Monday, May 11, 2009

Mix it up

Good Afternoon Bloggers.

This was a pretty good weekend. Margaritas, friends, thunderstorms by my new gigantic window! Mother's Day ended up being fun too. I went home and suprised my mom. She was not expecting me and I showed up with flowers. Some advice for the next generous daughter who would like to show up and suprise their mom:

1) Find out her plans for the day (because she may be taking a loong walk all afternoon with her friends and not be home when you get there)

2) Make sure you have planned how to get home (because if you live in the city and use trains they may have cut back and that 7:30 PM train home may no longer exist resulting in your poor mother having to take you back to the city)

3) Know the right people (because you may just be able to get a HUGE flower arrangement for $6 with the VIP discounts!)

Now that the weekend is over... It is time to figure out my workouts for the week.
Today I plan on swimming laps. It works your whole body and if you get bored you can switch strokes or see how long you can tread water.

Great plan since today I shoudl be "stretching and stengthening" for my 7.5 Miler training and I would not want to injure any joints running on an "off" day. Hopefully I will get to do my Lean Legz workout too!

P.S. DWTS tonight. Go Melissa!

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