Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Got Lost

In my first attempt to find the boathouse for my veyr first rowing lesson, I got lost. Apparently all you need to do is "follow the river". But because I was way overconfident with my knowledge of the city, I took a "shortcut". Let's just say... I did not make it to class.

See the number 9? That's right. I walked/ran/jogged over 9 miles trying to find the place. I was nowhere near. See the water at the top of the map? That's where I should have started following the river. Good thing I had my "shortcut".

I made it there via car today though. Rowing is interesting... It was alot of learning terminology and now my head hurts..

Also the infamous Victoria's Secret orders have started rolling in. Somehow a back ordered item made it before the rest of the in-stock items?

My bloggy friend Allison has tagged me in an award!!! Stay tuned to see more about it!


  1. VS did that too me too! My back ordered items came in before the in-stock ones. So weird! LOL

  2. Aww geez ... sucks about missing it, but you walked/jog/ran which means you got some good exercise :) What an awesome class to go to, though.

    And that's funny about getting the back-ordered items first ... will you be showing off these items? :)


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