Friday, May 1, 2009

Payday Picks!

Well my darling Julie and I will be hitting up Macy's (only a block from the office) in about 2 hrs (we escape early on Fridays). Fridays we feel rich (except for me today but that would be the $500+ I spent in under a week on nothing) so we window shop/shop online and imagine spending all the money we have to save.

Today is special because we (hopefully not me but that would mean avoiding the shoe department) are actually spending money and buying things!

Things I will most likely (but shouldn't) buy today:

Ugh sorry best I could do at Macy's... Better shopping experiences to come.

On an entirely different note... JOJO (leave get out right now its the end of you and me...) Is coming to my school (Northeastern University) in the fall! Fame in little Boston. How exciting!

WOW this post took me forever to write because of meetings. Never got to go shopping. Was planning on leaving work at 3:30 and it is not 4:45 and I am still here... :-(

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