Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old School

After reading Lucky with Kate Winslet on the cover, I discovered that she swears by a certain body toning creme. It was over a hundred dollars which I am sure someway guarentees better results than the $30-50 range I was looking at. I have decided to opt out of magical cremes and tone up the old fashion way.

Step One: I have been advised by my C.P.T. pal to look at food differently. What does this mean? I can no longer think that food brings happiness... which is difficult because after finding who to blame I stuck with the never fail answer: My mother. When growing up at home, I was rewarded for accomplishments with cookies and ice cream and when something went wrong I was comforted with similar treats. Long term effect? I eat when I am: happy, sad, nervous, angry, tired, hyper, bored...

Step Two: I am not only sticking to my workout from my first post, but I am speeding it up by signing up for a run before the Charles River Run. I will run a 5 Mile run at the end of May to keep me in line... (no more sleeping in).

Step Three: In order to not get bored with my workouts, I will take a class at nearby studios about every other week (they are too expensive to do weekly).

Editors note: I am not trying to loose weight (my metabolism has managed to prolong the effects of my emotional eating). I would like to begin leading a healthier lifestyle (and maybe loose and inch or two here or there). Live better feel better is the goal.

Another interesting note from the Lucky mag I was reading... Rachel Bilson now does a column in the magazine where you can ask her about anything (especially her fashion tips). Rachel thinks of this as "the best homework assignment ever".

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