Monday, June 15, 2009


NO, I was not invited to this wedding, but a "friend" of mine on Facebook was and posted some awesome pictures of this couple's everlasting vows. I am now going to post a beautiful picture from a beautiful wedding of this couple that I do not know. Please do not judge.

Pretty right? Colors of the wedding here light blue and white.

"Forever" scares me, but I could throw some other type of party and decorate like that. Birthday? Random Thursday night? I will figure it out :-)


  1. Someday it won't scare you I bet. And I think a birthday celebration would be a fabulous way to incorporate some of these decorating ideas!

  2. Those decorations are beautiful! I'd so be showing off those pics my mom saying "That's what I want!" I can't wait to get married. Don't be scared!

  3. WOW! Since "forever" scares me too, wanna party together?? LOL!!

  4. I love the lights in the fabric. How beautiful!


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