Monday, November 16, 2009

Excuse me!

I need to know how people politely get away from a conversation to use the bathroom. This may be TMI, but at work I have these hour long meeting and I drink water and coffee all day. I make sure to pee before the meeting, but by the end its time to go again! And then someone decides to strike up a conversation with you while you exit the meeting. This should be excellent; I am always down to talk about life and waste time at work, except when I am literally DANCING in the hall because I have to pee SO BAD! How do you not catch on? I am swinging side to side... swinging my legs around... slowly backing away... TAKE A HINT!

I need suggestions or else pretty soon I am going to yell: EXCUSE ME I AM ABOUT TO PEE MY PANTS! (or dress or skirt or w/e)


  1. hahaha... I wish I had some helpful suggestions for you! If I had to go that badly, I probably wouldn't worry about being polite. :) I would just take off running. It's all about the bladder health, that's what I say! ;)

  2. I would say, if you knew you had a meeting, obstain from drinking about an hour before the meeting, lolz


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