Thursday, May 7, 2009

Payday Picks (Spring!!)

A few items I think are worth the money for Spring:

Gorgeous (and weatherproof) Trench for $118:

The shoe that will make you a model for $134:

The bag that in viloet, black, or white will be fresh but timeless (with a wild lining for your eyes only) for $268:

Ready to spend that paycheck yet? I know I am!

If only shopping for my mother was as easy as shopping for myself... On a phone call last night she informed me for Mother's Day she would like Wii Fit. Which means I need to buy her Wii too. Thanks Mom.

Workout Update: Ran 2 miles yesterday in 16 min 6 sec. / Walked 4 mph on a 4% incline for 10 min. and did Lean Legz

Thursday Night: Wine and TV and seeing some friends who have been MIA for what feels like years (but really only months). Greys Anatomy is an excellent show. I am heartless and did not shed a single tear the entire episode. I did not even get glossy eyed or anything.

Greys Summary (Spoliers do not read on if you have not watched it yet): Merideth and McDreamy are to get married. Izzie gets another tumor in her brain that cannot be removed even by the greated of brain surgeons. Izzie admits she loves Karev (does anybody remember his "Mc" name?). Merideth gets her wedding present from McDreamy (a solo surgery sooo romantic). Izzie marries Karev because they are in love and she is dying and loosing her hair (she shaves it at the end and Karev says the ultimate line "my wife is hot"). Merideth and McDreamy will have to share their vows another day. Except the 2 hr. season finale is next week so time is running out!

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