Thursday, December 3, 2009

I thought I was in labor...

... I was actually having my very first ulcer!

How exciting! Apparently my body did not like the truckload of garbage I fed it over Thanksgiving, because Monday night my lovely roommates accompanied me to the emergency room AKA the ER... except George Clooney-less.

I got a doctor pretty close to Clooney (as close as a non god species can get) his name is John lie. How reassuring is a name like that? With a smile like his... I knew everything would be alright :-)

Tests I endured include (but are not limited to):
- Blood samples
- Urine sample
- Blood Pressue
- Tempurature checks
- Two exams in the nether regins that I will not name
- Chest X-Ray
- Ultrasound of every organ between my heart and my hips: rather interesting actually! I never took anatomy so it was nice knowing where my pancreas and gall bladder are (not that I remember)
- An IV WITH pain meds :-)... John was so considerate

It all started with dinner. A delicous dinner I was enjoying sitting on the couch, relaxing after work. I started feeling weird pains coming from my stomach, but I thought maybe it was all those chocolate squares and peanut butter cookies. So I ignored it and finished my dinner. Stomach pains got really sharp. I started getting a little weirded out, so I googled. Never google a pain. Google will tell you, you are dying. Every. Time.

I layed in bed for a little, but I was curled in a ball because the pain was getting worse and worse. I called my doctor who asked a bunch of questions including, could you be pregnant? I instantly reached under my bed and took my handy dandy emergency preggers test. Negative. Called back and she said I need to go to the ER because of all the organs in a stomach it could be nothing or it could be serious.

8 hours later I leave the hospital feeling better, tired, got a prescription for stomach meds, AND an appointment with a Gasternologist (or however you spell stomach doctor).

Too bad John Jesus will no longer be taking care of me...


  1. Oh my goodness, I do hope you feel better! Your comment about Google telling you that you are dying is SO true ... and I hope you are feeling more than alive after having John Jesus take care of you! Take it easy this weekend and rest! *HUGS*


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