Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pickup Lines and Pole Dancing

I did the elliptical for 23 minutes yesterday. During those 23 minutes, I learned 2 very interesting things that I would like to share today.

Did you know that not only are cheesy pick up lines still being used, but they are working?!?! A group of guys at the gym yesterday were standing behind the ellipticals talking and laughing when one breaks away from the crowd and grabs an open elliptical next to a girl. He turns and looks at her and says, "Hey whats your sign?" Really guy? You think that is going to work? I can't wait until she responds "Get a life". Nope. She says , "Sagittarius. What's yours?" UM. Wow. They then proceeded to have a 5 minute conversation about nothing before he returned to his laughing and howling friends. If we keep letting these lines work, when will they stop using them? Never.

Now for the All-American pass time of pole dancing. I am sorry; "Pole Dance Fitness" as the co founder of the Pole Fitness Association prefers it to be called. This "sport" is being petitioned to be a part of the 2012 Olympics in London. The PFA has 110,000 signatures and counting on the petition so far and they meet the international criteria as "Pole Dance Fitness" is practiced in over 50 countries. The judging would be based on flexibility, strength, height and some other categories similar to figure skating and gymnastics according to PFA. If you would like to try this "Olympic Sport" out check out the Vital Juice FREE Wellness Retreat in New York next weekend for free exercise classes such as:
Strip Bar
Welcome to the happy hour of sexy, hot cardio. This class takes Striptease to the next level with the body bar as your prop. Oh yeah, we’ll make you sweat.

Move over Carmen Electra.


  1. Wow and such a blatant and cliche line too! Poor girl.

  2. I want to try one of these classes ....My friend did and she said she really liked it! I just feel soo...slutty! ha! ANd prob make myself look like an idiot. I can't hold myself up on a pole. I have NO upper body strength!

  3. Haha,
    I can't be she kept having the conversation.
    Who does that?


  4. SHUT UP. How did she not laugh in his face?

  5. Hi 5 inch heels! I like The Beach House as well. It was a very cute story, a little predictable but one of those books that is just a fast, fun read.
    I've actually been wanting to take a pole dancing class for quite some time. I keep trying to get my friends to do it with me but everyone is too chicken. I guess I'll have to do it by myself!


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