Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wise Words

"Start hard, finish easy. Cyclists who ramped up the intensity during the first half of their workout and slowed down during the second half torched about 23% more fat than those who moved from low to high intensity, research from the College of New Jersey found (from"

"Crank it up
Vigorous aerobic exercise for 40 minutes makes your body burn calories at a higher rate for nearly a full day afterward, one study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found (from"

"Wolf some protein
A calorie is a calorie, but your body burns about 25 to 30 of them while digesting 100 calories of protein versus only 7 of them while digesting 100 calories of simple carbs, says Barbara Vinciguerra, MS, an adjunct professor in the movement-sciences department at Westfield State College in Westfield, Mass (from".

*** Go to and select the "trouble zones" you want to work, the equipment (or lack of) you have, and the length of time you want to work out for and the site will generate a body toning video for you in seconds***

Work hard :-)

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