Wednesday, July 22, 2009


5 pounds! They have got to go. Now I am not normally the type to step on a scale... BUT I did and then I did again... and the number kept going up.

See my problem is I like/LOVE food. I can't stop eating. Even as I am typing this I am eating. Luckily I have a fast metabolism, but it can't work miracles! For now I have decided to stop eating after 9 PM on weekdays. Hopefully this is all it takes. I don't even pretend I will be following any limits on weekends.

Here's to eating all day long... until 9!

P.S. Thanks to those who gave advice. I will not be contacting Mrs. Officer with any life tips, but I do want to be prepared for when she calls asking what to do. I have seen good and bad divorces. Hopefully this is some lame attention attempt from a lonely bitter neighbor, but if not, I hope they think about the kids... (wow me caring about kids!)

... I guess I am not the Tin Man :-) (is that the one that wanted a heart?)

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