Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy Boston

The fog is not slowing anyone down today in Beantown!

Work is very busy lots to do and meetings to go to. I am getting a new phone today too so I hope it is super cute/functional since Verizon is paying for my FREE UPGRADE! Dave Matthews Band (not my fav. but apparently I am alone in this one) is performing at Fenway Friday and Sat. night so I will be sure to walk/stumble by and hear some tunes for free outside the stadium (suckersss who paid $100 plus!).

Also my boy is coming up to visit me! I have not discussed much about him; that is kinda my style. We have been dating for almost 6 years (gasp!). I don't really do commitement or long term dating... at my core I am a girl that likes to relax have a good time and go with the flow... which normally results in singledom. But my boy (I will think of a good nickname for him soon) has always known this about me and had made my life incredibly easy by being the most thoughtful boyfriend/best friend a girl could want and not stressing me out (most of the time) with future talk and "our kids" (WHAT KIDS?!?). The boy lives an hour away, but he does 99% of the commuting so its not difficult at all for me :-)

ICK of enough relationship stuff. Yesterday I ran my 3 miles on a treadmill which I hate, but I do not think Boston has gotten the "summer" memo... anyway so I ran it in 25 min and 47 sec which is a 8 min 49 sec mile pace?!?! I also felt like cr@p and got a little dizzy after (I have not been drinking my water). I am wokring on builing 2 perfect total body toning routines so that I can do one a week (2 total strength workouts a week). Once I perfect them (without proper trainig so forgive me if my research does not end well) I will share them! Have a GREAT weekend everybody! Hopfully somebody is enjoying sun and warmth because I definetly am not...

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  1. Great blog and thanks for the follow and the comment on today's post! I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blogroll. Have a great weekend!


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