Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swimmers Beware

Warnings before trying swimming for exercise:
1) You need goggles- or else your eyes will be as red as a stoner's
2) You need a 1 piece- or else you bum will be seen my the entire lifeguard staff and random onlookers
3) You need ear plugs- I now have swimmer's ear which is PAINFUL
4) A swim cap is prefered- or else your hair will feel like hay

Now that you have learned from my mistakes, I will go over this week's workout and what is planned for the weekend. It may seem strange that I do this on Thursdays, but it is my way of pledging my weekend workout so that I actually do it instead of sleep allll day.

Monday- I did a cr@ppy lean legz workout in my apartment because I was too lazy to leave (very inspirational I know).
Tuesday- I ran 2 miles, walked for 15 min (4mph, 4% incline), did 30 easy minutes on the elliptical, and finished with 10 min. of easy cycling and then I went in the sauna (which everyone should do it is amazing).
Wednesday- Swam for 10 min alternating 2 laps of freestyle and 2 laps of breast stroke, treaded water for 1 min, and repeat. I am nowhere near in good enough shape to try those intervals I mentioned. Swimming is HARD and to be honest... a little boring.
Thursday- I will run another 2 miles today and to my lean legs workout... which I think I may have to get a new one soon...I am just so darn strong :-P
Friday- Technically my rest day, but I like to rest on Sundays so I think I will do the Rundown Routine and maybe some arm workouts...
Saturday- Hopefully get 3 miles in... It would be a nice way to undo some partying damage on my body...

I worked late last night and didn't get to shop... Wish me luck today! Hopefully I will find some great things for my "Payday Picks" tomorrow! Happy Thursday!


  1. Ohhhh swimming! I used to lifeguard, WSI...for many many many years....I still can not go to the beach or the lakes without watching the waterfront....

    I do however still get into the pool and kick my own butt.....but I could never do what I used to do with my HS swim team now....especially the relays...NO WAY!

  2. Left you something on my blog :)

  3. Are you training for a marathon or something? One of my followers is training for the NY marathon. I have her linked under "My chatting buddies" on the right side of my blog, she is Marathoner81.


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