Friday, July 3, 2009

Drunk Online Shopping

I have a problem. It is serious. I need help. I have ADOSD. Addictive Drunk Online Shopping Disorder. This is not a laughing matter. I am unemployeed.

I wake up to order shipment memos in my inbox and cannot recall placing the order in the first place! Sometimes I do not even know until I go to check my mail and I have a package!

This morning I work up to not 1... not 2... not 3... but 4!!! shipment emails! All of them from Victora's Secret! I guess I couldn't make up my mind because I had to place 4 seperate orders! Rediculous. Anybody know of a rehab I can go to?


  1. That too funny! I've never heard of a drunk online shopping problem. Good luck in finding your cure! We will support you. hah

  2. LOL at four separate orders! Oh my, girl! I don't have a credit card/Paypal account so I've never had that problem, although I've mentally drunkenly online shopped. I guess my advice (since I don't think there's an online shopping rehab) is to think twice before clicking the 'order' button with your mouse? Good luck!

  3. That is so funny! I wonder what you ordered that made you want to make 4 separate orders.

  4. You have an award on my blog! Love reading yours!!

  5. You & me both! I sometimes open a box & have no recollection of ordering it! How is it that Vino makes me crave Valentino?!


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