Monday, June 1, 2009

The Trade-off

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw my legs. I didn't think big or small; I thought strong. It is not about diameter; it's about stamina. Regardless your shape or size, a healthy, active lifestyle is the right choice. Endorphines=Body Love.

I cycled for 60ish minutes yesterday (slightly less) while reading Allure and Self and had ultimate self love (which never happens in my world of pessimism). I also had the most amazing run on Sat. which made me love love love Boston.

The run was supposed to be 6 miles which I had planned perfectly. I ran passed Fenway, crossed the Charles River and was planning to take the next bridge back over the Charles. Issues started here because the next bridge was closed so I had to run down to the Museum of Science to cross back over the Charles. Got to be intellectual by using the bathroom at MOS before continuing my jog (sloow jog at this point but I didnt mind very relaxing). On the other side of the Charles I ran past some little league baseball fields with kids playing while overlooking sailboats and kayaks (very different from my hometown's little league fields in the woods). All of a sudden the sidewalks were very crowded, I took off my headphones and started walking through a FREE CONCERT at the Hatch Shell. So perfect out I wanted to just sit and listen all day, but I couldn't so eventually I started jogging again and made it home.

It is a good thing I love Boston because my parents annouced last week that they are going to Greece with my sister. I cannot go because of work, and they are still going without me :-(

I am very sad so I will have to go on a "I am not going to Greece but I am still wonderful" shopping trip.

Instead of this:

I will see this:
and this:and this:

There are no such thing as losers... just daughters that can't join family trips to exotic locations because of jobs she doesn't even care for...


  1. That sounds like an amazing run! Now I want to go on a run like that LOL

  2. Sounds like a grat run! Every time I think I'm going to run outside, the weather gods throw a 50 degree day into the mix and I'm stuck in the gym again.


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