusting anybody... literally
Being too opinionated
Being impatient

This long weekend I got alot of time to relax and then took some time to reflect. I know this is not really time for a New Years Resolution, so we will call it a Summer Solution to fix at least 3 of my bad habits above!

Bitting nails: I will get a manicure (and a pedicure just because why not!).

Clothes on floor: Honestly this is not one of the habits I expect to fix this summer... but I will try to clean up my floor before bed so that I do not end up having empty drawers and piles of clothes instead of a carpet on my floor.

Leg Hating: When exercising I will think of my legs as my source of strength/power. They energize me; get me through that last mile. They are not like Gisele's, but they are mine and they cannot ever be like Gisele's so it is time to start loving what I have.

All or Nothing: Cannot do much about this one... Personality flaw. Nobody can be perfect!

Trust: I will relax. Take yoga or something. Understand that some people are good and some are bad, but those good ones are worth keeping around NOT pushing them away waiting for their devil horns to show.

Opinion: I like having my opinion. Not focusing on changing this. I can accept other people's opinions (when they back up their thoughts properly).

Patience: Avoid Fenway on Red Sox game days. I love the sox but will never understand why the fans freeze in front of the stadium and suddenly can't walk because all they want to do is stare at the magical Red Sox home.

Bachlorette side note: Jake is the Godiva of men.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woot and Fitness

Technology fans I have found your bargin. This may not be a new site to some, but to me it is brand new. Woot hosts a sale of one item a day. It may be a laptop, an iTouch, a smart workout watch... etc. You can go to the site and buy the item if you would like with GREAT savings. Also a yellow "I want one!" button shows up on the screen when there are only a few left, so make your decision quickly!

Also at Fitness, you can "See yourself thinner" by logging in and uploading a picture of yourself. You enter your weight loss goals and they will e-mail you a picture of yourself once the goal has been attained. Talk about motivation!

Off to lunch... enjoy!

Samantha Who Tragedy

Note article below:

"Samantha Who? What? WHY?!?!
via Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton by Perez Hilton on 5/18/09
Variety reports that the popular ABC sitcom Samantha Who?, starring Christina Applegate, has been canceled and will not be returning for a third season.
The reason: money WHAT ELSE!
The show got canned due to cutbacks and the show just couldn't slash the budget low enough to warrant its stay on the network.
Maybe it will be picked up by another?
Hear that major networks: a show that's funny and well casted on the market. Snatch it up!"

My thoughts:

I do not know if any of you have seem Samantha Who? on ABC, but it is an AMAZING show. They already snatched Pushing Daisys form me why must they take Samantha too?!?!

Lets take a moment of silence for all the amazing shows that we will never get to see again...

NOW action: I think that we should send ABC something... not sure what exactly but didn't some other shows get uncancelled because fans showed tons of support and sent the network like 1 million peanuts or whatever is related to the show? Samanatha Who... maybe send a billion laffy taffy because the show is soooo funny? Ideas anyone lets save this show please!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Designer Deals

Nordstrom is having a 33% off (or more) EVERYTHING sale!!!

My current debate is these vs. these vs. these!!

If heels are not your thing, enjoy these or these or these!!

Enjoy :-)

P.S. Shoes are my obsession. The sale is on everything in the store so feel free to shop all departments!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TV, Working out, Shopping


Melissa- FAILED Monday night. SO sad and SO true. Way too many flips and ZERO dancing. She has such grace from ballet and wasted it by doing a terrible freestyle. She did pretty well (and looked amazing) in the dance off, but sadley, I am not thinking she deserves the title as much. Last night she brough it back (in one of my fav. dances of hers) but it was too late and she came in 3rd.

Shawn- BROUGHT HER A GAME! By far my favorite freestyle, and she managed to look very serious and keep very strong during the dance off. Super cute girl, did not mind her winning after that freestyle... and I am so proud of her and Mark for picking a dance to do last night that they did not previously get a perfect score on (but did last night)! Cutest girl ever.

