Monday, July 27, 2009

***Bachlorette Spolier Alert***

Dear Jillian,

You have amazing clothes. That dress you wore today on The Bachlorette Finale was unbelievable. You had to say goodbye to TWO (thanks to a suprise visit) excellent men. To be honest, I hated you for a couple minutes there when you made sweet washboard abs Kiptyn cry. I did get over it though as you kept pacing debating over Reid and the skirt of your dress moved in ways that only perfect rich design can achieve. When Ed came out of the limo you were so confident and now you are (happily?) engaged! I hope all is well and even though I find the chances of finding true love on TV slim to none... I wish you and your new man the best!

Cheers to the happy couple!

TV Addict

P.S. I am ashamed to say I watched Dating in the Dark after your finale. It should never be watched again! There was a girl and boy from BOSTON (woot woot!) but no thanks... nothing worse than being liked with the lights off and rejected after they turn on!


  1. Haha, I watched Dating in the Dark too, and that would have to be the most demoralizing thing to ever happen! Like the girl who was know the guy just didn't want to look like a jerk on tv when he went on that balcony.

  2. I saw the commercials for Dating in the Dark and was shocked that anyone would ever go through something like that!! Seems too... strange and creepy.

    I haven't watched the Bachlorette this season - well, any season - but I have heard all about it on the radio, the news and now blogs! :) Funny how you don't watch a show, yet feel like you know all of the intimate details! :)

  3. I too hope jillian is happy with her tank top short shorts wearing fiance. I think she made a mistake but whatever! lol. His shorts are shorter than MINE!!!

    OMG...haha I watched part of Dating in the Dark as weird!!


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