Thursday, May 28, 2009


Workouts of the Week
Sunday- 15 min of Wii Boxing (intense I swear)
Monday- 30 min of CORE Rythem DVD that worked my rib cage more than anything else
Tuesday- Ran 4 miles
Wednesday- 60 min on elliptical (Cardio Preset/ Level 4)
Thursday- Running 3 today and doing some "strength" maybe arms and butt and a lil abs? My legs are sore for some reason...
Friday- R.E.S.T.
Sat- Run 6 miles so far the longest run of my 7.5 miler training but I accidentally did 5.6 miles instead of 5 last Sat so im not scurrred

More Money Spending
Victorias Secret has stolen $105 from me, but in return I got 3 bathing suit tops, 1 bathing suit bottom, a button up polo dress, and some pants that can be worn to work or out! Not too shabby...

Price Worthy Product
This product makes my hair feel/look so healthy. Even after blow drying it almost every day and getting highlights!

Movie and Book Review
Movie: Last night I watched House Bunny. It is quite funny and ends with a good message. You must be sexy but also smart to get boys. I also learned that the sentence "I want to be your girlfriend more than a proton wants an electron" is not cute/funny and probably should not be used again. Grade: B+

Book: I know I am cheating because I have not finished/gotten half way through this book, but Paint It Black by Janet Fitch is VERY good so far. Grabs your attention immediatly. Stay tuned for the final grade. It is tough to read before bed because the theme is rather depressing and I would rather have happy dreams if possible, so this one might take a while to finish.

Finally, I would like to address the gigantic crowd of over caffinated teens outside my office window. Yes, I understand that you are auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? Yes, I know the weather is terrible in May and you are stuck outside hoping for your ticket to Vegas. No, I do not see the need to scream ever 7 minutes SO LOUD that I can hear you very clearly 2 blocks away 20+ floors up!

Sorry for being all over the place today! I hope there was a little something for everyone in there :-P Happy Thirsty Thursday (even though I can't remember the last time I actually celebrated this "holiday")... ugh so lame


  1. had never seen House Bunny? Fail. Good thing you have an awesome roommate who bought it.

    I can't bring myself to blog, so I'm just going to comment on yours :) It's like we're bored at work together, aw.

  2. I thought House Bunny was actually cute too! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to know I'm not the only one that gets my groceries delivered :)


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