Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Bad Habits:

Bitting my nails
Dropping clothes on the floor... and leaving them there
Hating on my "strong" legs (strong is a nice way of saying bigger than I like legs)
Doing everything all or nothing
Not trusting anybody... literally
Being too opinionated
Being impatient

This long weekend I got alot of time to relax and then took some time to reflect. I know this is not really time for a New Years Resolution, so we will call it a Summer Solution to fix at least 3 of my bad habits above!

Bitting nails: I will get a manicure (and a pedicure just because why not!).

Clothes on floor: Honestly this is not one of the habits I expect to fix this summer... but I will try to clean up my floor before bed so that I do not end up having empty drawers and piles of clothes instead of a carpet on my floor.

Leg Hating: When exercising I will think of my legs as my source of strength/power. They energize me; get me through that last mile. They are not like Gisele's, but they are mine and they cannot ever be like Gisele's so it is time to start loving what I have.

All or Nothing: Cannot do much about this one... Personality flaw. Nobody can be perfect!

Trust: I will relax. Take yoga or something. Understand that some people are good and some are bad, but those good ones are worth keeping around NOT pushing them away waiting for their devil horns to show.

Opinion: I like having my opinion. Not focusing on changing this. I can accept other people's opinions (when they back up their thoughts properly).

Patience: Avoid Fenway on Red Sox game days. I love the sox but will never understand why the fans freeze in front of the stadium and suddenly can't walk because all they want to do is stare at the magical Red Sox home.

Bachlorette side note: Jake is the Godiva of men.


  1. I think getting a manicure is a great idea to stop biting your nails!

  2. When I lived on Brookline Ave for College, I hated HATED Game Days...there would be crazy people everywhere, especially since it was May and my finals....I would be up studying with Drunk people screaming into my window....

  3. omggg clothes on the floor at ALL Times and biting my nails! we are twins i believe haha. want to quit those two terrible habits!


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