Monday, August 17, 2009

CreeperFest '09

Merry Monday y'all! I had so much fun at Country Fest EXCEPT for the CREEPS!
Why do they yell at girls? What is their success rate with that?

"Girll I love you"

"O YEA COWGIRL. You got it goin on!"
"Aww thanks! Here's my number!"... NOT

I could go on forever. Any male there between ages of 15 and 55 was a major creeper. I have now renamed the concert "Creeper Fest '09"

Now for wardrobe. With the move everything was stil in boxes... so I opted out of finding something adorable and went with something functional (something I never do). I had to borrow clothes from my sister (I have no idea how I got in them) but it worked out kind of well...

I think next year I wil do a dress. I like to look different. It bothered me that all my friends were in shorts too, except then they stripped into bathing suits. I was def. the most covered up person there. One of my friend's cousins had a bandana on as a shirt! Talented.

An interesting fact: there were over 150 arrests at the concert!
Some of the criminals (or just underage drinkers):

Sugarland and Kenny were unbelievable. I was the driver so I actually remember the performances :-)


  1. Sounds awesome! I think we're going to see Kenny and Sugarland in September in Indianapolis. Can't wait!

  2. I love the rename... so appropriate and oh so true. :)

  3. You look adorable! Yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the creepy people!! There are too many that live around me. Every time I go outside I feel like I get some kind of random comment, so I'm moving..


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