Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pool Intervals

Today I am scheduled to run 2 miles. I am 4 weeks into training for the 7.5 Mile run and it is a rest week. Yesterday I was exhausted so I did a half a$$ attempt of Lean Legz in my apartment (using water bottles, pillows and chairs instead of weights, physio balls and steps). Since tomorrow should be cross training, I decided to save swimming for then. So all I have today is a measly 2 miles, but I am excited to try swimming out tomorrow.

Swim the first lap VERY comfortably
Swim the second one 3 seconds faster
Swim the third another 3 seconds faster
Swim the fourth still another 3 faster
Swim the fifth 12 seconds faster than the first
Rest almost a minute before repeating.

Do 3 times.
I wish there was a waterproof Ipod and headphone I could wear...


  1. I like your determination! Go girl!

  2. At first, I thought you said you HAD a waterproof ipod. I was so jealous! I agree with you though - that needs to be invented.

  3. Hey! The Biggest Loser DVD I have is the Cardio Max - it has Bob and Jillian!!


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