Sunday, July 26, 2009

When good girls go bad...

I just got back from breakfast with some old friends from home. I got an AMAZING bagel with cream cheese at Au Bon Pain. The cream cheese was honey pecan or something and it was sooooo goood! As you can guess, I am failing at caring about losing weight... I am over it. I kinda like those five pounds so what...ever!

One of my friends from home has dropped a ton of weight. She used to be tall and gorgeous and had an amazing body, but she always read the articles in magazines of actresses that are too thin and thought they looked great. For breakfast she got a cup of fruit. She talks about vegetables like they are brownies... I almost saw her drool when she was talking about califlower. Not. Kidding.

Since seeing her, I decided that weight is overrated. She looks terrible. When she exercised and ate real food I used to be so jealous of her body, but now I just feel bad for her. Food is yummy and your body NEEDS it!

I do not understand why people freak out so much over calories. You only live once. Everything in moderation right? She only eats fruits and veggies, she over exercises, and she now has to go to the doctor to get her nutrition content checked. Fruit for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, salad for dinner. 4 hours min. of exercise daily.

Sorry for the semi serious post. It just hurts to see such a good friend literally disappear.


  1. 4 hours a day of exercise?? How is that even possible??

    I'm sorry about your friend. Have you tried talking to her about it?

  2. Does she have a bf or sister? Maybe talk to one of them and maybe they can talk some sense into her? Idk..that's a tough situation bc you don't want to push her away but then again you don't want to stand back and do nothing and fear the worst happens. I'll keep her and you in my prayers. Obviously if she won't talk about it, she knows what she is doing is wrong. She's in denial. And no worries about being depressing, you're just voicing concern about a friend :)

    Email if you need to chat!! xoxo

  3. That's sad. Hopefully she gets her health in check and gains back a few pounds!

  4. Oh wows, that bagel sounds delicious but that story about your friend definitely doesn't. It's so hard to draw that line between healthy and just obsessive, and I hope you can talk to her about it, or just show her that chicken can be scrumptious! You're a good friend to be so concerned about her.

  5. Cauliflower= brownies? That's just not right!


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