Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marshalls Image

I got sleep! 9 hours of sleep on Monday and 7 hours of sleep yesterday! AMAZING. I never ever sleep and I feel like a million bucks! I would also like to thank Bikram Yoga for this because yesterday I sweat out some toxins and stress and opened up my lungs and whatever the other benefits are. slept. like. a baby.

So instead of my 2 black coffees before 10 AM, I am sipping on ONE delicious Hot Cinnamon Spice tea (still caffinated please don't judge). To celebrate one of my girl's birthdays we are going to see The Proposal and get ice cream tonight (again no judging its a work night and that movie looks so cute!)

I did eat some pre cut apples yesterday that left some neon yellow substance on my desk at work. I am pretty sure I ate cancer. I really hope whatever it was got out of me at yoga.

My family leaves for Greece/France this weekend without me. I hope they have a fun safe trip and buy me lots of "I am sorry you are a real person with responsibilities and cannot take a week off to come on this trip" presents!

ANYWAY the point of this post is that I am wearing one of my new favorite pieces today. A sheer white vest with ruffles around the front. I got it at Marshalls. My fabulous coworker said he loooved my look today and my vest thing is amazing and how great it looks over my black dress with my red heels and my fantasic necklace.
I say, "Thanks I got it at Marshalls!"
I must have said some sort of fashion slur because his eyes got all drooopy and suddenly unimpressed with my outfit!
Why does buying something at Marshalls make it non-fabulous? Does it really deduct style points? If the vest is great, why does the price tag or label matter?

UGH last time I brag about a deal!


  1. Oh the movie is SO cute!! I laughed soo hard on some parts then cried at others :) Yall will like it!!

    Yes, poor poor Jake. I'll mend his broken heart ;) bahah

  2. Can I join your family on their trip to Greece? haha

  3. Girl you brag away. Don't let that silly little boy stop you. I love Marshall's! Hey make sure you stop by my blog today and enter the giveaway for a $100 giftcard. Also I so want to see the proposal too. I love me some Ryan Reynolds.

  4. I bet you did look fabulous! What does the store have to do with it anyway? I always look for deals on my outfits b/c I'm poor nowadays! Enjoy your movie and ice cream!!!!

  5. I say keep bragging too, people just are jealous when they hear of a deal they missed :)

  6. Yay for getting to catchup on sleep! And please, do tell us how "The Proposal" was, it looks adorable.

    And I can't stand when people suddenly don't like an item of clothing based on whether it's a high-brand designer or someplace affordable with really great pieces ... you go on and brag, I'm sure it looks amazing!

  7. Our lives seem to be on a very similar path! I cannot wait to see 'The Proposal' with the girls this weekend AND my parents are leaving for Europe without me on Tuesday :(
    Keep bragging, in these times who doesn't love a bargain?!

  8. Snobville. There is nothing wrong with a good bargain!!


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