Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Happy Hump Day! Halfway through the week is quite a milestone. But on a more serious note:

I have been dehydrated since forever. I hate water. About a month ago my body lashed out on me because I never hydrate it. This has been the third incident in my life that has resulted from dehydration. My body was dry, zero water and only drinking coffee will do that to a person. My digestive system stopped working and I gained significant weight. I began feeling nauseous whenever I ate.

SO anyway, this began to get in the way of my daily activities. I also felt gross because my body was looking more balloon like each day. When I went to the doctor's a month ago they put that scope thing they listen to your heart with on my stomach. They could hear nothing. My body had quit on me. I had to take they next day off of work after x-rays showed that my situation was much worse than expected. Treatments made me feel sick, but now a month later I am beginning to do better. Or so I thought.

I go to run my silly 2 miles yesterday (which I did in 17 min 30 sec) but I went slower than last week and it felt harder. At first I thought it was that my legs were tired from wearing my extra tall extra fab. heels over the weekend, but then I realized that weird feeling was thirst. All the alcohol on the weekends dehydrates me and I dont sleep because I go out. Then I am tired and chug large amounts of coffee (dehydrating more). ENDLESS CYCLE. FAIL.

So between 6 and 11 PM I drank 5 water bottles. Still do not feel hydrated, but I just need to make sure I am conciously drinking at least 5-6 bottles a day. Good luck to me...

On a more positive note, I am going to try swimming today (bathing suit is packed and everything). I hear 20 laps is good so I am thinking I will do the pool intervals 4-5 times and then hopefully tread some water. But first I will be going to the thrifty T.J. Maxx to continue my never ending quest for style without bankruptcy.

Coming up:
Thursday- Weekly Workout Overview
Friday- Payday Picks

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