Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honesty Scrap

So sorry I have been such an F- type of blogger, but I am trying to be an A+ student.

So as I mentioned in my last post I was given an award by Allison and I am to list 7 things about me!

1) I am addicted to trashy TV, home and people makeovers, and law shows! During the day you can find me surfing Lifetime, Soap Net, TNT, E!, TLC, HGTV.

2) I spend way too much money on nothing. Do I really need to buy my coffees everyday? How many shirts/pants/dresses/SHOES does one person need? When my fridge is stocked why is my urge to eat out that much greater?

3) I eat way too much. Snacks, ice cream, chocolate, cereal, trail mix, and bars are my falling. I expect to get full... I don't/I ignore it.

4) I have life ADD. About once a month I have a mid life crisis and make big plans to change things. Yes I do realize this conviently happens once a month as do other mood altering things. Can't help it that I have a new career idea and city to move to and exercise fab and fashion addiction every 28 days.

5) I am an extreme person. I am either VERY healthy or VERY unhealthy. My room is either immaculate or looks like a tornado hit it (usually the latter). I either shop every day, or save every penny (usually the first). You get the picture. These switches usually occur during fact #4 (my far too frequent mid life crisis).

6) I am a contradiction. Everything I do makes no sense. I know this, sorry friends... Commitment freaks me out, but I have been dating Mr. Argumentative for almost 6 years. I am very opinionated, but I am also extremely indecisive. I know this is confusing/complex, but oddly my drivers are very simple (this might a connection to fact #6).

7) I do not trust. Anyone. I can honeslty say the only people I trust 110% are my mother and father. I used to trust them the least... when I was younger I thought my parents were idiots. Now I see they are the wisest people I know. And as a child my mom taught me to trust nobody. Hence, I do not trust. Maybe it has been embedded in my subconcious by my mother, but life has proved that almost nobody is trust worthy. Friends can betray you, husbands/boyfriends cheat, wives/girlfriends cheat, everyone lies, secrets are spilled, mistakes are made. Humans are imperfect. Fact.

There are my honesty scrap facts. Please don't hate me. I am flawed, but it makes for a real life with real problems and (hopefully), one day, a happy ending (what that is for me... I am still deciding).

I am now tagging...
New England Girl
Small Town Girl- Heather


  1. I so feel the same way with the trusting people. I'm so skeptical of everyone and everything. I hope you're having a good week. Thanks for the link love!

    OOh, I have a giveaway! come enter!!

  2. Thanks for tagging me!!! :) I have already been presented with the Honest Scrap award [yay!], but I will try and come up with some sort of random facts about me post to satisfy these requirements. :)

    So glad you stopped by my blog! And I am happy to have found yours! Where on the East Coast are you?


  3. I think it is far more interesting/entertaining to be a contradiction! Wouldn't you agree?

    Thanks for the mention! Now I have something to do at work tomorrow. haha

  4. You crack me up! Seriously. Your nuts and I instantly think you are the coolest gal in the world. I must a flawed as well...

  5. oh yay! I needed something to post about today!.....and I think I love you even more now that I know these things about you :) Not sippin on any hater-ade here!!!

  6. Thanks again for the tag, I already did this but much love still! <3 And girl, EVERYONE is flawed, and I think I hate you less for admitting that you have imperfections ... makes you more real, and humble, and amazing :)


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