Gille- Always a perfect dancer, but not very exciting last night. Shawn had much more drive and energy, and at this point in the competition you have to BRING IT... entertain AND get your steps right! SRY... See you later in Sex in the City II


Monday I played around with some Pilates DVDs, but was not very inspired and quit. Yesterday I ran 4.12 miles in 37 minutes and felt amazing. Barely sweat was breathing fine totally relaxed just enjoying some me time in the great weather. The only bad part was I ran past Fenway and did not check the Red Sox schedule and got trampled by fans on their way to a game... I also found a guy running and followed him for the middle portion of my run. I know it's creepy but I LOVE IT when I find someone running at a perfect pace so I can just cruise behind them. He got me down to the Commons then I took Newbury back home! :-)

Today I plan to cycle for 40 min. which is annoying because it is so nice out, but my right knee has been hurting and I do not want to deal with joint damage or whatever the reason is I am not supposed to do my runs of back to back days.


After work on Monday, I felt sick and needed fresh air so I went for a walk, and ended up in front of Macy's.

I bought a coral short sleeved cardigan with some crochet detail around the front edge (50% off!)... then I ended up at T.J. Maxx and bought a tan and black leather B. Makowsky bag with gold hardware and white patent leather accents for $148 (from $288). Next I picked up a tan Tommy H. shirt that was soo soft and had a large paisley type print on it. Might try to get pictures up of my bag at least... it is my new love affair...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching up!

WOW... I have been MIA for awhile. I never got around to doing Payday Picks on Friday (I guess my bank account could use a weekend of no shopping) ... I was so busy at work and then after work I can't get near a computer since I sit in front of one for 8 hours a day. My boy came to see me on Friday after a boys night in Maine and brought me a Maine shotglass (so romantic)! Then Sat. I went home and enjoyed a relaxing night of catching up with my parents and having a friend over before she took off for Germany on Sunday (she just got back from Mexico and brought me a shotglass... seeing a trend? I may have a rep...) :-( ... Sunday I went to Kiss Concert with my younger sister and had a blast... thought maybe I would be on the older side, but it wasn't weird it was wonderful. I did some punk eye makeup and wore a black sweater with jeans and spiced it up with a fabulous necklace.

Workouts ended up being:
Friday: Cycling for 40 min
Sat: Playing with Wii
Sunday: 35 min of Wii Fit

This was my first experience with Wii and I was very pleased. With Wii Fit you do not even feel like you are working out (which sometimes you arn't), but the yoga, strength training, and aerobics are pretty solid (my favorite was hula hoop).

I would like to thank Heather for my very first blog award! I am not entirely sure if I properly accepted it, but I am sure I will figure it out sooner or later. So thank you very very much again for the award!

Finally, I need to do a mini TV Guide segment.
Grey's: I did not have time to discuss this last week. AMAZING episode. I am apparently cold hearted because I could not find tears, but I LOVED IT with or without the emotional meltdown. 007 was a VERY SHOCKING moment. My heart dropped! Here's to a new season in September (AH SO FAR AWAY).

DWTS: Ty is gone. He was sweet, but did not have enough talent to continue on the show. A for effort though. Time for him to go back to Jewel and fix their marraige. ALSO the season finale is on ABC tonight at 8. It is a MUST SEE! I think that either Gille or Melissa should win.. Probably Gille but my faith is with Melissa and her perfect abs... Gille's are nice too though! So good luck to all and may the best dancer (or abs) win!

The Bachelorette: Jillian is the cutest. Please give her a chance. The 2 hour long season premiere is on after DWTS, and if you do not love her after that you never have to watch again I promise. But you will love her and your Mondays won't be so miserable now that you have a new show to watch! Enjoy.

Today's workout... My legs are pretty tired from standing at the longest concert ever and dancing and running (in Michael Khors heels) to the bathroom so I wouldn't make my sister miss an act. Might try some arms and gluteous maxius (AKA BUTT) workouts... we shall see. I am not concerned....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swimmers Beware

Warnings before trying swimming for exercise:
1) You need goggles- or else your eyes will be as red as a stoner's
2) You need a 1 piece- or else you bum will be seen my the entire lifeguard staff and random onlookers
3) You need ear plugs- I now have swimmer's ear which is PAINFUL
4) A swim cap is prefered- or else your hair will feel like hay

Now that you have learned from my mistakes, I will go over this week's workout and what is planned for the weekend. It may seem strange that I do this on Thursdays, but it is my way of pledging my weekend workout so that I actually do it instead of sleep allll day.

