Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the good times roll...

I burnt my mouth on boiling tea today! I was so impacient and took a huge gulp and killed my mouth. My lips got swollen and the roof of my mouth started blistering. Gross!

Now that my lips have unswelled from this morning, the insides are still all wrinkley from shrinking.... still gross.

Besides all the tea drama today has been prety good! My first professor apologized for giving us "word salad" meaning a bunch of terms all at once. The phrase was unexpected and very funny in the moment.

My second class had a very energetic and young professor who looks like he will be a good time. I love when classes teach in a non-boring way. At least if I accidentally forget coffee one morning, my chances of falling asleep in class are slightly less (but hopefully I wont have to test that theory out).

I also signed up for fitness classes again. These stop me from my boring, unproductive gym sessions where I just walk around confused. :-)

Yet another great thing that happened today.. I got an interview for Monday! I am sure I wont get the job, but an interview is proof that my luck is turning around!! YAY!

FINALLY... ITS FRIDAY. So its time to take my cycling class, shower, get beautiful, and head out! Have a great weekend everyone :-D

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  1. So funny what you said about the gym sessions and walking around confused! :)


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