Tuesday, July 21, 2009

True Story

A woman I know... let's call her Mrs. Officer... recieved a letter in the mail a week ago that said "You should stop talking about other people's families. Maybe your life isn't perfect either". Mrs. Officer came over crying saying how cruel the world was.

Apparently these people are still in high school because instead of letting it go (my advice) she calls the mother of her daughter's enemy and says "It's not my fault your 14 year old is having sex. Maybe you should control your family and worry less about mine." To which Mrs. Enemy says "You need help. I worry about you."

Two days later, Mrs. Officer recieves another letter "If you don't know what I mean maybe you should ask your husband's mistress." Gues who gets the mail and reads the letter? Mrs. Officer's 14 year old daughter. Now the daughter hates her dad, there is no proof it is/isn't true. Mr. Officer's response was "Ignore it". How does one react to that? Is it a grown up high school game? Or is it true...

Theory one: My father thinks it is the daughter's enemy writing the letters.
Theory two: My mother thinks it is the mistres writing the letters.
Theory three: Mr. Officer thinks it is Mrs. Enemy writing the letters.

I (for once) have no opinion. Help me. What advice do I give? What do you think is going on? I need your theories!


  1. Oh hell! It could be Mrs. Enemy since she "worry's about her"....and as what to do? Ummm....leave it alone, not say anything to anyone and see if any more letters come. If they do, go CSI on their ass and get a camera to see who is leaving the stupid immature letters. Really? Talk, like adults. Don't leave annon letters. Coward! lol. No offense!

  2. Wow, it's like an actual soap opera! I think it's the mistress writing the letters :)

  3. I think it's Mrs. Enemy writing the letters definitely, and she's heard about the husband's girlfriend.

  4. I don't think any advice is good in this sort of situation... if you're giving it to Mrs. Officer that is! I don't know if any advice would even help! You'll just get pulled into it even further. Or maybe that's just me being overly cautious. I hate the petty drama and try to stay far, far away from it. Or at least squash it as soon as possible. :)

    I hope things resolve for your friend! It sounds like a very trying and difficult time for her and her family!


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