Monday- I did a cr@ppy lean legz workout in my apartment because I was too lazy to leave (very inspirational I know).
Tuesday- I ran 2 miles, walked for 15 min (4mph, 4% incline), did 30 easy minutes on the elliptical, and finished with 10 min. of easy cycling and then I went in the sauna (which everyone should do it is amazing).
Wednesday- Swam for 10 min alternating 2 laps of freestyle and 2 laps of breast stroke, treaded water for 1 min, and repeat. I am nowhere near in good enough shape to try those intervals I mentioned. Swimming is HARD and to be honest... a little boring.
Thursday- I will run another 2 miles today and to my lean legs workout... which I think I may have to get a new one soon...I am just so darn strong :-P
Friday- Technically my rest day, but I like to rest on Sundays so I think I will do the Rundown Routine and maybe some arm workouts...
Saturday- Hopefully get 3 miles in... It would be a nice way to undo some partying damage on my body...

I worked late last night and didn't get to shop... Wish me luck today! Hopefully I will find some great things for my "Payday Picks" tomorrow! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week is quite a milestone. But on a more serious note:

I have been dehydrated since forever. I hate water. About a month ago my body lashed out on me because I never hydrate it. This has been the third incident in my life that has resulted from dehydration. My body was dry, zero water and only drinking coffee will do that to a person. My digestive system stopped working and I gained significant weight. I began feeling nauseous whenever I ate.

SO anyway, this began to get in the way of my daily activities. I also felt gross because my body was looking more balloon like each day. When I went to the doctor's a month ago they put that scope thing they listen to your heart with on my stomach. They could hear nothing. My body had quit on me. I had to take they next day off of work after x-rays showed that my situation was much worse than expected. Treatments made me feel sick, but now a month later I am beginning to do better. Or so I thought.

I go to run my silly 2 miles yesterday (which I did in 17 min 30 sec) but I went slower than last week and it felt harder. At first I thought it was that my legs were tired from wearing my extra tall extra fab. heels over the weekend, but then I realized that weird feeling was thirst. All the alcohol on the weekends dehydrates me and I dont sleep because I go out. Then I am tired and chug large amounts of coffee (dehydrating more). ENDLESS CYCLE. FAIL.

So between 6 and 11 PM I drank 5 water bottles. Still do not feel hydrated, but I just need to make sure I am conciously drinking at least 5-6 bottles a day. Good luck to me...

On a more positive note, I am going to try swimming today (bathing suit is packed and everything). I hear 20 laps is good so I am thinking I will do the pool intervals 4-5 times and then hopefully tread some water. But first I will be going to the thrifty T.J. Maxx to continue my never ending quest for style without bankruptcy.

Coming up:
Thursday- Weekly Workout Overview
Friday- Payday Picks

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pool Intervals

Today I am scheduled to run 2 miles. I am 4 weeks into training for the 7.5 Mile run and it is a rest week. Yesterday I was exhausted so I did a half a$$ attempt of Lean Legz in my apartment (using water bottles, pillows and chairs instead of weights, physio balls and steps). Since tomorrow should be cross training, I decided to save swimming for then. So all I have today is a measly 2 miles, but I am excited to try swimming out tomorrow.

Swim the first lap VERY comfortably
Swim the second one 3 seconds faster
Swim the third another 3 seconds faster
Swim the fourth still another 3 faster
Swim the fifth 12 seconds faster than the first
Rest almost a minute before repeating.

Do 3 times.
I wish there was a waterproof Ipod and headphone I could wear...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mix it up

Good Afternoon Bloggers.

This was a pretty good weekend. Margaritas, friends, thunderstorms by my new gigantic window! Mother's Day ended up being fun too. I went home and suprised my mom. She was not expecting me and I showed up with flowers. Some advice for the next generous daughter who would like to show up and suprise their mom:

1) Find out her plans for the day (because she may be taking a loong walk all afternoon with her friends and not be home when you get there)

2) Make sure you have planned how to get home (because if you live in the city and use trains they may have cut back and that 7:30 PM train home may no longer exist resulting in your poor mother having to take you back to the city)

3) Know the right people (because you may just be able to get a HUGE flower arrangement for $6 with the VIP discounts!)

