Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Spirit!

I am very excited to have Thursday and Friday off, and even though this is my favorite time of the year, it is not the least busy.

I am responsible for a dessert and appitizer/side dish for Thanksgiving Dinner

I also have to make something to bring to Mr. A's house if/when I visit to be polite (dumb politics) Mr. A's mom likes me, but says that he would never be able to support my lavish lifestyle (AKA shoes... clothes... eating out because I cannot cook...) I like to rpove to her during the holiday times that I am capable of "slumming it" in the kitchen; I just CHOSE not. and FOR THE RECORD I am not concerned about any man supporting me 21st centery mamn! AND designer brands and high quality goods do not count money-wise when they are bought at outlets and at TJ MAXX they only count style-wise :-)

I MUST shop all day on Black Friday. (Because as metioned above I like a good deal)
12:00 AM- Outlets open
4:00 AM- Mall opens
6:00 AM- Non-Mall stores open
Shop all day and then Thanksgiving Dinner Part II at the Ecstacy Household because we go to friend's homes on Thursday and we must cook our own meal Friday for all the yummy leftovers!

The "break" continues as I get more deals on Sat (some places extend/postpone to avoid mayhem) and I bake on Sun/Mon because as mentioned in a previous post I accidentally voluteered to donate homebaked goods to a bake sale at work... Silly me.

My thoughts on food this week:
ENJOY IT! I see all these ways of how to diet on Thanksgiving... It's one day! (or in my case two) I am going to fully enjoy every bite! I will try to get a workout in on Thursday though... just read the average American gains 8 pounds during the holiday season... so let's update that enjoy eating to enjoy eating but get your food loving a$$ on the elliptical!

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