Now that the weekend is over... It is time to figure out my workouts for the week.
Today I plan on swimming laps. It works your whole body and if you get bored you can switch strokes or see how long you can tread water.

Great plan since today I shoudl be "stretching and stengthening" for my 7.5 Miler training and I would not want to injure any joints running on an "off" day. Hopefully I will get to do my Lean Legz workout too!

P.S. DWTS tonight. Go Melissa!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I have realized that it must be a little strange reading about this person and having no clue what they look like. I am very curious how I appear in people's minds when they read my blog...

Anyway... the guessing can stop. I have decide to compile some images to give a better idea to all.
Hair color/style... Skin tone... Lack of "assets" Jenn has in this pic are also pretty accurate:

Additional Info: Brown eyes, 5 ft. 2 in without heels (5'5"- 5'7" with heels), BMI: Normal.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Payday Picks (Spring!!)

A few items I think are worth the money for Spring:

Gorgeous (and weatherproof) Trench for $118:

The shoe that will make you a model for $134:

The bag that in viloet, black, or white will be fresh but timeless (with a wild lining for your eyes only) for $268:

Ready to spend that paycheck yet? I know I am!

If only shopping for my mother was as easy as shopping for myself... On a phone call last night she informed me for Mother's Day she would like Wii Fit. Which means I need to buy her Wii too. Thanks Mom.

Workout Update: Ran 2 miles yesterday in 16 min 6 sec. / Walked 4 mph on a 4% incline for 10 min. and did Lean Legz

Thursday Night: Wine and TV and seeing some friends who have been MIA for what feels like years (but really only months). Greys Anatomy is an excellent show. I am heartless and did not shed a single tear the entire episode. I did not even get glossy eyed or anything.

Greys Summary (Spoliers do not read on if you have not watched it yet): Merideth and McDreamy are to get married. Izzie gets another tumor in her brain that cannot be removed even by the greated of brain surgeons. Izzie admits she loves Karev (does anybody remember his "Mc" name?). Merideth gets her wedding present from McDreamy (a solo surgery sooo romantic). Izzie marries Karev because they are in love and she is dying and loosing her hair (she shaves it at the end and Karev says the ultimate line "my wife is hot"). Merideth and McDreamy will have to share their vows another day. Except the 2 hr. season finale is next week so time is running out!

This Week's Workout Overview

Fitness magazine had me take this quiz to find what workout is right for me. The results? and Indo Board. Unsure of what that is? Take a look below:

Clearly Fitness Mag does not care that I have minimal coordination skills and cannot balance when walking on the sidewalk, nevermind this flat board on a tube thing they call a workout.

Since it does not look like I am in the mood to get a replacement hip just yet, I will stay away from the Indo Board and fill you in on what I have actually been doing for workouts this week.

Monday- Walk on an incline for 30 min./Bike for 10 min./Run a mile (to yoga)/Take Yogaburn (60 min)/Run a mile home

Tuesday- Run 3 miles (26 min 15 sec)/ Walk for 20 min./ Left side plank, Right side plank, Front plank (3 sets of 30 sec. each)/ 30 push ups (in a row)

Wednesday- Elliptical 30 min. (interval setting)/ 30 push ups (in a row)/ 60 sec. plank

Thursday- Today I am running 2 miles and then doing my lean legz workout!

Friday- Meeting up with Julie after work to get some gym education from a Certified Personal Trainer pal

Sat- 4 Miles

Sun- REST!! YAY!

Please go check out Mrs. Newlywed's Giveaway!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reality (tv) Check

Yet another Dancing With The Stars week had passed and I cannot believe the results. Lil Kim has brought her skillz every week and got voted off last week?!?! Who is voting for Ty? Come on viewers. You really think a bull rider can dance better than an ex con hip hop rapper? Lets see:


We can't let the attractive blonde carry him to the final 4!

Anyway... The past cannot be undone and my dear Melissa is still in. So cheers to DWTS and may the best win!

P.S. I did NOT mean to make that rhyme... So sorry...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old School

After reading Lucky with Kate Winslet on the cover, I discovered that she swears by a certain body toning creme. It was over a hundred dollars which I am sure someway guarentees better results than the $30-50 range I was looking at. I have decided to opt out of magical cremes and tone up the old fashion way.

Step One: I have been advised by my C.P.T. pal to look at food differently. What does this mean? I can no longer think that food brings happiness... which is difficult because after finding who to blame I stuck with the never fail answer: My mother. When growing up at home, I was rewarded for accomplishments with cookies and ice cream and when something went wrong I was comforted with similar treats. Long term effect? I eat when I am: happy, sad, nervous, angry, tired, hyper, bored...

Step Two: I am not only sticking to my workout from my first post, but I am speeding it up by signing up for a run before the Charles River Run. I will run a 5 Mile run at the end of May to keep me in line... (no more sleeping in).

Step Three: In order to not get bored with my workouts, I will take a class at nearby studios about every other week (they are too expensive to do weekly).

Editors note: I am not trying to loose weight (my metabolism has managed to prolong the effects of my emotional eating). I would like to begin leading a healthier lifestyle (and maybe loose and inch or two here or there). Live better feel better is the goal.

Another interesting note from the Lucky mag I was reading... Rachel Bilson now does a column in the magazine where you can ask her about anything (especially her fashion tips). Rachel thinks of this as "the best homework assignment ever".

Monday, May 4, 2009

Quick Body Fix?

A little more about me.
My parents are from South America and genetics have blessed me with a relatively flat stomach and rather large hip/butt/thigh region.

I know that dieting is the key to weight loss... but I hate dieting and am not happy doing it.
So I have this running/toning program that should work, but without dieting I am not sure how many inches will actually fall off.

I keep running into these "Quick Fixes" and I was wondering if with exercise, anyone has actually seen results from these "Body Toning" cremes.^F1_COR_FIRMING&TopCat=F1_COR_FIRMING

I used to not even consider these magical cremes and gels, but as they keep appearing I am becoming intrigued. Please comment :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Payday Picks!

Well my darling Julie and I will be hitting up Macy's (only a block from the office) in about 2 hrs (we escape early on Fridays). Fridays we feel rich (except for me today but that would be the $500+ I spent in under a week on nothing) so we window shop/shop online and imagine spending all the money we have to save.

Today is special because we (hopefully not me but that would mean avoiding the shoe department) are actually spending money and buying things!

Things I will most likely (but shouldn't) buy today:

Ugh sorry best I could do at Macy's... Better shopping experiences to come.

On an entirely different note... JOJO (leave get out right now its the end of you and me...) Is coming to my school (Northeastern University) in the fall! Fame in little Boston. How exciting!

WOW this post took me forever to write because of meetings. Never got to go shopping. Was planning on leaving work at 3:30 and it is not 4:45 and I am still here... :-(

Rundown Routine

Good Morning Everyone!

I did it. I ran my 2 miles yesterday and woke up at 5:30 AM to do my "Rundown Routine" written for me by my favorite C.P.T Julie. I realized yesterday after my post that I never put up my Friday morning portion of my plan. Below you will find this quick, but effective workout (I do it in the morning because you may draw alot of attention to yourself if you do it when the gym is crowded...)

Run for 6 Minutes
Do 20 Squats

Run for 5 Minutes (Increase Speed)
Do 20 Squants
Do 15 Mountain Climbers

Run for 4 Minutes (Increase Speed)
Do 20 Squats
Do 15 Mountain Climbers
Do 10 Push-Ups

Run for 3 Minutes (Increase Speed)
Do 20 Squats
Do 15 Mountain Climbers
Do 10 Push-Ups
Do 5 Up-Downs

Run for 2 Minutes (Increase Speed)
Do 20 Squats
Do 15 Mountain Climbers
Do 10 Push-Ups
Do 5 Up-Downs
Do a 30 sec. Plank

SPRINT for 1 Minute

Enjoy :-)